What the ComScore Digital Year in Review means for small biz marketers

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The recent release of ComScore’s Digital Year in Review provides detailed information on search and advertising. You can add Vlogging to your company’s blog when its appropriate and valuable. Resources: Download the entire ComScore Digital Year in Review here.

comScore Says Google Leads Internet in Brazil and India

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comScore, Inc. comScore reports that Google’s web sites ranked “as the most visited Internet property worldwide with 854 million unique visitors age 15 and older in July, an increase of 18-percent during the past year.&# According to comScore, “The Google brand has extended to success across most of the categories in which it plays in Brazil and India. It also commanded slightly less than half of all time spent in the blogs category with Blogger (47.6

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comScore Releases First Public Report of Online Usage in Singapore

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According to a new report by comScore , Internet users in Singapore spend half of their time online using social and entertainment websites. It includes a ranking of the most “engaging and visited Internet site categories and properties, based on the comScore World Metrix service, and the top search properties, based on the comScore qSearch service. Blogs 2.1% Related posts: comScore Releases August 2009 Search Engine Rankings comScore, Inc.

Report: How Social Marketing Works for Retail Brands [Report]


Tweet In late June, I wrote about ComScore’s second report called “The Power of Like 2 – How Social Marketing Works” and how it’s not just about getting likes, but rather about creating engagement and interacting with fans.

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Top Blogging Statistics: 45 Reasons to Blog

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Whether you are a small business owner just learning nuts and blots of blogging magic or already a blogging guru, you need to keep abreast of the most important blogging trends if you want to succeed in your blogging efforts. Wondering if you need to set up a blog ?

All You Need To Know About Your Facebook Reach [Study]


Creating content, reaching out to your fans and acquiring some more is what all of us aim for when updating our Facebook page or writing blogs. Here are some statistics given out by comScore, which we see again and again, but make a lot of sense when quoted here too. Three out of four US Internet users visit Facebook daily according to comScore. This makes sense since blog post frequency also improves reach. Tweet.

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You can't fight the power of video. It's bigger than all of us.


We’re watching videos so often, that Comscore reported in 2007 that “Americans viewed more than 7 billion video streamsonline.” Comscore stated: “YouTube.com drove the lion’s share of the video streamingactivity at the Google Sites property, with 53.5

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The Mobile Commerce Chicken And Egg Conundrum

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Mobile devices accounted for one-third of every sale on Cyber Monday, and according to a comScore report, they also accounted for 20% of the $84.3 business blog. comscore. digital marketing blog. marketing blog. mirum agency blog. mirum blog. This was a big week for shopping. Unless you have been living under a rock in North America, we had both Black Friday and Cyber Monday take place this past week.

You Must Read This!

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From the early days of blogging, the content that got the most clicks were the ones with the catchy headlines. billion ads, comScore found." blogging. comscore. What has become of the words that we read? There are many converging forces that could lead you to believe that the skilled craft of formulating words that raises the general public's IQ, informs the world and inspires us to be more - on many levels - is all but fading.

The Trouble With Online Advertising

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Bob Hoffman (CEO of Hoffman/Lewis ) runs the blog, The Ad Contrarian , and leverages the platform as a place to debunk the over-exuberance that many digital marketing and social media professionals have when they're chest thumping or declaring the latest online platform that everyone is jumping on as panacea for brands and the future of marketing. Use more exacting measures (like the ones comScore coincidentally offers with its Validated Campaign Essentials [vCE] offering).

Where The Boys (And Girls) Are

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It takes a couple of years as a Blogger to come to the realization that you will, eventually, write a Blog post that completely contradicts what you may have blogged about earlier on in your process. Some might see that as a complete corruption of being credible, I would argue that a lot of what happens in Blogging becomes a learning experience. Ultimately, this Blog post may not be contradicting anything I Blogged about yesterday. blog comment. blogging.

I Got You vs. I Keep You - The Mobile Brand Crisis

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Exactly half of all time spent on smartphone applications occurs on an adult's single most-used app, says comScore in a new report that contains a host of intriguing data points about mobile app reach and engagement. Perhaps these high churn rates are to be expected, given comScore research showing that half of smartphone users' app time is spent with their single favorite app. business blog. comscore. digital marketing blog. marketing blog. mirum blog.

Socialympics: How Social Media and Blogging Has Boosted Sports Media

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Traditional media will be there but social media and blogging will be the major reason for the media explosion. Funded by reputable venture capitalist firms, Wizards/Capitals/Mystics owner Ted Leonsis and other sources, SBNation has taken the concept of the blog network to another level.

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Demand Better Content

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"The company's sites, which include eHow , Answerbag and Livestrong , ranked the firm as the nation's 17th-biggest Web property overall in November, according to ComScore , as 105 million viewers clicked on its how-to articles and videos on topics such as 'How to sew your own pillow,'" reported the Los Angeles Times in an article titled, Demand Media shares jump 33% in trading debut. comscore.

Monday’s 5 Social Media Must-Reads


ComScore Report: 27% of Facebook Browsing on News Feed, Just 10% on Apps. Calculate Your Blogging ROI in 9 Steps. By Jay Baer Smart organizations methodically calculate the impact of blogging on the bottom line, making it easier to justify (or not) the resources allocated to the task.

Does your brand take bloggers seriously?

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Technorati is not the voice of blogging authority that it once was, but each year the advertising network publishes a report that is required reading for internet marketers. Formerly known as The State of the Blogosphere the report has been renamed the 2013 Digital Influence Report because it takes a look at the broader social Internet as well as blogs and bloggers. However brands are spending 57% of their social budgets on Facebook and only six per cent on blogs.

Analysis of Five Top Blogs and What You Can Learn from Them

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I discovered many of them tend to quit, lose hope, or even become less dedicated to their blogs when it seems they are not seeing any result for a period of time. In blogging, however, we all know that there is nothing like overnight success and you will only get what you put into it.

25 Compelling Reasons to Blog for Business Yesterday

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Or that consumers believe that blogs are the most useful form of content ? There’s a lot of compelling reasons to blog starting yesterday, not the least of which is that it’s no longer a differentiating factor. Blogging Leads Are More Qualified. Everyone Loves Blogs.

Top 15 Facebook Marketing Obstacles


According to a recent comScore study, 90% of all social media time is spent in Facebook. Businesses are rushing into social spaces – with Facebook being among their top interests. This isn’t surprising to me. Facebook is massive.

Why I Do Not Use Yahoo Search

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Related posts: comScore Releases August 2009 Search Engine Rankings comScore, Inc. NASDAQ: SCOR) has released their monthly comScore. Tags: personal blog First off, let me explain that I have always been a fan of Yahoo! I mean, ever since I first heard the Yahoo!

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Getting your local blog noticed

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Koka Sexton dot Com Home About Koka Contact Twitter FULL RSS Getting your local blog noticed Getting your blog read by a larger audience is a daunting task. I recently started a local blog called the Mayor of Concord. Trevor’s last blog post.

Facebook Owns 95% Of Social Networking Time


In this Silicon Alley Insider Chart of the Day, web publisher Ben Elowitz of Wetpaint illustrates recent comScore data. Social means Facebook. While we have a wide variety of platforms that we’ve worked with, our focus seems to have become Facebook oriented.

Social Networking Stats: Instagram Tops Twitter In Daily Mobile Users, #RLTM Scoreboard

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Tumblr: 75 million blogs. Smartphone owners in the US visited Instagram (from their smartphones) more frequently and for longer periods of time than they visited Twitter in August 2012, according to new comScore data (as reported by AllThingsD ).

Social Networking Stats: Instagram Tops 100 Million Users, #RLTM Scoreboard

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Tumblr: 73 million blogs. ComScore reported last week that Instagram is the 56th most popular site in the US (via VentureBeat ). The #RLTM Scoreboard: Social Networking Stats for the Week. Facebook: 955 million active users. via CNET. Twitter: over 500 million users. via Twopcharts.

Leapfish Set to Roll Out Real-Time Search

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From there, users choose whether or not they are looking for sites on the web, or more specific items such as images, news, videos, and blogs. This is highly useful to bloggers who may be looking to tailor their blog posts to answer questions commonly found on the web.

5 Ways to Promote A Local Blog

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Koka Sexton dot Com Home About Koka Contact Twitter FULL RSS 5 Ways to Promote A Local Blog One of the projects I work on is called the Mayor of Concord. I thought that starting a local blog was important. Victor’s last blog post. vunhome’s last blog post.

How I Met a Celebrity by Using Craigslist

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comScore Releases August 2009 Search Engine Rankings comScore, Inc. NASDAQ: SCOR) has released their monthly comScore. Tags: personal blog

Why Your Marketing Needs Real-Time Data

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Another Advertising Week in New York is upon us and so far I have seen some great presentations from companies like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Quantcast, comScore, and even Yahoo! We created a custom audience based on social data from blogs, microblogs, social networks, and forums. We then added to that with web information from Google, comScore, and Quantcast.

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Is Your Business Ready For Mobile Marketing?


Consider these stats: Mobile usage now accounts for nearly 70% of digital media time [Source: comScore ]. Sign up HERE to get my blogs directly to your inbox!

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5 Ways to Promote A Local Blog - Koka Sexton dot Com

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Koka Sexton dot Com Home About Koka Contact Twitter FULL RSS 5 Ways to Promote A Local Blog One of the projects I work on is called the Mayor of Concord. I thought that starting a local blog was important. Victor’s last blog post. vunhome’s last blog post.

The devil’s in the data: Identifying the groups that won the election for Trump


60% of their online activity is on mobile, which is slightly lower than the rest of the US ( ComScore ). Blog Twitter AnalysisWhat can audience data tell you about Trump’s supporters? Why did he resonate with them? What can marketers learn from this?

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9 Tried-and-Tested SEO Strategies for 2015

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As this recent comScore study indicates, mobile has become the leading digital platform. The post 9 Tried-and-Tested SEO Strategies for 2015 appeared first on Writtent Blog. Blogging Content Strategy

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A Double Dose of #measurePR

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On Twitalyzer as compared to Klout, Eric said,&# Klout is to Nielsen/comScore as Twitalyzer is to Omniture/Google Analytics… our identification of ‘influencers’ is a byproduct of the system, not the system.&# (I like that!).

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Joomla! Surpasses 15 Million Downloads

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comScore Releases August 2009 Search Engine Rankings comScore, Inc. NASDAQ: SCOR) has released their monthly comScore. Tags: personal blog Open Source Matters , Inc. OSM), the not-for-profit organization that supports the Joomla! Project , today announced that Joomla!, the industry’s leading open source content management system (CMS), has been downloaded more than 15 million times from JoomlaCode.

Will India See a Rise in Digital PR?

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India now has nearly 74 million Internet users , according to a recent ComScore report. With a keen interest in social media, she blogs regularly at In My Humble Opinion. Ed: A version of this post originally ran on September 20, 2013 on Vikypedia.in.

Global Social Media Usage Patterns

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I've been interested in things international a lot longer than I've been blogging international topics (just look up careers in international affairs ). Brazil Top Social Networking Sites in Brazil , comScore (Aug 2010).

Bing Search Engine Losing Users Fast

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People flock to the internet checking out websites, and blogs to find out what part of the rumors are true, and what is purely fiction. Related posts: comScore Releases August 2009 Search Engine Rankings comScore, Inc. NASDAQ: SCOR) has released their monthly comScore.

Social Media Revenue: Huffington Post TechCrunch Valuations

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Yes, Virginia, social media and blogs CAN make money. We value what we value – here’s the some of the revenue information and the valuation of two uber-blogs: Huffington Post Revenue and Valuation. Business: An online newspaper/news aggregator and group blog.

Social Media New Year’s Resolutions That You’ll Have Fun Achieving

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John Kanell, AKA Preppy Kitchen , is a food blogging dad in LA with 781,000 followers on Instagram and 4,600 fans on TikTok. Overusing stock photography in your posts or blog. ComScore predicts that in 2020, half of all online searches will be performed with voice search technology.

Mapping the Social Internet – what part of the world is the most.


Blog About Clients Cases Tribesourcing Video People & Contact Bloggers « 5 Tips To Great Blogging The Business Behind Facebook » Mapping the Social Internet – what part of the world is the most developed?

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Editorial SEO Tactics for the Newsroom

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There are a number of free and paid tools that are helpful in this area such as Google Insights for Search and SEMRush as well as enterprise-level options like Hitwise and ComScore Marketer. Articles and blog posts are fairly straightforward but other types of content can create challenges.

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5 Video Marketing Tips


Global media analytics and measurement company, ComScore , states that 45.4% Never Run Out of Blog Post Ideas: 25 Content Marketing Resources. BloggingSo you’ve done your content, social media and email marketing campaign. Don’t you think you are missing one crucial channel?

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Internet Marketing Basics: Understanding Our Search Engine Overlords

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It seems like ages since i wrote on my blog, and for that I apologize. The new gig has kept me more than busy and I’ve just been running on empty when I got time for the blog. prototype test Great info, this blog is very helpful to those business owners.