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How to fire your PR agency

Sherrilynne Starkie

Patsy and Eddie (Photo credit: agentdeclan). They say that breaking up is hard to do, but when it comes time to part ways with your PR agency, it doesn’t have to be tough going.

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What are the Best Social Networks for B2B Marketing? (Research)

Webbiquity SMM

There’s no question that B2B marketers have embraced social media. According to recent research , more than 80% of b2b marketers now use the “big 3″ social networks—LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook—to distribute content.

Non-Profits Use Vine for Good


Guest post written for SocialFish by Jason Stone. ———— With user attention spans shrinking, a new app from Twitter hopes to capture viewers attention in the blink of an eye. Vine prompts users to record and share six-second videos that loop over and over much like a gif.

7 Tips to Creating an All-Star Event

Waxing UnLyrical

Guest Post by Susan Rubin (Editorial disclosure: Susan works for Cision, a current client of Shonali Burke Consulting, Inc. ). Events can be a great way to build relationships and nurture leads.

Social Media Automation 101

A beginner's guide to social media automation tools and getting automation right.

Good manners cost nothing

Sherrilynne Starkie

It is said that good manners cost you nothing but ignorance will cost you everything. I found myself thinking of this old adage this week as I unfriended on Facebook two people I’ve known for 35 years.

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Crowdfunding Tools to Fundraise the Project of Your Dreams


If you’ve spent much time looking at business blogs, or have friends who support causes on social media, chances are you’ve heard of crowdfunding. In case you’re unfamiliar with the term, crowdfunding usually means drawing funds from a group of people to support a specific cause.

When Did Becoming A Hero Become So Easy?

Jason Yormark

It’s inevitable that over time, how we define certain things evolve. With so many people in this world, different viewpoints, and a growing number of channels with which to share them, it’s expected. But dammit…when did becoming a hero become so easy?

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Friday Funny: Brainstorming

Waxing UnLyrical

We have a long weekend coming up here in the U.S… … finally! It’s been a long week for me, so here’s to brainstorming fun and rest for a change. Happy Labor Day weekend, folks, and we’ll see you next week! Via Rob Cottingham on Noise to Signa l, CC 3.0.

LinkedIn’s University Pages: Brilliant or Dumb?


This is a guest post from Kacy Capobres , a writer, reporter and social media manager based in New York City. This past week, LinkedIn created quite a stir with the announcement of their new University Pages.

The Content Marketing Survival Guide: How to Navigate the Wilds of Social Media

Use this guide to inspire your creativity and ignite more successful and sustainable social media conversations.

[MUST READ] The Future Of Content Marketing


Remember the Content Marketing Crap Deluge ? Here’s the followup. MUST READ. The Future of Content Marketing: 5 Beyonds from Velocity Partners. —— Content Strategy Debunking the Hype Industry Insider Potluck

Are You a Social Media Butterfly?

The Social Media Incubator

Photo courtesy of Amit Gupta.

Monday Roundup: Moving Forward

Waxing UnLyrical

Good morning! I’m in New York today, working on a really cool event with a really cool Japanese client. Life is good, right? Image: Steve Worsethandetroit via Flickr, CC 2.0. In business, the name of the game is winning and moving forward. That’s what we’re all trying to do, right?

Learn How to Create Promotable Content [FREE TRAINING]


One of the best compliments I receive is that wherever people go when searching for online marketing information, they find my content. There’s two reasons for that. One, I write for a lot of blogs. And two, I promote the wazoo out of my content.

Social Media Marketing GPS

SMGPS will tell you the why & how to use social media for marketing, 1 tweet at a time. You'll learn essentials in digestible little spoonfuls.

The Mission Driven Volunteer


This is a guest post by Peggy Hoffman, CAE, President, Mariner Management & Marketing and Elizabeth Weaver Engel, M.A., CAE, CEO & Chief Strategist, Spark Consulting LLC.

How Many Social Media Accounts is Enough?

The Social Media Incubator

In January 2102, large companies averaged 178 corporate-owned social media accounts. We don’t know how many social media accounts these companies have today, but we’re guessing the number is probably higher, if it has changed at all. What about small and mid-size businesses?

Websites Will Become the AM Radio of the Internet

Convince & Convert

If your marketing is sufficiently useful, your audience will keep your brand close – on their home screen, in their inbox, in their Twitter and Facebook feeds – and, when they need you, they’ll access whatever it is you’re bringing to the information party.

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Fetching Friday – 21 Marketing Links


This post is part of a weekly series, Fetching Friday, featuring the best posts of the week in blogging, business, SEO, and social media on The Resources Mashup. Here are some of the best articles I have seen on Google+ , retweeted on @kikolani , and read in RSS subscriptions this week.

How to Be Social: A Social Media Manifesto

Learn the 10 worst social media marketing mistakes and how to avoid them.

What you need to know about Realtime Marketing


I’m psyched to be participating in this one-day event, as a helpdesk expert. From the Realtime Report: It’s Time For A New Kind Of Social Media Conference: Fun, Hands On, Focused On Tools And Their Business Value. So what’s changed? The social media space has grown up.

Always Log Out When Leaving

Bill Hartzer

I have written about this before , but wanted to share it again. If you are on, then you really should make sure that you log out of Facebook whenever you leave the website.

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When Social Customer Service Fails

Janet Fouts

I should start this post with a warning. It’s a bit of a rant. If you read my blog regularly you know that I love a good customer service experience, and having been in the hotel and restaurant industry for many years I know a thing or two about how it all runs.

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New Research Shows Twitter Boosts TV Ratings (sometimes)

Convince & Convert

In another bandwidth-deficient edition of The Baer Facts, I talk with Kyle Lacy of ExactTarget about new research from Nielsen that shows tweets causing actual increases in television ratings. Is Social TV Overrated?

8 Stupid Simple Social Media Tricks to Boost SEO

Discover just how easy it is to boost SEO with social media.

Facebook Changes For Me — and You

Ari Herzog

I want to delete my Facebook account. I’ve wanted to do this for years. Because of my roles as a city councilor and a board director and how Facebook is almost required for constituent relations, I can’t delete my account. But I can refrain myself.

Twitter Whois Record Hijacked, Syria Electronic Army Claims Responsibility

Bill Hartzer

Update: This post has been updated and will be updated as situation warrants. Updates at bottom of post. The title of the post has been updated, as well. A friend of mine pointed out the Twitter whois record.

App of the Week: Evernote vs. Springpad

The Social Media Incubator

While we are Evernote enthusiasts, we recently stumbled upon a similar app that might be able to hold it’s own – SpringPad, turn your mobile device into a personal assistant. Available for multiple devices such as android, iTunes, kindle, google play, and online, it took our favorite parts of Evernote and expanded. However, both might have their specialized audience, depending on what you want to get out of the apps. Evernote. Best feature: .

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New Research: Do Pictures of People Increase Facebook Engagement?

Convince & Convert

Marketers often spend hours selecting and producing visual content to post on Facebook brand pages. Creatives, strategists, and managers can go round-and-around debating which images work and which don’t for a brand. Sometimes they debate over whether or not the brand should show people in brand images, and everyone has their differing opinions. At Taggs, we decided to bring data to help settle the debate – Do people pictured in brand images help or hurt Facebook engagement? Our Hypothesis.

How Restaurants & Pubs Should Use Social Media

Atom Thought

dotConverse (, my social media agency, took up a project recently with Lemp Brewpub & Kitchen (An American brewery with sole licence given at Gurgaon in India). We took up the project when things were very low for Lemp (extremely negative word of mouth on social and review platforms) and there was no organized or. Digital Insight Digital Learning Digital Marketing

Study Google+ Ripples to See Why Posts Go Hot

Bill Hartzer

Just recently, another one of my Google+ posts went hot on the Google Plus social media network. As you know, Google Authorship is tied directly to Google+, and it’s my opinion that the more of an influencer that you are on Google+ the more it will ultimately help your Google Authorship.

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Be a Strawberry with Balsamic Vinaigrette

Ari Herzog

Strawberries! I also enjoy summer nights with cucumber and tomato mixed with balsamic vinaigrette. But — strawberries, cucumbers, tomatoes, and balsamic in the same fork bite? I never tried tossing them together until last week.

Jim Beam Honey Hires Famed Seinfeld Lawyer to Save the Bees and #suethebears

Convince & Convert

In an unusual move motivated by sweet justice, Jim Beam Honey has hired famed Seinfeld attorney Jackie Chiles to, “Sue the Bears” and “Save the Bees.” In a campaign that seemingly takes a page from a Seinfeld episode, the bears, bees, and several hilarious videos follow suit.

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