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10 TikTok Terms That You Definitely Need to Know

SocMed Sean

The post 10 TikTok Terms That You Definitely Need to Know appeared first on SocMedSean - Social Media Sean. TikTok is a fun resource for videos, but sometimes there are phrases and terms in the comments that might have you scratching your head.

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Vanity Metrics: Definition & Examples for Marketing


It’s the perfect “meaty” metaphor for social media vanity metrics. any social metric can turn into a “vanity” metric if you’re bragging about it without any context. Social media metrics are incredibly important for a social media manager and shouldn’t be ignored. But be careful. But here’s the thing.

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32 Signs You Might Be a Social Media Marketing O.G.

Ignite Social Media

We’ve been doing nothing but social media marketing for brands since 2007. And with every social media year feeling like 7 human years (or something like that), we’ve been at this a really long time. Are you a social media marketing O.G.? You have fond memories of social media meet-ups ; 14.

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The Definitive Guide to Social Media Merchandising

Having a public social media account can be a business of its own and a lucrative one at that. Many big companies had their start on social media or streaming platforms and capitalized on it by turning their page or name into a brand that can be sold, and more importantly that people want to buy. What Can You Sell?

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Crafting Great Social Media Videos That Get Views

Convince & Convert

As a social media brand or content creator, getting an audience hooked on your uploads is as fundamental as it is challenging. The good news is that if you’re having that issue and you seek to increase those engagement rates on social media, you’ve come to the right place. But what’s the fuss all about?

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What is Social Media Demographic Segmentation? | Definition, Types & Limitations | Audiense


Social media demographic segmentation is a way of segmenting your audience based on demographic data such as age, gender and location. In this guide, we’ll explain the importance of combining demographic data with other types of segmentation to create a highly-effective and culturally relevant approach.

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Buzzwords Decoded: 32 Social Media Marketing Terms Explained

Ignite Social Media

In the fast-paced world of social media marketing, it’s essential to stay up to date with the latest trends and terminology. This is User-Generated Content, the holy grail of social media. This is User-Generated Content, the holy grail of social media. How do you define Impressions in social media?