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#590: Meet My New CEO! A Candid Conversation With Jawesy

Amy Porterfield

If you’ve been listening […] The post #590: Meet My New CEO! A Candid Conversation With Jawesy appeared first on Amy Porterfield | Online Marketing Expert. Her name is Jenn, but we call her Jawesy, and she’s my former content director.

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Revolutionizing Online Conversation: Meet Hedgehog, the Platform Rewriting the Rules of Civil Discourse

Bill Hartzer

Developed over two years by an experienced executive team, Hedgehog isn’t just another social network—it’s a sanctuary for real conversations and a genuine sense of community. Join the conversation today and become a part of this transformative journey towards a more inclusive and enlightened society.


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AI and the art of meaningful conversation


It’s the simple act of conversation. Episode Summary Conversations captivate us. Yet, many B2B organizations still need help with rising customer expectations and the art of having meaningful conversations with their customers. The answer lies in Conversational AI, blending efficiency and personalization seamlessly.

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Compare Attribution Settings: Get the Most of Meta Conversion Data

Jon Loomer

Attribution is how Meta gives credit to an ad for a conversion. Established in the ad set when optimizing for conversions, the default Attribution Setting is 7-day click and 1-day view. Report your conversions, by default, based on that Attribution Setting. You want to see how many conversions happened within 7 days, too.

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Transformational Conversations with Toi B. James #MindfulSocial

Janet Fouts

In our disconnected world, it’s harder than ever to have a conversation that allows participants to truly understand each others’ perspectives. When we come to a real meeting of the minds, it can transform the relationship and the perspective that each brings to the table. Especially if we are not seeing each other eye to eye.

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Meet Irina Novoselsky, Hootsuite’s new CEO


As social has evolved into a constant engine of online culture and connectivity over the past 10 years, it has also become an indispensable way for businesses to not just reach their customers but to engage with their customers in two-way conversations where relationships are forged. It’s about people, culture, connection, and storytelling.

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Viral and Cultural Moments: How and When Brands Should Tap into the Conversation

Social Media Strategies Summit

But tapping into buzzworthy conversions isn’t a silver bullet for social media success. For GoFundMe, they’re usually tied to a significant news moment or a cultural conversation — like noticing a surge in violence against Asian Americans and figuring out what they can do to help. Trends mean different things to different brands.