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How to Promote Blog Posts: 200+ Ideas from Eight Experts

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Company blogs have become virtually essential, and very powerful, component of digital marketing. Is it still worthwhile to get listed in blog directories, and if so, which ones? to RSS directory posting, infographics and guest blogging.

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Web Hosting demystified - II

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55 am Discussion forums still alive. these days … ) My quest for a good web-host landed me at several websites, blogs and discussion forums. Although the evolution of blogs has re-defined the art of conversations good old php forum continues to run well despite stuff competition. Popular MBA discussion groups like pagal guy , cool-avenues , job forums, web directories , scripts and other talks are still pretty much a part of traditional discussion forums.

Reuters, Rogers and social dashboards

Sherrilynne Starkie

Reuters has launched Social Pulse , a social media hub on which highlights social media’s most shared news, companies and influencers. The chart is populated by share-of-voice readings, so depending on which companies are being talked about most that day, it will adapt.

Your Link Building Guide for 2018

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This happens because companies behind the site go out of business or other reasons. Business 2 Community. Directory submissions. The days of mass directory submissions are gone, but there may be some SEO value in acquiring links from quality, or niche specific directories.

Social Pros 22 – Evan Hamilton, UserVoice

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Huge thanks to data-driven social media management software company Argyle Social for their presenting sponsorship, as well as Infusionsoft , Janrain , and Jim Kukral at DigitalBookLaunch. Letting companies target status updates. So, Evan is the Head of Community at

Why Social Media is Scary | Social Media Strategery

Social Media Strategery

Development Social Media Why Social Media is Scary Sun, Jan 11, 2009 Best Of , Social Media As one of my company’s social media leads, I’ve had the opportunity to speak with a wide range of people about social media. And companies will fire employees (and do) for blogging.

Are You In It To Win It?


It’s that time again – yet another guest blogging contest is full speed an underway over at Blog Engage , the social bookmarking and voting community dedicated to bloggers. Leading Travel Directory for Travel Websites. Free Blog Review at Bloggeries Blog Forum.

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8 Ways To Build Backlinks In Boring Niches


No matter if you are doing SEO for an event website or a carpet cleaning company, there are lots of backlinks opportunities waiting for you. Share your posts on communities and social groups. A blog, directory, forum or a news magazine?

12 Ways To Keep Your Customers Happy

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Apart from always offering a friendly smile and a helpful hand, what else can you do to improve your company’s customer service standards and ensure total satisfaction? Your company’s online reviews are a huge factor when it comes to swaying potential new customers in your direction.

7 Advanced Social Media Marketing Strategies


Social media gives businesses large and small an unprecedented opportunity to build community around their business. you might also benefit from giving your audience insight into your company culture. Because social media is all about community.

20+ Commonly Asked Questions About Blogging & Online Marketing


If you’re a business, you may have the luxury of hiring an awesome Internet Marketing Company to keep up with the trends, but as individuals managing a blog for as a hobby or for profit, it’s up to you to not only maintain that blog but keep up with ways to increase traffic.

Best Business Blogging Guides and Tips of 2010

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In you guessed it–another guest post–Wayne Howard describes his method for quickly building the following for a new blog, using tactics such as Facebook postings, the BloggerLuv community, Twitter, LinkedIn and contests. then provides tips for maximizing company blog success.

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Best Social Media Monitoring Tools

Bill Hartzer

Facebook and Twitter are some of the main outlets for social media, but there are numerous types of social media like blogs, wikis, forums, chat rooms, etc. This social media monitoring tool is not only for hotels, you can track and monitor your brand, your company, and you reviews about your company and your company’s products. You can also measure and track engagement while determining which conversations in chat rooms, forums, etc.

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Become a Digital Marketing Certified Associate (DMCA) with Simplilearn


So you’re not just getting prepared for one company’s certification program. And you’re not just getting prepared for third-party company certifications. You’ll be given immediate access to a community of students and instructors to engage with.

Indians in Social Media (2009) «

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A couple of years of ago, one could easily identify active users through blogs & discussion forums. Top Blogs Directory – The marketing & social media section in the directory of top Indian blogs. I work at Miracle Technologies, a webdesign company based in Chandigarh, India, and we also use Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to promote our brand and get in touch with our clients.

Joomla! Surpasses 15 Million Downloads

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In addition, the Community Oversight Committee has elected several new board members including Steve Burge, Javier Gomez, Marko Milenovic, Jacques Rentzke, Robert Deutz and Akarawuth Tamrareang. In 2010 we look forward to helping the community tackle some major agenda items, such as a new release of Joomla! and a thriving third-party developer community.&#. community. forum called Trending Topics, where debate on current topics is encouraged.

Burrp Delhi

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“This looks like a focused version of mouthshut and we already have several directory listings like Indiamart. So according to me Burrp is a mashpup of a directory listings + user-reviews + web2.0 Share this: StumbleUpon Digg Reddit 3 Comments Filed under Kool Companies 3 Comments Anand August 10, 2007 at 11:48 am The comment section of this blog itself is a demostration of the wisdom of crowds. Home About In the Media Customer Service : Sorry what’s that ?

Advice for a New Internet Marketer (or How to Spot Internet.

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

“What are good companies to target? Overall, the questions were basic and I worried that the individual was looking to target companies for clients before actually understanding the nuances of the culture of Internet marketing as a whole. I am a leader in my community.

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Your Guide to the Crowdsourced Workforce - ReadWriteWeb

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Weve written about a number of companies that employ crowdsourcing to produce their product or service here on ReadWriteWeb, but in this post well specifically look at companies that allow you to leverage the crowd to get something done. The official definition of crowdsourcing from Jeff Howe, is "the act of a company or institution taking a function once performed by employees and outsourcing it to an undefined (and generally large) network of people in the form of an open call."

Market yourself as an individual

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Home About In the Media Discussion forums still alive. People came to his small world and started doing different things and created web directory and online shopping paradises. Subscribe to Blog Updates Feedburners Stats Email Subscription My Company About Hi, I am Daksh author of themarketingblog & co-founder of Iffort, a web-strategy & digital marketing consulting firm. Quick post – Cool sites ( August 2, 2007.10:53

How Social Media Can Affect Your Search Engine Rankings


Companies, too often, omit their social media marketing strategy from their SEO strategy, which is a grave mistake. A study conducted by Ascend2 indicates that companies with the strongest SEO via social media strategies now produce the best results, and vice-versa. Source: Open Forum.

5 Actionable Tips to Grow Your Blog’s Traffic


Share your content with a new community. Search for other social networks or forums related to your niche. Sharing it with a wider community via Competition Aggregator sites can be an excellent way of pulling in some extra traffic to your blog. Submit Your Blog to Startup Review Sites or other Blog Directories. Prepare written information on your blog in a word document so that it is easily accessible to copy over when you are signing up to directories.

Conquering Big Industries: My Bulletproof SEO Strategy

Viper Chill

Directory Submissions By nature, directory links are of a very poor quality. Sometimes I’ll also pay $100 or so to which is a human-filtered directory which can give me some great link juice. I am glad you mentioned directory submission. Home What the F ?

Women in Blogging: 125 Fearless Female Bloggers


Her latest posts include Why Companies Need to Free Their Case Studies , Traits of the Perfect Success Story Interviewee , and What’s Missing From This Ad. Her blog, Kommein , covers blogging, business, community management, social media, and more.

Can Social Tools Really Replace Email? - They Already Are! (Part II)

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Professional Community. Find Members Alphabetical Directory. Communities. Knowledge Management Community Home Blogs Groups Wiki. Sign in to post unmoderated comments or join the community to create your free profile today! Information Technology.

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Why Google Pushed Me to Build a (Bigger) Link Network

Viper Chill

As with any papermaking company at the time, much of what the company produced was used for stationery, newsprint, and books – the primary means of communication before the age of television, radio, and telephone.

PIN’s: The Future of Private Link Building

Viper Chill

Using directories for links. Anglo Rank was a small network being promoted on the Black Hat World forums. Their company is worth hundreds of billions and mine, well…isn’t. Unsurprisingly, these are all links to the company that the author works for.

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Information Literacy in the Workplace - Special Libraries Association

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SLA Community. Julie Oman is an Information Steward for The Dow Chemical Company in Midland, MI. I feel a degree of responsibility in ensuring the knowledge workers of my organization have the fundamental skills to deal with whatever knowledge management technology and processes are adopted by the company. Like many companies, my organization provides a community that supports the use of information technology and. Communities of Practice.

The State of Link Building 2016: What I Learned Manually Analysing 1,000 Search Results

Viper Chill

Though SEO may be a consideration at times – such as utilising signatures in forum posts – they’re essentially the types of links that you would happily show a Google reviewer and not be concerned about. Do private blog network’s still work?

Social Search at LinkedIn Beats Google - ReadWriteWeb

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And not that useful either, because while they can see who the right contacts are they are no more reachable than they are in ZoomInfo or any other public directory. This eventually got me to some sites that maintained directories of these vendors, but it was still a lengthy process from there to get to a short-list. They will have to fix this or risk really turning off their core community and fall into the, "oh, no, another annoying spammy tool" category. ReadWriteWeb.

Koka Sexton dot Com

Koka Sexton

Concerts, Movies and Shows Many communities offer a wide variety of free entertainment through local park districts and organizations. 411 Service Need directory information but don’t want to pay for it? You’ll get free directory assistance from your cell or land line.

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7 Steps to Creating Million-Dollar Web Apps (And a Big Announcement)

Viper Chill

The feedback so far has been amazing , with one of the biggest bloggers on the web telling me after using it for just one day “the community has needed this for a really long time.” They’re even looking to put their company on the stock market.

The 22 most unknown FREE things anyone can have.

Koka Sexton

Concerts, Movies and Shows Many communities offer a wide variety of free entertainment through local park districts and organizations. 411 Service Need directory information but don’t want to pay for it? You’ll get free directory assistance from your cell or land line.

Best Internet Marketing Blog Posts of 2007 » Techipedia | Tamar.

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

Facebook The Facebook Marketing Bible: 24 Ways to Market Your Brand, Company, Product, or Service Inside Facebook (Inside Facebook): Justin Smith shows how Facebook includes a variety of channels that spread the word in a very in-depth blog post. The Social Networking Guide for Newbies (Fast Company): Social networking is much like networking in the real world. Link Buying Guide: Directories, Ads, and Reviews (Search Engine Journal): Need to buy links?

Best Internet Marketing Posts of 2008: Social Media, SEO, and More " techipedia | tamar weinberg

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

4 Reasons Many Big Brands Downplay SEO : Why aren’t all Fortune 500 companies engaging in SEO? Aviva Directory did and they tell you what you need to do about it and how to address it. Jill Whalen has been active on forums and online communities for 10 years now.

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SEO in the Fast Lane: Your Legit Shortcut to Readers, Sales, and Search Rank


You can list your website in directories and submit articles to article banks. You can engage in conversation on forums where you have the chance to talk about your business and actively link back to your website with the hope that not all of those forums have “no follow” rules. From the beginning, however, we never wanted to be seen as a Las Vegas based company, but a firm servicing clients nationally. This guest post is by Mark Cenicola of

Confessions of a CKO: What I Should Have Done

Buzz Marketing for Technology

I have already written about where I think KM is headed: From content to connectivity , with social networking applications and expertise-finding and community-building processes taking over in priority from the populating and management of massive, just-in-case, context free repositories of documents, and From corporate content management to personal. DIRECTORY OF ACTIVE SALON BLOGS (to Apr.9). Fast Company Blog. Ontario Environment Directory. Fast Company.

Connecting 2 the World

Buzz Marketing for Technology

The true gap, therefore, is between those educated in a traditional way and the new "skills" needed to work in a module setting (able to move people, companies, offices, departments around without losing knowledge or the knowledge product) communicating through a network (rather than the old vertical structures) with critical thinking and problem solving skills that allow workers to react to the environment as it changes and create new knowledge (or knowledge products) in a short period of time.

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Top 1000 Favorite Blogging Links of 2008

Koka Sexton

¬ Message Forum #2811 January 8th, 2009 at 5:00 am Wow, thanks for this nice list. Message Forum’s last blog post. Koka Sexton dot Com Home About Koka Contact Twitter FULL RSS Top 1000 Favorite Blogging Links of 2008 I do a lot of surfing.

7 Little-Known Strategies To Get Your Deadbeat Blog Working For You


It may be there to support your current clients or build a user community. You can offer multiple blog posts on your Facebook Business Page description, on your LinkedIn profile summary, and in your forum signatures. This guest post is by Jarom Adair of Solopreneur Marketing.