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Seven Essential Digital Marketing Tips for 2021 (And Beyond)

Webbiquity SMM

Seven Essential Digital Marketing Tips for Your Business in 2021. Here are the top seven digital marketing tips for business success in 2021 (and beyond). Here’s what you need to do in 2021. There is a big reason why email marketing still is one of the highest performing strategies in 2021. That’s a 44x ROI.

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2021 Social Media Predictions

Ignite Social Media

Below our agency has broken down several 2021 social media predictions, accompanied by valuable resources designed to help you set the foundation for your 2021 strategy. 2021 Facebook Changes and Predictions. Additionally, be prepared to see TikTok make some big changes in 2021. — New Ad Limits.


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The Most Popular Social Networks of 2021

Ignite Social Media

eMarketer released some excellent data regarding social media usage of 2021, and we’re breaking down some of the key information below to help your brand better optimize your social media marketing efforts. SOCIAL NETWORK STATS OF 2021. From 2020 to 2021, Facebook’s network only grew by 0.8% million mobile Instagram users.

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Five Upcoming Social Networks To Look Out For In 2021

Ignite Social Media

This article was previously published on Forbes on February 19, 2021. People have become increasingly concerned about the security of their mobile devices. The app received a lot of attention at the beginning of 2021 when Elon Musk, who has more than 46 million Twitter followers, posted a two-word tweet: Use Signal.

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Why P2P Texting Should Be Part of Your Marketing Strategy in 2021

Social Media Strategies Summit

As we head into 2021, marketers are reflecting on how much consumer behavior has changed over the course of the last year. A Prime Opportunity Within a Mobile-First Landscape. Brands are optimizing for mobile experiences. They’re also more likely to stay engaged if any links or information shared via text is mobile-friendly.

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The Experiment 2021: Ads Don’t Have to Suck

Jon Loomer

The result: I’ve started a new experiment for 2021! In fact, I ran my 2021 Experiment for a few days first before writing this blog post, fearing it may not run! The two biggest changes I planned to make with the 2021 Experiment were related to optimization and targeting. Want to Participate in The Experiment 2021?

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Ready Yourself Now for a Mobile Only Future

Waxing UnLyrical

This mobile-only group of users is forecasted to increase to 52 million people by 2021. For businesses, that means learning how mobile-only communication is different than other types of communication, and driving automation as much as possible when working in this space. Keep scrolling to find out.

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