2021 Social Media Predictions

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Below our agency has broken down several 2021 social media predictions, accompanied by valuable resources designed to help you set the foundation for your 2021 strategy. 2021 Facebook Changes and Predictions. Additionally, be prepared to see TikTok make some big changes in 2021.

Seven Essential Digital Marketing Tips for 2021 (And Beyond)

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Seven Essential Digital Marketing Tips for Your Business in 2021. Here are the top seven digital marketing tips for business success in 2021 (and beyond). Here’s what you need to do in 2021. Here’s what works in 2021. Guest post by Atreyee Chowdhury.

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Tips for 2021 Social Media Planning & Budgeting

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And as we get ready for 2021, there are still many uncertainties that have us questioning the effectiveness of different marketing tactics and wondering where to best allocate funds. 2021 Social Media Landscape at a Glance. Five Social Media Trends to Consider for 2021.

Twitter Shares the Top Tweets and Trends of 2021

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The big tweet trends of 2021 revolved around US politics and TV shows

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YouTube Shares the Top Performing Videos and Creators of 2021

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YouTube's Top 10 listing provides an overview of web culture, and key content trends for 2021

Twitter Announces New, Exclusive Video Programming at 2021 NewFronts Event

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Twitter has unveiled a range of new video content deals at its 2021 NewFronts event

The Most Popular Social Networks of 2021

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eMarketer released some excellent data regarding social media usage of 2021, and we’re breaking down some of the key information below to help your brand better optimize your social media marketing efforts. SOCIAL NETWORK STATS OF 2021. growth in 2021). #6 growth in 2021. #7

Twitter Shares Planning Guide for Your 2021 Tweet Strategy

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Twitter has published a new planning guide to help map out your tweet strategy for 2021

Google Shares Top Search Trends of 2021

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Google's search trends provide a somewhat dizzying reminder of the last 12 months - which feels much shorter than that

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10 Tips to Boost Your LinkedIn Presence in 2021

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Looking to up your LinkedIn game in 2021? Here are some tips to help maximize your LinkedIn presence

Facebook Previews the Next Stages of Digital Connection at its Connect 2021 Conference

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Facebook - sorry, 'Meta' - has previewed its next level connection tools at its Connect 2021 event

2021: End of year Product wrap up


We could have said ‘fast’, ‘innovation’, ‘collaboration’, and these are all great ways to define Audiense’ 2021. If there was one word to describe our year, it would be ‘update’.

A look back at 2021


What another amazing year?! If I were to rate it, I would give it a 9.5. Audience Intelligence


7 Crucial Skills for Leaders in 2021 #futureofwork

Janet Fouts

After having many conversations with leaders over the last few weeks, I offer you a mindfulness-based emotional intelligence approach to leading as we surge ahead into the last half of 2021.

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Hello 2021!

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A February 2021 poll by the Associated Press indicates that 15% of Americans don’t want the vaccine and another 17% probably won’t get it. My last blog post was six months ago today — when I wrote about normality.

LinkedIn Publishes Top 50 Companies to Work for in 2021 Listing, Based on Platform Data

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LinkedIn has published its 2021 listing of the top companies to work for, which takes into account a range of on-platform data indicators

Facebook Announces New Groups Tools at its 2021 Communities Summit

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New engagement tools, paid subgroups, merchandise shops - Facebook's adding a range of new groups tools

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Snapchat Announces 2021 Partner Summit

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Snapchat has announced that its third annual Partner Summit will be held on May 20th

Lessons from UGC in 2020 - and How it Can Help You in 2021

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From building communities to cementing customer trust in uncertain times, UGC can play a key role in your 2021 digital strategy

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Five Upcoming Social Networks To Look Out For In 2021

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This article was previously published on Forbes on February 19, 2021. The app received a lot of attention at the beginning of 2021 when Elon Musk, who has more than 46 million Twitter followers, posted a two-word tweet: Use Signal.

Facebook Announces 2021 Community Accelerator Grant Program to Assist Facebook Community Leaders

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Facebook has announced the 2021 iteration of its Community Accelerator Program, which is designed to help group admins maximize their communities

Google Updates its 'Frightgeist' Halloween Trends Mini-Site for 2021

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Ensure you're across the latest Halloween trends with Google's updated 'Frightgeist' insights

Sites 155

A Guide to Social Media Shopping Behaviors in 2021

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In 2021, digital buyers in the United States grew by 1.32 We’ll be keeping an eye on how these social media shopping trends continue to evolve heading into the 2021 holiday season. The post A Guide to Social Media Shopping Behaviors in 2021 appeared first on Ignite Social Media Agency.

Snapchat Shares the Top AR Tools and Campaigns of 2021

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Snap's 'Lens of the Year' report provides some valuable insight into key AR trends

Marketing Lessons Learned From the 2021 Facebook Outage

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The week of October 4, 2021, Facebook’s week went from bad to worse when the company’s entire family of apps were inaccessible to users with no warning. The post Marketing Lessons Learned From the 2021 Facebook Outage appeared first on Ignite Social Media Agency.

10 Social Media Tactics Marketers Need to Stop in 2021

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As we enter 2021, it’s time to drop some of those bad social media habits and focus on tactics that are designed to drive real, meaningful results for your business. So there you have it, 10 social media tactics our team recommends you stop doing in 2021.

Essential digital marketing trends for 2021


Let's go through the main marketing trends we expect to see this year and break down how you can apply them to your own digital marketing strategy

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Social Media Organic Reach 2021: Who Actually Sees Your Content

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Organic Reach in 2021. The post Social Media Organic Reach 2021: Who Actually Sees Your Content appeared first on Ignite Social Media Agency. How much value do you currently place on your organic content strategy?

Twitter and Sprinklr Join Forces to Release 2021 Customer Care Report

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See best practices and industry insights to guide your customer care plans for 2021 Twitter and Sprinklr teamed up to build a thorough report on the current state of customer care.

Report 156

A Look Back at Instagram's Various Attempts to Copy TikTok in 2021

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A seasonal-themed retrospective of all the ways in which Insta has taken inspiration from TikTok this year

Optimal Posting Practices for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn in 2021

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Looking to update your approach to the major social platforms? Here are some notes on best posting practices to keep in mind

7 Digital Marketing Trends of Focus for 2021

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These seven trends are set to see major focus in digital marketing over the next 12 months

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YouTube Points to Shorts as Key Development Opportunity in 2021

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YouTube's CEO Susan Wojcicki says that Shorts is a key opportunity for the platform moving forward

Will Apple's AR Glasses be Released in 2021?

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Reports are speculating that Apple's long-awaited AR glasses will be made available to the public this year

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7 Growth Hacking Strategies for 2021


To reach your goals in 2021, you’ll need a marketing mindset change. 7 Growth Hacking Strategies for 2021. If you want growth in 2021, don’t think of referral marketing as low-hanging fruit. 2020 was a challenging year for growing a business.

TikTok Shares Insights into Some of the Top Brand/Creator Partnerships on the Platform in 2021

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TikTok's Culture Driver List provides insights into some of the most successful brand/creator partnerships throughout the year

Social Media Trends of 2021 That Top Organizations Are Capitalizing On

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It’s hard to believe we are now approaching the end of 2021 when it sometimes feels 2020 was only yesterday. Here’s a look at a few of the social media trends of 2021 that top organizations are capitalizing on this year: .

TikTok Leads the Way in App Annie's 2021 App Performance Report

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App Annie's data shows that TikTok has seen the biggest jump in revenue this year, while usage continues to grow

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Best Social Media Scheduling Tools for 2021


Sprout Social Meet Edgar Gain View Website Given how all-encompassing social media marketing can be—from planning to publishing to reporting—it’s almost impossible for one software or tool to cater to all your business requirements.

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Pro Tips: Pinterest Provides Insights into How to Maximize Your Pin Strategy in 2021

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Looking to maximize your Pin marketing efforts? Check out these tips, direct from Pinterest's business growth team

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