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The Top Sources and Trends in B2B Website Traffic

Webbiquity SMM

How have the primary drivers of B2B website traffic changed, particularly search and social media? How do those trends vary between different segments like enterprise software, B2B professional services, and B2B healthcare? Again though, the relative shares of traffic from different social networks tells a more actionable story.

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The Complete List of Advertising Restrictions on Social Networks

Ignite Social Media

Social media networks have made it easy for businesses to market their products and reach a large audience all over the world. However, there are certain things you cannot advertise on social networks. As of August 2021, here are the lists of advertising restrictions on social networks that are in place. .


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Instagram Automation Tools, Software, and Tips to Do It Right


At some point, many busy social media marketers may be tempted to try an Instagram automation tool. Much of the software that’s used to automate Instagram activity defies network guidelines. However, there are ethical and effective ways to incorporate Instagram automation software into your work. Let’s get started.

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Vulnerability in the workplace: A career differentiator for women in software engineering

Sprout Social

Starting my career as a woman in software engineering. How humans interact with and leverage technology has always been an interest of mine–in my adolescence, social media and smartphones began their ascent and suddenly handheld technology was everywhere.

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The Top 10 Marketing Attribution Software Solutions


Some might shy away from this but a good place to start figuring out the right attribution software for your needs is understanding the right attribution model for your customer/user journey. Marketing Attribution Software to the Rescue. The answer lies in finding the right marketing attribution software solution.

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Sprout Social named to G2’s 2021 Best Software list for the fifth consecutive year

Sprout Social

We’re excited to share that Sprout Social has been named one of the best software companies for 2021 by G2. G2 releases their list of best software companies annually to recognize leaders in product performance and user satisfaction. The list is created with data from more than 1M verified customer reviews on the G2 platform.

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Meet Team Sprout: Shweta, Senior Software Engineer

Sprout Social

What is your role at Sprout Social and can you explain what you do in one sentence? I’m a Senior Software Engineer on the Data Ingest squad. I am both a mechanical and software engineer. However, following an internship at a railways workshop, I realized my true passion was to be a software engineer. A: Pinterest.