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The Problem with Boards


There is a huge conversation we’re not fully having in the association community, and that is about the incredible, ongoing, and massive destruction of value perpetrated by Boards of Directors for many, many associations (and other nonprofits too). That is not an attempt to be dramatic.

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22 Expert Guides and Reviews of 200+ Social Media Tools

Webbiquity SMM

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The Continuing Evolution of the Indian PR Landscape

Waxing UnLyrical

As the Indian PR landscape continues to evolve, it is fascinating to see clients adapt to the integration of digital efforts. For example, a press event is not restricted to just calling reporters on the ground.

How Brands Should Prepare For Facebook’s Dislike Button


For years, people have been asking for a dislike button on Facebook. It seems that Mark Zuckerburg is finally ready to give the people what they want. In a Q&A last Tuesday, Facebook’s founder said “I think people have asked about the dislike button for many years.

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Social Media Automation 101

A beginner's guide to social media automation tools and getting automation right.

Top 5 Twitter Management Tips for Non-Profit Organizations to Increase Followers Organically


Twitter serves as a great marketing tool and has become increasingly useful for all types of businesses who are looking to expand their reach.

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Recap: the September 2015 #measurePR-palooza

Waxing UnLyrical

In September, #measurePR pulled out all the stops in honor of Measurement Month. We had 10 guests (TEN!): Pierre-Loic Assayag of Traackr. Stephen Waddington of Ketchum. Richard Bagnall of PRIME Research. Margot Savell of Hill+Knowlton Strategies. Johna Burke of BurrellesLuce.

How To Become An Ethical Blogger


Blogging is growing at an unprecedented rate. As this happens, the chances of corrupt blogging practices increase too. Therefore, bloggers should be made aware of the do’s and don’ts of blogging, both, the new and seasoned ones.

Realignment #4: The New Engagement – from Participation to Connection


Excerpts from the new book: The Demand Perspective: Leading From the Outside In. —————– From Measuring Participation to Assessing the Value of Connections.

5 Key Words to Trigger Emotional Responses on Social Media

Convince & Convert

Do you have a social media strategy? Of course you do. Everyone does—or so they say. But what everyone doesn’t know is that you can’t simply write awesome content and hope that it will draw people like flies to honey from social media.

The Content Marketing Survival Guide: How to Navigate the Wilds of Social Media

Use this guide to inspire your creativity and ignite more successful and sustainable social media conversations.

Monday Roundup: #PRAXIS2015

Waxing UnLyrical

I’m leaving… on a jet plane… … Do know when I’ll be back again… I head to India tomorrow for more or less a month abroad (India + UK, all work!).

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Top 15 Editing Tools for Bloggers


There are many talented bloggers worthy of admiration, but no one has ever written an absolutely perfect first draft.

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Today’s #CultureChat: The Role of Core Values in Culture


My post last week about Core Values got quite a bit of attention (thank you for the mention, SmartBrief!), so we decided to do this month’s #CultureChat on that topic: the role of core values in culture.

4 SEO Tactics That Damage Your Brand’s Reputation

Convince & Convert

Image via From a marketing perspective, you’ve got to feel at least a little sorry for SeaWorld for the utter devastation of its sterling brand. For decades, its parks were a fun, wholesome place to take the kiddos.

Social Media Marketing GPS

SMGPS will tell you the why & how to use social media for marketing, 1 tweet at a time. You'll learn essentials in digestible little spoonfuls.

Facebook Audience Insights: 5 Groups You Should Analyze

Jon Loomer

If you’re a marketer, you need to do your research. It’s imperative you understand your audience so that you can craft the right message to reach the right people. Smart marketers are using a free Facebook tool called Audience Insights.

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How to Promote your Music When Using SoundCloud


If you’re on SoundCloud, and you want to know how to promote your music digitally, you’re going to have to be prepared to put yourself out there.

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12 Websites Blocked by the People’s Republic of China

Bill Hartzer

This week I am Beijing, China doing a keynote address about SEO and domain names. There is free internet access here at the China World Hotel in Beijing, but is it really free?

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4 Types of Content That Persuade Customers to Purchase

Convince & Convert

Prospects are interested in your products. They’ve already interacted with your company by signing up for your email newsletter, accessing a free ebook, or tweeting at you on social media. You’ve been building trust, and you think your prospects are finally ready to make a purchase.

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How to Be Social: A Social Media Manifesto

Learn the 10 worst social media marketing mistakes and how to avoid them.

Social Media

Social Media Network Marketing

Social Media ​ ​​ I Work As Freelance Social Media Network Professional, Blog ​ Article Writing, OnLine Research And Also Help People With The Knowledge Of Internet To Earn Money Via The Online World

Why You Should Not Give Up On E-mail Marketing

Small Business Mavericks

In August, Smart Insights published some statistics on e-mail marketing for various sectors within the UK and U.S. markets. You’ll find these insights useful, but more importantly, they say something about how important e-mail marketing really is. Let’s take a look at some of the stats: Of 46 business sectors, e-mail open rates range from 13.9% to 29.4%. The top three sectors for open rates include Hobbies, Arts & Artists, and Photo and Video.

Tweet Containing Swear Word Appears on Yahoo! Homepage

Bill Hartzer

I’ve always considered the Yahoo! home page a place with family-friendly content. But lately it’s becoming more family un-friendly. So much so that I’m reconsidering my usage of Yahoo! as a home page for my web browser.

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How To Do Content Marketing Metrics Wrong

Convince & Convert

Image via We’re officially out of the frying pan, and into the fire.

8 Stupid Simple Social Media Tricks to Boost SEO

Discover just how easy it is to boost SEO with social media.

Study Shows: Blog Posts Published on Weekends Get More Social Shares


This is a guest post from Lior Levin. You work hard to create relevant, engaging content for your blog and you want to be sure that it has as many eyeballs on it as possible.

Video Marketing: Over- Or Under-Used?

Small Business Mavericks

One might be tempted to think that, since YouTube is the second largest search engine online, video marketing is an over-used–or, at least, widely used–form of online marketing. In fact, while it is used quite extensively (as of November 2014, 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minutes), I’d say it’s still a bit under-used. Here’s why. As of January of this year, content creation has the second largest share of digital marketing budgets.

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The Brand Flip

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Episode #480 of Six Pixels of Separation - The Mirum Podcast is now live and ready for you to listen to. I have read loved and re-read every little book that Marty Neumeier (he's also the Director of Transformation at Liquid Agency ) has written. You should too. I use the word "small" in a physical way (it has nothing to do with his content). Marty writes books that you can read in a few hours. They are small and beautifully designed (re: simple).

10 Blogging Tips We’ve Learned from International Idioms

Convince & Convert

Image via Let’s face it: You’re not Neil Patel or Gary Vaynerchuck. I’m not saying you completely suck at blogging, but there’s always room for improvement. But nobody likes to hear that they’re doing it wrong—even if they are actually doing it wrong.

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7 Crucial Parts of a Successful Outreach Strategy


This is a guest contribution from Jonathan John. If you’ve been reading how-to blog and content marketing blogs for very long, then you’ve no doubt come across this buzzword: outreach.

When your biz feels like last year’s stilettos (and what to do next)

Absolute PA

You’ve invested a lot into your business, time, money, late nights and most likely, tears. But do you ever feel like, well, it just doesn’t seem to fit anymore? Like when summer fades and you get out last year’s jeans which you LOVED, and made your legs look hot, if you say so yourself. But wait, now they feel all wrong? They aren’t YOU enough. Something’s changed… You have a nagging feeling of dissatisfaction. You’re not fired up about your work the way you used to be.

Six Links Worthy Of Your Attention #274

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Is there one link, story, picture or thought that you saw online this week that you think somebody you know must see?

How the Blog Post Op-Ed is Changing News

Convince & Convert

Last month, Google announced the creation of its new parent company, Alphabet , which will house the Google we know along with lesser-known experiments like Calico and Google Fiber.

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