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X Adds New Source Reference Requirement for Community Notes

Social Media Today

More questions are being raised about the viability of the Community Notes process.

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How to Build Community Without the Metaverse


As the metaverse continues to grow and brands begin designing marketing strategies that align with it, it’s important to remember that social media is not the only approach to community-building. Hence, it is of the essence that you build your brand community closest to conversion. So if not social media, then where?


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How Brands Can Support Indigenous Communities on Social—the Right Way


In any other context, the word Indian is extremely offensive when used to refer to the Indigenous people of Turtle Island.). September 30 should be thought of as our Remembrance Day, and it should be referred to by its official name: the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation. Reference the person’s nation and ethno-cultural group.

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How to Build a Brand Community for your B2B Business


It turns out that creating a brand community for your B2B company can give you that type of mouthwatering ROI. . B2B businesses need to foster a strong spirit of community to serve their clients and customers better. Let’s take a deeper look to learn how you can build a beneficial community around your B2B brand.

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On Youth, Age, and Community Service

Waxing UnLyrical

Lee, when talking about her father who passed away at the age of 71, referred to him as a “young man.” And I thought, “That’s incredible, to refer to someone in their 70s as ‘young.’ people will be participating in community service in Dr. King’s memory. “Age is a state of mind.”

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How to Manage Your LinkedIn Community Without Feeling Completely Overwhelmed

agora pulse

People are forming real relationships on this platform—but managing all those relationships within a community of peers, employees, potential job applicants, and potential clients can be tricky and overwhelming. Personal and Professional Profiles: Why Both Make Up Your LinkedIn Community. Enter Agorapulse.

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How OWN Creates Community and Multi-Platform Success With Social Video

Social Media Strategies Summit

For years, Oprah Winfrey was referred to as “The Queen of Talk Shows”. Specifically, would women of color be interested in a dedicated social community? To solve for this need, OWN recently launched The Know: An OWN Community. The Know: An OWN Community. To get the answer, they reached out to over 5,000 women of color.