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13 YouTube Community Building Hacks You Never Knew About

agora pulse

So, if you’re still saying your brand doesn’t need YouTube community building, you might need to rethink. So, with that in mind, I’m going to tell you 13 YouTube community building hacks you never knew about. This is key for YouTube community building. Creating Your YouTube Community.

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General Mills Embraces Collaborative Storytelling with “Hello, Cereal Lovers” Social Media Community

Convince & Convert

Inspired by the passion and enthusiasm people have for cereal, there’s a new, “Hello Cereal Lovers” co-branded social media community from General Mills that is generating buzz for its creative and collaborative visual storytelling approach. What’s unique about this community is that it’s inspirational, versus highly branded.


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Become a Fearless Online Community Leader

The Realtime Report

Become a Fearless Online Community Leader. Online communities are powerhouses of collaboration that demand fearless leaders to succeed. The best social managers build constituencies with purpose and a strategy for growth. Here is how to become an effective online community leader. By Bruce Fikowski. Leadership.

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How I Built a 15,000-Person Community In Under 2 Years

Buffer Social

When I fostered my first puppy only to quickly find out he had fleas, I felt lost and in need of people I could turn to for trustworthy information, and as a dog mom today, I’m regularly looking for community support. Of course, wanting a community and actually creating one are two very different things.

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Higher education social media strategy: How Gettysburg College makes the grade

Sprout Social

Each of these communities is unique, yet they all contribute to one shared college experience. Addressing the needs and interests of multiple audiences calls for a commitment to data, collaboration and tailored messaging. Community building is really central in the work that we do, especially in organic social media,” says Grimes.

Education 107
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$100 Off First-Ever Master Class on Community Management Best Practices

Ignite Social Media

For the first time ever, Ignite Social Media is offering a detailed, 3-hour Master Class on Community Management Best Practices for 2016. As the job of community manager evolves (yet again), keeping up is increasingly challenging. As the job of community manager evolves (yet again), keeping up is increasingly challenging.

Class 110
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Gen Z Chooses Real-Life Connections Over Emojis! New Study Reveals Surprising Trends

Bill Hartzer

The study, conducted among 5,000 individuals across the US, China, Sweden, Spain, and Poland, delved into the evolving dynamics of socialization and community building in today’s society. They seek inclusive, welcoming, and playful spaces where they can forge friendships, collaborate, and cultivate a sense of community.”

Study 88