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How to create a complaint management system to protect your brand reputation

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Turning a negative situation into a positive outcome will help win their loyalty and maybe even earn your brand public praise on social media. In this article, we’ll provide a breakdown of a complaint management system and offer tips to improve your reputation managemen t processes. What is complaint management?

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How I Designed a LinkedIn Thought Leadership Content Creation System

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I am a professional writer, took LinkedIn personal branding courses, and joined their official creators’ program – and yet, I struggled to consistently post my entrepreneurial journey of building Merrative. This format leverages your experience, expertise, and original thoughts for content creation. Sound complicated?

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5 Social Networks That Are Alternatives to Twitter (Plus, What You Need to Know)

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By creating an instance for yourself or your brand, you can make a personalized feed with all the content you want to serve your audience and conversations you want to have with them while reaching a wider audience. Meanwhile, Bluesky is built on the ATProtocol , a social networking technology created by the team.

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Capture, Categorize, Create: A System for Capturing Your Ideas and Using Them To Create Content

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We’re in an era where if you are trying to create a personal brand online or share your work, you do that by creating content — and creating content is a fantastic way to build your brand, make new connections, and level up your knowledge. Here is that system. Art is not about thinking something up.

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TikTok Analytics Defined for Brands and Marketers

Ignite Social Media

It’s no secret that TikTok has become a powerhouse social media network, but for brands and marketers using the app for their businesses it’s important to understand what TikTok analytics are accessible, and more importantly, what each metric means. Subscribe to Social You Should Know. Audience Location/Territories.

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Digital is facing a Trust Crisis

Dave Fleet

Widespread protests around systemic racism and racial justice led to a long-overdue wave of focus on diversity, equality and inclusion not only relating to the justice system but more broadly in society and the workplace. Social networks themselves are in the crosshairs, with a trust problem fueled by years of challenges.

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Marketing Nutz Launches Social Profit Factor: Social Media, Branding Training Academy for YOU!

Pam Moore

It is THE social media training academy for small business owners, entrepreneurs, marketers, CMOs, CEOs, directors, recruiters, sales professionals, real estate agents, speakers, authors, network marketers, artists, franchisees, franchisors and YOU! Do you have social media problems? . Unclear what social networks to focus on?

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