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B2B vs. B2C Influencer Marketing: Platforms, Practices, and Packaging

Webbiquity SMM

James Creech has a unique perspective on influencer marketing. As co-founder and CEO of Paladin , he oversees the B2B marketing of a B2C influencer marketing tool. So who better talk to about the similarities and differences between B2C and B2B influencer marketing? The Best Influencer Marketing Platforms for B2B and B2C.

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You have to be in social networks, but what role do they play in marketing strategy?


This is a guest post written by Tristán Elósegui , founder and marketing consultant at Matridiana. Social networks are constantly evolving. Their role in a marketing strategy has changed over time. This is logical, companies survive on sales and not the number of followers of their social profiles.

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Thoughts on Poken & Off-line Social Networking

The Marketing Blog

Fast forward to 20 September 2010 i.e. today where I just finished reading Kapil Ohri’s latest write-up on which talks about Poken – a USB enabled pen drive type social business card device. The device allows users to exchange their contact details and social networking profile within a few seconds.

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Facebook Filed for a Trademark on the Word Meta. You Should See the Description.

Bill Hartzer

I’ve read quite a number of trademark applications over the years, as part of my expert witness work , but also as part of DNProtect , but when I looked at the Meta trademark application from Facebook, my jaw dropped. The screen capture above is only the beginning, it only shows a small part of the Meta trademark. Just think.

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How to supercharge your marketing strategy with AI automation

Sprout Social

In the business world, AI automation equips companies to create impactful product and marketing strategies and enhance operations to increase productivity. You can create highly personalized marketing campaigns that resonate with the audience, publish content at optimal times for maximum engagement and execute targeted advertising seamlessly.

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Which social network is best for my business?

Lucy Hall

Which social network is best for me and my business? And there are now heaps of channels and social media platforms a business can get set up on for free, some are more popular than others. Each social network has it’s advantages and of course some have disadvantages. This is a question that many people ask.

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Most Profitable Mobile App Marketing Strategies

Social Media Marketing

Application software designed to run on mobile devices, mobile applications or mobile app is very common these days even for non-tech savvy people. Mobile applications are generally small, individual software units, with limited function and frequently, serve to provide users with similar services get from computers.

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