Ready Yourself Now for a Mobile Only Future

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This mobile-only group of users is forecasted to increase to 52 million people by 2021. You can then use automation to pull analytics which will help you read how successful different messages were, such as including those based on keywords. Guest Post by Amanda DiSilvestro.

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An Open Letter To Brands: Be Mobile-First. Now.

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You can back these statements up with as much data and analytics as you like, but sticking to this based on your vanity metrics is putting you on the wrong side of history. million in 2021.". analytics. Dear Brand Leaders, The time has come. I've been patient. Your consumers have been patient. Enough is enough.

10 Video Marketing Trends You Need To Follow in 2019

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These growing platforms and their influence on video marketing is not a surprise, given that video consumption is expected to make up more than 80% of all internet traffic by 2021. For years, marketing experts have been discussing the importance of video in content marketing.

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