[Cool Infographic Friday] The 10 Most Important Work Skills in 2020


OK, no surprise to you guys why I love this one. Source: Top10OnlineColleges.org. Cool Infographic Friday

Instant Games: Facebook’s New Cross-Platform Experience for Messenger, News Feed

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2020 Connect, Softgames. Facebook Tuesday announced the launch of Instant Games , an HTML5 cross-platform gaming experience for Messenger and News Feed on both mobile and the web.

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16 Smart Inside Sales Trends In 2016 [Infographic]

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There will be over 6 million salespeople in the US by 2020. An estimated 1 million salespeople will be replaced by computers by 2020. It’s estimated that 40% of Americans will be part of the gig economy by 2020, and they will hold more than one single job.

The Future of Social Media Is Mobile. Are You Ready?

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billion by 2020. people in the world by 2020. Video is further projected to account for 75% of mobile traffic by 2020. There’s no denying the trend that mobile is taking over the digital landscape, particularly amongst the 18-34 year old demographic. There are currently 2.6

These Are the Biggest Disruptors to the Future of Email Marketing

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Given all of these changes, we were curious what the next several years had in store, so we asked 20 experts: “How will email marketing and the subscriber experience change by the year 2020?”. By 2020, the ability to use these data points to inform campaigns will become the status quo.”.

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Treat Digital Like Real Property


Maybe you don’t know what you’ll need on your website in five years or how transactions will occur in 2020 (which is only 4 years from now, by the way!). This post originally appeared on the Tanzen Consulting Blog. —— I am planning to sell a house soon.

Blog #7.1: The Rise of AI


According to IDC, by 2020, our digital world will have nearly as many digital bits as there are stars in the universe. It is doubling in size every two years, and by 2020 the digital universe – the data we create and copy annually – will reach 44 zettabytes, or 44 trillion gigabytes.

104 Fascinating Social Media and Marketing Statistics for 2014 (and 2015)

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By 2020, customers will manage 85 percent of their relationship with an enterprise without interacting with a human. Looking at marketing surveys and studies from the past year, a few trends are clear, among them that buyers are firmly (and increasingly) in control of the purchase cycle.

47 Superb Social Media Marketing Stats and Facts

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The share of marketing budgets spent on social media is expected to more than double over the next five years, from 11% today to 24% by 2020. ( Social media use isn’t quite universal—but it’s getting close. 70% of the U.S.

Euro 2016 on Twitter: 10 Great Accounts Every Fan Should Follow

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If England win @UEFAEURO I'll do the first game at Euro 2020 in just my undies… hey it worked for Leicester. Euro 2016 is now well underway with every goal, incident and meme sending social media into a frenzy.

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50 Video Marketing Stats to Help You Create a Winning Social Media Strategy in 2017

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1) Online videos will account for more than 80% of all consumer internet traffic by 2020 ( CISCO , 2016). Video is taking over social media.

Tomorrowland: Conquering the EDM world through influencer marketing


billion euros and is expected to double by 2020 1. According to Festival Insights, the music festival industry was valued at more than 2.3 There is a growing trend of music tourism whereby festival goers choose to travel abroad to attend such events also contributing to the annual turnover.

How to Create the Perfect Social Media Marketing Mix

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Did you know: by the year 2020, more than 85 percent of all buyer-seller interaction will occur online? By 2020, only 15% of sales interactions will be outside of social, mobile, and video #influencerchat pic.twitter.com/2RnapMtVHr — Vala Afshar (@ValaAfshar) May 6, 2015.

36 Sensational Social Media Stats and Facts

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By 2020, it’s projected brands will spend a whopping $27 billion on social media. Though social media marketing has become ubiquitous, most companies and brands still struggle to achieve their desired results. Or to accurately measure their results.

When Millennials Take Over [Book Review]

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2010 to 2020. By all accounts, Maddie Grant and Jamie Notter’s new book, When Millennials Take Over , launched to riotous success at SxSW last week. I’m going to now add my $0.02 (and yes, book reviews are back on WUL!) – it’s awesome. Go get it (disclosure: I received a free review copy but no other incentives, monetary or otherwise). What When Millennials Take Over is about.

How to Use Data to Tell a Stronger Story

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One shining example of this is The Coca-Cola Company’s “Content 2020” animated whiteboard video. Stats, facts, and figures—we all love data, and it certainly helps make content all the more powerful.

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The Top #Nifty50 Men Writers on Twitter for 2013

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Proud to be an invited contributor to the Wharton FOA’s Advertising 2020 Project. Active Member of the Wharton Advertising 2020 Contributor Community. By Cheryl Burgess, originally published on the Blue Focus Marketing Blog.

The Marketing Agency Blueprint

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pr 2020. Episode #294 of Six Pixels of Separation - The Twist Image Podcast is now live and ready for you to listen to. What does it take to create and nurture a modern marketing agency in this day and age? The answer is not as obvious as it used to be.

Why AI will solve Attention Deficit Disorder in Sales Professionals


In addition, by 2020, Millennials (born from 1982 to 2004) are expected to make up nearly half the workforce. Our Distracted, Always-On Reality.

3 Really Difficult Ways to Create Great Customer Experience

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According to Walker, by 2020 customer experience will be more important than even price for B2B buyers. Image via BigStockPhoto.com. How do you make purchase decisions today? Availability? Reputation? Before long, it will be Customer Experience.

The New Kind of Customer Loyalty Your Company Needs

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It has been predicted that by 2020, price and product will no longer represent a brand’s biggest advantage for standing out in a crowded marketplace. Image via Unsplash.

“What We’ve Got Here is Failure to Communicate”

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If we look at the math, when we reach the year 2020 we could easily be dealing with up to five different generations in the workplace. Guest Post by C.A. Newberry. Every time you try to reach out, do you end up frustrated and feel like quoting “ Cool Hand Luke ?” ” Well, I’m sure you aren’t the first, and I can guarantee you won’t be the last. Communication in general can be a very complicated topic. Is it external? Internal? Are we reaching our audience?

Which Sponsors Captured the Most Social Engagement During Rio 2016?

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Obrigado Rio and roll on 2020! We can only guess what Tokyo 2020 will mean for marketing, what new platforms will emerge, and what new tactics brands will adopt.

How Century 21 Creates Award-Winning Real-Time Social Media

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By 2020, half the world’s population will be accessing the internet via mobile devices. Tweetable Moments Today’s consumer wants it right now. MattGentile Tweet This. Earbud Giveaway.

How to Get Ahead of This Year’s Social Media Trends

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In fact, Cisco predicts mobile video will make up the three-fourths of all the world’s internet traffic by 2020. As mid-year approaches, you may be looking back at your social media plans and goals for the year and realizing they need attention.

Is Social Media the New TV for Brands?

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Cisco even estimates that by 2020, 75% of the world’s mobile traffic will be video. Traditional TV viewership is declining and streaming services are picking up the slack — this is what the numbers are showing.

8 Ways to Consistently Generate Excellent Content for Social Marketing

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By 2020, 75% of traffic on mobile will move towards videos, and social has gone video-crazy. Solid content is integral to a social media marketing strategy. Your campaigns aren’t going to work if the kernel (the content) is not appealing.

Post Election Digital Skills Shortage

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Video: According to a Cisco study by 2020 75% of all Internet traffic will be video consumption. One of Donald Trump’s major platform promises is to tighten immigration laws.

5 Facebook Live Success Stories

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Even Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg believes Facebook will be mostly composed of videos by 2020. Facebook Live has been a huge success thus far, with incredible data coming out of various studies and research into the tool. Turns out, people love live video. With over 1.71

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25 Killer Resources to Learn Storytelling

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Brand Storytelling Lessons from the Content 2020 Project. Coca Cola’s latest YouTube venture, the Content 2020 project has gotten a lot of attention. Image source. You know what the best thing about brand storytelling is?

How to Boost Your Social Media ROI with Influencer Marketing

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The project is in partnership with the National Forest Foundation and aims to plant a million trees by 2020. Brands flock to social media channels to build relationships with their audiences. In addition to offering massive reach, social media is a cost-effective marketing channel.

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7 Tools for More Effective Management of your YouTube Channel

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Did you know that online videos will account for more than 80% of all consumer internet traffic by 2020? Another staggering statistic is that more than 500 million hours of videos are watched on YouTube every single day. Video is growing and will continue to grow rapidly.

The digital marketing trends & ideas to take into 2017, and beyond


trillion between 2015 and 2020, with growth expected to be between 27-40%. In an age when industries can seemingly pivot on a dime, keeping one eye on digital marketing trends to avoid getting caught out is a no brainer.

5 Ways Socially Mature Brands Deliver Great Customer Experience

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According to YPulse, 75 percent of purchases will be on mobile by 2020. Image via Unsplash. Social customer service is the wave of the future.

6 mobile app trends to watch in 2017


By 2020, 85% of customer interactions will be managed without a human. Post by Andrew Gazdecki. W ith the first few weeks of 2017 behind us, now feels like the best time to look at how mobile apps are going to change throughout the year.

The Marketing Performance Blueprint

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pr 2020. Episode #423 of Six Pixels of Separation - The Twist Image Podcast is now live and ready for you to listen to. I have been in this business a long time. I was there before Google existed, and I watched the birth of search engine marketing as it''s entire evolution to today. To think that brands still don''t understand the power of performance-based marketing and look quizzically at marketing automation is astounding.

4 Ways to Drive Your Digital Strategy with Facebook Video Ads

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Moreover, video traffic accounted for 70 percent of all consumer internet traffic in 2015, and this number is expected to rise to 82 percent by 2020. You know social media provides essential channels for maximizing digital marketing efforts.

Bringing 70/20/10 innovation to PR agencies

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In a similar way, when Coca Cola revealed its new 2020 marketing strategy last year, the 70/20/10 rule was front and centre as marketing head Jonathan Mildenhall explains : “To help guide this strategic intent we have developed an investment strategy for media and content spend. Google famously forces its employees to spend a proportion of their working week on new projects that are not part of their day-to-day job descriptions.

Facebook in 2016: U.S. Presidential Election, Chewbacca Mom Rule

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2020 Election Countdown. The U.S. presidential election was the most-discussed topic on Facebook globally in 2016, while Candace Payne ’s Chewbacca Mom was the most-viewed Facebook Live video for the year.

The State Of Marketing And The Missed Opportunities

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If this spending continues, TV's share of ad spending will fall below one-third by 2020. How many brands are really marketing themselves properly these days? If there is one gripe about the current state of advertising, it would be this: with all that has evolved in the past two decades - from new platforms to channels to technology to content to newer opportunities - the base of communications is still highly derivative of past metrics. These are vanity metrics.