10 Little-Known Facebook Marketing Features and Hacks You Can Try Today

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But with each new post came new learnings about Facebook marketing best-practices until it came to a point where I could explore all of the useful features that Facebook has to offer. Did we miss any hidden Facebook marketing features or hacks above?

Upcoming social media events in DC


FeaturedNot one, but two events that I’d love to attend are just around the corner– The Social Graph Clinic DC , and What’s Next DC. As it happens, both are taking place in Washington, DC at George Washington University.

Rumors on Upcoming iPhone 5 and iPad 3


Upcoming Features. With these dates coming up quickly, many are wondering what new features that these two platforms are going to bring. They are also going to be firmly rooted within iOS 5 and the all new iCloud features in mind.

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Twitter Releases Featured Stickers for Thanksgiving

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To celebrate the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, Twitter released new Thanksgiving-themed featured stickers for mobile users. Put a turkey on it with featured Thanksgiving #Stickers. Twitter has previously released featured stickers based on Pokemon , the 2016 U.S. To access these stickers, mobile users can add pictures to tweets and tap the smiling-face button on the bottom-right corner of a picture to access the stickers menu.

3 New Social Media Features to Consider for Your Brand

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Implementing new features on social media can be an intimidating task to take on. The moment you see that buzzworthy headline about a new feature on social media during your morning coffee, you’re likely asking yourself the following questions.

8 Powerful Features to Help You Use Buffer to the Fullest

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In this post, I’d love to show you exactly how you can use Buffer to its fullest potential with eight powerful and easy-to-use features. Use Buffer’s Calendar feature to plan content ahead of time and feel confident knowing your profiles are packed for the upcoming days.

10 Little-Known Facebook Marketing Features and Hacks You Can Try Today

Buffer Social

But with each new post came new learnings about Facebook marketing best-practices until it came to a point where I could explore all of the useful features that Facebook has to offer. Did we miss any hidden Facebook marketing features or hacks above?

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6 Social Tools to Use Immediately After You Hit “Publish”


This way I can go back any time in the upcoming weeks and re-connect to my content promoters, follow them, thank them, etc. Cool Social Tools Featured Implementation Industry InsiderYou have invested in that content. Your awesome team was involved.

Social Media Tools and Resources for Social Learning


If your association is in the healthcare space, be sure to register your org’s conference hashtag to take advantage of Symplur’s great free features, including transcripts of tweets and other analytics. Content Strategy Cool Social Tools Featured Social Learning

Capital Campaign Marketing Strategies for the Tech-Savvy


Social sharing features to help spread the word about their campaign. Reminders of upcoming events and other ways donors can support your campaign. Featured Implementation Industry Insider Potluck

What Old School Hip Hop Teaches Us About Content Marketing


There are several marketing and communication lessons to be gleaned from a movement so connected with this upcoming generation. Featured Mark Your Calendars SocialFish News

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My Upcoming Social Media Presentations

Social Media Strategery

Development Social Media My Upcoming Social Media Presentations Sun, Jan 4, 2009 Prof. On my “ Speaking &# page, I’ll try to post my upcoming speaking events and selected past presentations. Home About Me Speaking Legal-ese My Team Gov 2.0

Putting your best foot forward in PR

Sherrilynne Starkie

As recent Ottawa PR graduates are making the transition from student to professional, CPRS Ottawa/Gatineau is helping them with the search for full-time jobs, summer gigs and upcoming fieldwork experiences. events Featured Headline public relations Social Media cprs Ottawa

[WEBINAR] How to build a culture of innovation 12/5


Don’t miss this upcoming webinar , featuring me and Dan Stark from Nimble User/Community Brands, to be held on Tuesday, December 5, at 1:00pm eastern time.

Why influencer marketing is an essential part of brand marketing strategy


The results indicate that companies are planning to shift their marketing budget in the upcoming year, with a mere 6% of companies planning to focus their investment on display advertising. Ayelet Noff Featured articlesPhoto Courtesy of Buzzoole.

Everything you ever needed to get started with Twitter


Many people we talk to actually need to start practicing with Twitter because it’s part of an overall buzz-building strategy around an upcoming conference. Tags: Featured Implementation primer Twitter

10 Tips For Taking A Vacation From Social Media

SocMed Sean

7) Buy a guidebook featuring popular restaurants, tourist destinations, maps, and travel tips – I know it seems old-fashioned, but having a physical book will help keep you off Google Maps, Yelp, Foursquare, and Urban Spoon. I’m making the official call. Social Media is ubiquitous.

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How To Automate Twitter Without Looking Like an Idiot


Use the Buffer queue as a place to review and evaluate your upcoming tweets created by your IFTTT recipes. Cool Social Tools Debunking the Hype Featured From the Trenches Implementation This great post by Tyler Knudtson originally appeared here and is reprinted with permission.

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219: I’d like to Feature YOU on the ProBlogger Podcast


An Invitation for YOU to Be Featured on the ProBlogger Podcast. It’s an invitation for YOU to be featured in an upcoming episode of the ProBlogger podcast. And in the lead up we want to feature stories and tips from ProBlogger listeners and readers who’ve already started their own blogs. Links and Resources on I’d like to Feature YOU on the ProBlogger Podcast. It may be that we get ten, those ten, we’ll probably be able to feature a lot them.

What is Influencer Marketing?


Read more from the awesome Encore Alert Blog and sign up for their upcoming ebook on influencer marketing. Well I will keep up the suspense while you watch this space, as I’m going to feature them in a forthcoming Cool Social Tools post.

Association Social Media: ASAE


The rest of the day is filled with more monitoring, emails, scheduling upcoming content, reading blogs on new social media trends/tools, working with staff to develop content, and meetings where we discuss content strategy and how social media will play a role in future events.

Proven Tactics to Recruit, Retain and Unleash Millennial Talent


Provide a calendar of fun upcoming activities to do in the community (ex: festivals, shopping, outdoor competitions, etc.). Try recognizing them on the homepage of the company website/blog or feature them on the company podcast or YouTube/media channel. Featured Humanize

32 Experts Share Their Best Blog Post Promotion Tips


Form y new upcoming project Christian Book Blogger that launches on Sept 2nd, I have already accumulated 1800 Twitter followers, 115 Facebook page ‘likes’ and 70+ email subscribers, using this exact strategy. Blog Marketing Blogging Featured

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Buzzlogix Feature: Social Media Post Scheduling


One of our latest features gives you the power to schedule your Facebook and Twitter posts to your personal or business pages. Learn how to start scheduling your social media posts in this feature blog. Side-by-side calendars are available for you to review your upcoming and past posts.

How to Market and Sell to the Modern Buyer

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Our next webinar is titled Social Data Made Simple: Getting Started with a Strategy ; be sure to sign up for it or view the schedule of other upcoming webinars here.

Facebook Beefing Up Canvas

SocialTimes Facebook

Facebook announced a host of changes and upcoming new features for its Canvas ads, starting with new “brand-oriented marketing objectives.”.

From Community to Commerce: Making the ROI Connection

Buzz Marketing for Technology

This webinar featured Meagan Fish ( @ iRobot ) Global Social Media Manager, iRobot, Andrew Ashton (@ @AndrewLAshton ) Digital Marketing Specialist, Pizza Hut and Jordan Slabaugh (@ jordanv ) Vice President of Marketing, Wayin.

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Association Social Media: International Reading Association


We customize them based on campaigns, products, or upcoming events. Case Study Featured

Association Social Media: ASCD


The communications team also meets regularly with the marketing team to discuss upcoming promotions, determine each unit’s plan, and coordinate our efforts to maximize effectiveness. Case Study Featured From the Trenches

3 Big Changes to Twitter’s Character Count

Ignite Social Media

That all changed Tuesday morning when Twitter announced several upcoming changes to their character count. Earlier this month, word came out that links and photos would no longer count towards Twitter’s 140-character limit.

Are You Trying Social Media Contests to Promote Your Conference? [CASE STUDY: AILA]


The main requirement of the AC180 contest was that each entrant post some information about the upcoming conference at least once weekly. Case Study Featured From the Trenches Implementation Open Community Social Learning

How to Apply Social to Marketing and Membership Recruitment


Get to know the specific features of your outposts–i.e. Recruit content from satisfied customers who are happy to explain why membership is valuable, or why they are excited for the upcoming conference. Featured From the Trenches Social CRM and ROIDo you work in Marketing?

Association Social Media: National Business Officers Association (NBOA)


The LinkedIn Company Page is used primarily for NBOA announcements (upcoming classes, conferences, deadlines, etc.). One feature we have found especially useful are Google+’s Events pages. Featured From the Trenches

Increase Instagram Engagement With These 6 Tips


This feature allows you to tell a story and give more personality to your brand. It is also a fun way to tease an upcoming promotion/sale. In order to get the most out of your Instagram account, you must create content that leads to higher engagement.

How Does Social Listening Change the Way You Do Business (and Create ROI)?

Buzz Marketing for Technology

This webinar featured Mikael Lemberg ( @ Lemberg ) Director of Product Management at Falcon Social, Andrew Ashton ( @AndrewLAshton ) Digital Marketing Specialist, Pizza Hut and Greg Gerik (@ ggerik ) CEO at Gerik & Company.

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Twitter to Stop Counting Photos, Usernames Toward Character Limit

SocialTimes Twitter

Specifically, Twitter announced four new features coming to the platform over the coming months, including two tweaks to the way a tweet’s character count is measured. This feature was originally rumored by Bloomberg earlier this year.

Social Data Made Simple: Getting Started with a Strategy

Buzz Marketing for Technology

This webinar featured Ira Haberman ( @ irahaberman ) Director of Storytelling at BrainRider, Ned Kumar (@ nedkumar ) Digital Strategist for FedEx and Sean Williams (@ Colorado2NYC ) Consumer Promotions Social Media at JetBlue Airlines. Our next webinar is titled Cultivating Creative Thinking for Customer Engagement ; be sure to sign up for it or view the schedule of other upcoming webinars here.

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Escape Routes: The Ultimate Social Reality Adventure

Jason Yormark

A casting producer for the upcoming Escape Routes contacted me and while at first I didn’t think it was feasible, the more I learned about it, the more I realized it would be a monumental mistake not to.

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Everything you need to know about Outreach Marketing


The upcoming Outreach Marketing Summit features three virtual conference rooms so attendees can choose which areas they want to gather expertise, case studies and strategies! Join me on April 28 at the Grouphigh Virtual Summit!

Facebook Live Coming to Desktops, Laptops

SocialTimes Facebook

Facebook confirmed that it is beginning the rollout of the feature in a statement to SocialTimes: We’re starting to roll out the ability for people to broadcast live on Facebook from their desktop or laptop. Readers: What do you think of the upcoming addition of Facebook Live for desktops and laptops? Facebook confirmed that it has begun rolling out Facebook Live via desktop and laptop computers.