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Top Social Media Case Studies of 2012

The Realtime Report

What were the most popular social media case studies in 2012? Pinterest Tab on Facebook: Lowe’s Sees 32% Increase in Followers (Mar 19): As Pinterest began to see serious growth, Lowe’s used its existing presence on Facebook to help drive traffic and fans to the newer, smaller social networking site.

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Case Study: Blogger Outreach for Oxfam America’s International Women’s Day 2012 Campaign

Waxing UnLyrical

Since we didn’t need to focus on promoting the campaign in social networks per se, but were focused on blogger outreach, we did a ton of research. Would you like more case study posts? Case Study: Blogger Outreach for Oxfam America’s International Women’s Day 2012 Campaign.


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How To Write A Great Social Media Case Study

The Realtime Report

How To Write A Great Social Media Case Study. A case study is the paper that can help you describe a specific situation in any field of study. A case study requires your knowledge about the value and importance of social media and its strong and weak sides. Stage #1: Prepare For Writing.

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Case Study of 7 Hotels Online

Ari Herzog

If your favorite hotel isn’t highlighted above, let me know what it is and whether social networking sites are linked therein. -- Thank you for reading Case Study of 7 Hotels Online at AriWriter. Related posts: Case Study: Britney Spears on Twitter. Do you like these? Is Your Contact Page Necessary?

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Insights activation (II): run your marketing campaigns smartly with consumer insights based on social data [with case study]


The social networks, devices and other parameters of their online behaviour. The production and execution stage of a marketing campaign can benefit from an in depth understanding of the target audience and activating the insights obtained from social data in many different ways. The content they share the most.

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The Life Cycle of a Social Network

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

The launch of Geocities by Yahoo marked for some the beginning of a new revolution in the online media called social networking. From an evolutionary standpoint and through historical data, there have been several milestones that have been reached that can help us formulate a true life cycle phenomenon in the social networking space.

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An Interview with Advocate Health Care: Case Study #StoriesOfTheGirls

Diva Marketing Blog

Understanding that women gain strength and the comfort from the stories they share and are shared they used digital and social networks to tell the #StoriesoftheGirls . Did you explore incorporating real-time conversations through social networks, perhaps a Tweet Chat or a G+ Hangout?