Social Media and the 2018 World Cup

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Even though it won’t be until 2026, the United States will be co-hosting the World Cup with Mexico and Canada. The World Cup is in full swing as teams have just concluded group play. It has been an exciting event thus far as there have been a lot of upsets and disappointing exits (ehem Germany). As a former player and avid soccer fan I am closely watching the games and what is transpiring on social media.

Landing Your Dream Job: How to Get a Job in Healthcare

The Realtime Report

Overall employment of physicians and surgeons was expected to grow by thirteen percent over the ten years between 2106 and 2026. Landing Your Dream Job: How to Get a Job in Healthcare. Working in healthcare means you’ll be joining a big team. One in eight Americans works in this industry. It’s the fastest-growing sector in the U.S. economy with women making up almost eighty percent of the workforce. You may have a talent for looking after people.

How ViperChill Founder Dave Cunningham Generated $1.4M in 2015

Viper Chill

By that I mean in 10 years I have zero doubt that niche marketing agencies will be far more common than full-service agencies, and new players will still be able to enter the space in 2026 and make money. You’ve probably noticed over the years that I’m not a big fan of talking about my own finances.