How your brand can win the 2015 Super Bowl

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In this blog we discuss the ways that your brand can come out victorious during the big game in 2015. The post How your brand can win the 2015 Super Bowl appeared first on.

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Monday Roundup: 2015 Marketing and PR Trends

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Here are some of the most interesting posts on 2015 marketing and PR trends we’ve seen. 30+ Social Media Predictions for 2015. 6 Digital Marketing Trends to Watch in 2015. 9 social media trends to watch in 2015. Where Does Search Fit in Digital Marketing in 2015?

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Monday Roundup: PRSA 2015 International Conference

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I’m here for the 2015 PRSA International Conference where there’s absolutely no shortage of awesome speakers this year. Branding: The Meaning and Importance of Acquiring Your Brand. What do you hope to learn at the PRSA 2015 International Conference?

10 Instagram Best Practices For 2015


Last month, I talked about 10 Twitter Best Practices For 2015. By sharing what your brand is doing on Instagram, you’re telling your brand’s story more effectively than with just words alone. 5) Create and monitor brand-related hashtags.

Trends in 2015: Ready for the next big thing?


Some global brands can now proudly state that they are able to have a global strategic direction alongside with a flexible structure to adapt to local context – the majority however are still lacking behind. Similar Posts: The Importance of Localized Branded Content on Social Media.

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#measurePR Recap (June 2015): Measuring Content

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We welcomed four stellar guests including the Washington Business Journal ‘s Jennifer Nycz-Conner , digital marketing brand strategist for V3B Shelly Kramer , founder of Red Shift Writers (and regular contributor to this blog!) measurePR Recap (June 2015): Measuring Content is a post from: Shonali Burke Consulting, Inc. Twitter Facebook Google+ LinkedIn #measurePR Recap (June 2015): Measuring Content. In line with our June theme (content! content! content!),

How Brands Should Prepare For Facebook’s Dislike Button


For years, people have been asking for a dislike button on Facebook. In a Q&A last Tuesday, Facebook’s founder said “I think people have asked about the dislike button for many years. Facebook, in general, has always tried to keep it’s user experience positive.

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A new brand for IABC

Sherrilynne Starkie

Professional marketers and communications from around the world got a preview of a new brand identity at the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) Leadership Institute (LI) conference that took place in Orlando recently. IABC’s new brand. Branding turkeys.

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10 Instagram Best Practices For 2015


Last month, I talked about 10 Twitter Best Practices For 2015. By sharing what your brand is doing on Instagram, you’re telling your brand’s story more effectively than with just words alone. 5) Create and monitor brand-related hashtags.

10 Instagram Best Practices For 2015


Last month, I talked about 10 Twitter Best Practices For 2015. By sharing what your brand is doing on Instagram, you’re telling your brand’s story more effectively than with just words alone. 5) Create and monitor brand-related hashtags.

The 4 Best Influencer Marketing Studies of 2015 (So Far)

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I also love this infographic their agency put out: How Bloggers Want to Work With Brands” Key takeaways from this research: Understand the readers, not just the blog. Continue the conversation on our Facebook or Google+ pages.

6 Rules of Thumb for Successful Brand Publishing

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The Internet has made brand publishing ubiquitous. Gone are the days when brands required an intermediary to reach their target audience. In order to be effective, brand content must be mapped to business objectives and be appealing. This has made the brand iconic.

Measuring the impact of Facebook video content

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Ever notice that the video ads you see in your Facebook news feed start running even if you don’t click on play? People respond differently to the videos that the see in their Facebook news feeds. Source: Facebook. Related posts: Are you on Facebook Messenger?

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Branded Content: 6 Things To Remember before Publishing


It doesn’t need to address your entire customer database or Facebook fans at once. From a brand perspective you want to be relatable as well as recognizable to the receivers. At Mindjumpers we have been producing branded content on a daily basis since our early days.

4 Concepts Your Online Marketing Should be Ready for in 2015

The Social Media Incubator

So instead of telling you what is going to happen in 2015, we will offer a few items to watch for. If you haven’t heard of the new social media site, there’s a good chance you will in 2015. While that continues, you can almost count on 2015 bringing more of it.

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31 Sensational Social Media Marketing and PR Stats and Facts

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People expect to hear back from the brands they interact with on Twitter and other social networks. are active on at least one social network (predominantly Facebook)—but not all use social media the same way or have the same expectations. billion in 2015. ( MediaPost ).

Social Media Marketing Advice 2015: Cross-Platform Marketing


If all you have right now is a failing Facebook fan page, you need to step your social media marketing game up! This article is going to look at social media marketing advice that will get you over the hump, and propel you for the rest of 2015.

5 Brands Who Rocked the Social Media Red Carpet During the Oscars

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From powerful messages to clever interruptions and even praise from Oprah herself, here are five brands who rocked the social media red carpet during the Oscars. A photo of the actor or actress in their 2015 Oscars outfit was paired with one from the past. While a reported 34.6

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Monday Roundup: Branding Inspired by Oscar

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have honored those films and actors that stand out from the crowd, creating a brand that exudes excellence. This 7-Step Guide Will Help You Create An Authentic Personal Brand. Why: “Whether you like it or not, you have a personal brand.” Oscar hangover, anyone?

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Facebook Is King Of Customer Connection For Brands


Brands have to understand what a powerhouse Facebook has become. billion active users that log into Facebook every month. Facebook accounted for 81% of content sharing in the 4th quarter last year. Over 79% of Facebook users will be mobile this year.

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[Cool Infographic Friday] 7 Steps to getting your Brand’s Instagram Channel off the Ground


The photo sharing social networking platform boasts 300 million active users per month, including some of the world’s biggest brands (Nike, Redbull, and Oreo, to name a few). Got thousands of followers on Facebook?

106 More Amazing Social Media and Marketing Statistics for 2014 and 2015

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Do consumers actually listen to brands? Do brands actually listen to consumers? What type of posts generate the most engagement on Facebook? Is the value of social media marketing for b2c brand overrated? But 24% of brand say they do “social listening.”

36 Sensational Social Media Stats and Facts

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Though social media marketing has become ubiquitous, most companies and brands still struggle to achieve their desired results. As consumer and business buyer use of social media has matured and become more sophisticated, their expectations of brands in social media have evolved as well.

A Free & Easy Way To Improve Your Brand’s Social Media Visibility In Google Search Results


We’re frequently asked “How do we get links to our social media accounts to appear in that box about our brand in the Google search results like so-and-so?” That “box about our brand” is the Google Knowledge Panel.

How to Improve Your Social Media Marketing Plan With 13 Growth Hacks

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After all, while a majority of your audience may use Twitter, it’s still possible that more qualified leads could come from another source like LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, or even Instagram. And Facebook converts that traffic into CoSchedule users 80% better than Twitter.

The Missed Opportunity: How Brands Are Missing Out on Facebook

Jon Loomer

By now you know about how powerful Facebook can be for brands. Billion people on Facebook now. That doesn’t mean that success on Facebook comes easily now. Instead, it can work the other way: The noise and the competition can make it more difficult for brands.

Cinemagraphs: The “New” Facebook Ad Format is Mesmerizing GIF/Video Hybrids


As auto-play videos is now being fully established on Facebook, the social network is looking into ways to increase the quality of the ads displayed in the News Feed. It has helped luxury brands like Chopard to create cinemagraphs for organic social campaigns.

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How to Build a Brand from Scratch

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What’s the best way to build a brand from scratch? Vincent Rescigno asked me on Facebook if I would cover this topic, and so I am. If you’ve got a topic that you want me to talk about on Jay Today , leave me a comment on Facebook, Google+, YouTube, or other.

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Video is The New King of Content Marketing


As with anything, if the majority of brands and your competitors are doing the same thing, then it becomes noticeable and potentially damaging to any businesses that don’t keep up. No other channel can match this except for the ubiquitous Facebook. Video content is taking over.

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The Most Popular NFL Teams On Facebook


Facebook is a no-brainer for any brand and the NFL isn’t any different. Facebook is essential when it comes to interacting and engaging with their most loyal fans. So who’s the most popular on Facebook? Facebook Social Media Management Social Media Marketing

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Five Facebook Advertising Features You Haven’t Tried Yet

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Since Facebook unveiled its advertising options for businesses, the ads have grown substantially. Looking for the next big thing in Facebook advertising ? Here are five Facebook advertising features you haven’t tried yet. The About pages on Facebook are usually static.

5 Innovative Brands Display an Unexpected Approach to Content

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In a time when brands are constantly upping the innovation ante, the element of surprise goes a long way in delighting customers. In order to raise awareness for the his profile, the Colonel also took to Facebook, encouraging fans to endorse him “for any one of my plethora of skills.”

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The 3-Pronged Facebook Advertising Strategy That Cut Lead Costs by 80%


———– Sometimes when you first begin a Facebook ad campaign you don’t get it completely right the first time around. For us in our agency, the #1 goal is to get the optimal result for the client, but sometimes Facebook doesn’t work that way. The Facebook Ad Plan.

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4 Tips for Sharing Videos On Facebook

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Facebook video is taking over. According to a SocialBakers study of more than 180,000 Facebook videos on 20,000 pages in December 2014, people posted 20,000 more Facebook videos than YouTube videos (highlight to tweet). They don’t go on Facebook to watch a long video.

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35 Stupendous Social Networking Facts and Stats

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And with Google+ being deprecated , social networking now primarily means the “big three” of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, plus Pinterest now at #4. Here are a few highlights from the social networks stats and facts below: • Everyone’s on Facebook–except CEOs?

How many Twitter users actually tweet?

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These connections are a big part of driving online awareness and brand preference which leads to website traffic and sales. PLEASE LIKE MY FACEBOOK PAGE. In a startling admission by Twitter apparently, one in five users never actually tweet.

The Importance of Local Activation on Social Media: India


India has the 2nd largest audience on Facebook, with a 9% user base (USA being no. Here in India, Facebook is the most commonly used social media platform followed by Whatsapp, Google+ and Twitter. Facebook are investing Rs 50 million per annum in 100 Wi-Fi hotspots across the country.

Can You Build a Content Marketing Super Brand

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As part of his book research, Mark asked me about how I have built for myself a “super brand” where people trust or want to consume what I create, without having to sample it first, and whether anyone could create a “super brand” if they chose to do so.

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Social Media Updates: September


Here are the most important updates you should be aware of to improve your social media marketing for your business: Facebook. Facebook Pages: Facebook Pages have become more mobile friendly to help businesses build bigger mobile audiences and better communicate with their customers.

Fine-Tuning Targeting with YouTube Cards and Facebook Ads: What’s New in Social Media


Facebook Provides Tools to Make Ads Stickier. Facebook recently introduced topic data to select partners to make “marketing content more relevant for people and more effective for marketers,” according to the Facebook for Business news article.