Journalism and Wikipedia – Wanky Balls

Laurel Papworth

From TheBitterWallet : It won’t surprise you that Big Chill was never called Wanky Balls, Sweaty Nads, Greasy Schlong or anything else for that matter because you see, the bone idle newsrag decided to believe something that was written on a Wikipedia page about the event ( screengrab here ). We think you lot should now see this as a challenge to add horsepiss facts to Wikipedia pages before a prominent event is due to receive coverage, to see if you can get them published.

71% of Airlines See Mobile as the Future of Airline Payments

The Realtime Report

photo: Wikipedia Commons. Mobile and social media will be a focus for airlines over the next few years, according to a recent survey from airline payment processing company WorldPay. Kiosks will become less important, and sales will shift to social media and mobile. And mobile looks like the future of those improvements. Over two-thirds – 71% – of respondents believe the future of airlines payments lies in mobile.


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Are you on Facebook messenger?

Sherrilynne Starkie

Mark Zuckerberg (Photo credit: Wikipedia). Messages have removed from the Facebook mobile app. Facebook says that shift will allow both mobile applications to work more efficiently. Currently, mobile users outnumber Messenger users by five to one. Earlier this year, Facebook paid about $16 billion (USD) to acquire WhatsApp , a mobile messaging company. This has not changed as a result the push of messaging users from Facebook’s mobile app to Messenger.

Your 2011 Digital Marketing Reboot

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The pervasiveness of mobile smartphones ( iPhone , Android , BlackBerry ), tablets ( iPad , Samsung , Dell ) and the entire app economy that surrounds it is quickly becoming a dominant business force. What about your more visible profiles in places like LinkedIn, Facebook and Wikipedia ? Is your website mobile? Pay heed to this: the mobile web is where the desktop browser was in the mid-nineties. mobile. wikipedia.

Six Links Worthy Of Your Attention #191

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Wikipedia vs. the Small Screen - The New York Times. Most people (myself included) take Wikipedia for granted. Sure, I am more than happy to support them on their annual giving campaign, but I take more than I give when it comes to Wikipedia. Well, what happens in a mobile world where creating and editing content is not as easy as it is in a Web-browser-based world? wikipedia.

Why Email Needs A Facelift

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Email has been around longer than you think (you check out the Wikipedia page for the full run-down here: Wikipedia - Email ), and while some of the email clients have advanced and helped us better sort the wheat from the chaff, the majority of us still feel that email is like one, big, never-ending game of Tetris. While many saw mobile email as a liberating force, many relish the day that getting email anywhere and everywhere was invented. mobile email. wikipedia.

Barcamp Delhi 5: Spreading the Word out !

The Marketing Blog

Jump to Comments Image via Wikipedia It is that time of the year when some of the brightest minds gather to discuss about technology, business, startups and much more. Be it Web Technologies, technology related trends, Mobiles, Hacking, Blogging, Vlogs, Social Media etc. Not only Moneysaver, but other companies are also trying to utilize SMS, Bluetooth, mobile websites, to cost effectively reach customers.

The Next Billion-Dollar Startup

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Companies like Rovio (makers of the highly addictive Angry Birds video game), Foursquare (the location-based mobile social network), Spotify (the socially-driven music streaming service) and even Airbnb (instead of staying at a hotel, you can pay to crash at someone's pad) could be next. Path's founder, Dave Morin , allegedly turned down a one hundred million dollar offer from Google before his mobile social network started getting the attention and users it is currently enjoying.

What The World Needs Now Is More Media Hackers

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The more complimentary description from Wikipedia states: "someone messing about with something in a positive sense, that is, using playful cleverness to achieve a goal." From mobile and tablets to cloud computing and newer publishing business models, the media is not only forever changed, it is forever changing. wikipedia. Do you think that traditional mass media companies are really going to invent the future of media? It doesn't look good for them.

Six Links Worthy Of Your Attention #37

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Dyatlov Pass incident - Wikipedia. Written by masters of the horror genre - the many writers of Wikipedia." well making great and increasingly popular computers, but also completely changing two totally different businesses: music distribution ( iTunes / iPod ) and mobile phones ( iPhone ). In this fascinating piece of web content, Wikipedia founder, Jimmy Wales , talks shop. wikipedia.

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The Wisdom Of One

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Social Media helps people to mobilize, share, communicate and connect. Would you say that the masses were responsible for the innovations that are Wikipedia or Linux ? wikipedia. Do you think that Social Media can fuel innovation?

Bots And The Next Wave Of Marketing

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From Wikipedia : "An Internet bot. They can now exploit cookies to appear human, they can impersonate mobile devices to consume media, and have systematically fooled some of the better ad tech into thinking that this was all done by human beings. The current bot landscape feels a lot like the web in 1995, or mobile apps in 2008." mobile app. mobile device. wikipedia. Hello, Human.

How to Build an Emotional Brand – 8 Foundations to More Human Brand Connections

Pam Moore

Wikipedia defines emotional branding as follows: “Emotional branding is a term used within marketing communication that refers to the practice of building brands that appeal directly to a consumer’s emotional state, needs and aspirations. Every smart and savvy marketing and business leader knows the power of branding. They also know that a brand is much deeper than a logo, pretty colors or a tagline.

Six Links Worthy Of Your Attention #83

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More simply put, 'ok, we have online social networking, mobility, connectivity and new business models everywhere, but now what?' Why didn't Google , or Facebook , or Wikipedia ever stand in solidarity with musicians, actors, and writers - most of whom have never known fame and fortune - as their works were stolen with no recourse on their sites?' wikipedia. Is there one link, story, picture or thought that you saw online this week that you think somebody you know must see?

Summarized: The 2013 In-House Counsel New Media Engagement Survey

Myrland Marketing

Consumption of media “on the go” is increasing as large numbers of in-house counsel prefer to consume information on smartphones, tablets and mobile apps. Wikipedia is widely regarded as a legitimate professional tool for research and information. Mobile Consumption Is Rising: In-house counsel are consuming daily business media via smartphone (53%), tablets (39%) and mobile apps (23%). They are using work hours to research on Wikipedia and firm sites.

Writing tricks for content marketers

Sherrilynne Starkie

New style: When Facebook kills mobile chat, don’t lose touch with all your friends! Photo credit: Wikipedia). Time was you only had to worry about writing for the human eye and sometimes for the ear. Now when it comes to content marketing , writers need to know about search engines and how digital formats are impacting reader habits and preferences. Good headline writing has long been an art form.

Big data: seeing the forest and the trees

Sherrilynne Starkie

Canada (Photo credit: Wikipedia). And, Street Bump is a mobile application that lets people improve their own neighbourhoods. It’s a service that helps brands engage directly with people in emerging markets via mobile phones. You can see the forest and the trees in big data, according to Nora Young , the Canadian author and the host of CBC Radio One’s Spark, in her opening keynote at last week’s Fireworks Factory conference held on Galiano Island, British Columbia.

Data 268

Facebook Customer Satisfaction Score Hits Record Low

The Realtime Report

On the other end of the spectrum, Google+ won a score of 78, tying with Wikipedia for first place in the Social Media category. The report indicates that an absence of traditional advertising and a superior mobile product led to Google+’s higher rating, while users complained about ads and privacy concerns on Facebook. But I expect Google to leverage its multiple properties and mobile capabilities to attract users at a rapid pace.

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The ‘second screen’ is an integral part of life…

The Way of the Web

And mobile is bringing this out with us, whether it’s the likes of QR Codes and Augmented Reality, or even something as simple as Google search. Within seconds I’d realised it was from online comic Penny Arcade , and confirmed it via Wikipedia. Digital Audio Digital Television broadcast integration interaction mobile second screen tv

5 Strategies To Drive Traffic With Buyer Intent [Content Creation Template]

OnlineRockersHub Marketing Blog

This software will give you an idea of any issues with duplicate content, duplicate descriptions, indexing, broken links, title length, page speed, content, mobile-friendliness, etc. Wikipedia offers an excellent resource in finding subtopics for your keyword which creates relevance and provides thorough coverage to your keyword topic. Ever wonder why Google puts Wikipedia near the top of so many searches?

Bill Hartzer – February 2016 Update

Bill Hartzer

Google has launched Google Accelerated Mobile Pages. There is a Simple Version of Wikipedia. There is a simple version of Wikipedia. You can replace the “en” in the URL with “simple” and get another hidden version of Wikipedia. It’s been been a while since I send out my newsletter. If you are one my newsletter subscribers, this is the type of content that you’ll receive in my monthly newsletter.

Why I Donated to WordPress Developers

Ari Herzog

For the third year in a row, I donated a little something to the Wikimedia Foundation as my way of saying thanks for developing Wikipedia which I frequently link and cite in these blog posts. Brave New Code – for WPTouch , which creates a mobile-friendly layout of this blog. I also donated small micro-payments to an assortment of WordPress plugin developers who enable this blog to be seen by all and increase our sociability.

Ray's Personal Learning Environment

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Mobile. Wikipedia. Rays Personal Learning Environment. Formal Training. Classroom. e-Learning. People. Social Networking Application. LinkedIn. Learning2006. Employee directory (through employer). eMail accounts. Personal. Evolution. My master address book. GroupWise. Professional colleagues. Day-to-day work colleagues. IT Help Desk. Industry analysts. Professional Societies. Masie Learning Consortium. Mass Bay Organizational Development Learning Group.

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The Top B2B Marketing Trends for 2018 – A Meta-Analysis

Webbiquity SMM

Image credit: Wikipedia. It’s popular, easy to consume, mobile friendly, and with Facebook and now even LinkedIn pushing it, video (five votes) will continue to play an expanding role in B2B content marketing. Both developments are based on continuing changes by Google in terms of its core search algorithm, display page layout, and improved AdWords targeting, as well as the increasing importance of mobile and voice search.

9 YouTube stats to inform your marketing strategy in 2019

Sprout Social

YouTube reaches more 18-49-year-olds on mobile alone than any cable TV network or broadcast. According to Alexa rankings of the top 500 sites on the web, YouTube is second only to its parent company, Google, which is perhaps not surprising, but even more impressive when you consider the fact that it’s beating out Facebook, top Chinese search engine Baidu and Wikipedia, just to name a few. 4. Mobile devices dominate YouTube views, but TV is gaining.

Native advertising is here to stay

Sherrilynne Starkie

Photo credit: Wikipedia). We believe native ads are quickly becoming the de facto ad format on mobile and increasingly moving into desktop,” said lead analyst Doug Anmuth in J.P. Advertorials have been almost since the dawn of the news business; the concept of native advertising is nothing new. At its most basic, a native ad is a paid-for story that mimics the look, feel and style of the editorial that surrounds it.

Should Your Agency Use Emojis in Social Media? Really?

agora pulse

Remember that not all emojis show up properly on different mobile devices. Here are my faves: Emojipedia : You’ve heard of Wikipedia but did you know there’s also Emojipedia? “Charlotte, we’re a Fortune 500 institution,” the CEO of a large US corporation said. Our followers don’t want to play childish emoji games!” As director of Contentworks Agency, I had just suggested the brand use more emojis on Twitter to improve its engagement and brand perception.

Why Alps Bethneck is 5 Years Old

Ari Herzog

Wikipedia is where I learned about from Tanja Sadow, the dean of a local jewelery school. Comments Comments Related Stories How Social Media Changes Retail Storefronts Wondering If Mobile Technology Kills Creativity Tips and Tricks for Productive Telecommuting. This is a guest blog post by Stephen Black. This is his story. 2005: Flickr. Do I want to treat Flickr as a serious base for showcasing my photographic works? Or, do I want to use it as a base for experimentation?

Five models of content curation


Elevation – The smaller ideas that are often shared online in 140 character bursts or pithy mobile phone images may point to a larger societal trend or shift. Taking multiple points of view on a particular issue and sharing it in a single location would be one example of this type of behaviour – and could be used to describe the sort of activity that takes place every day on Wikipedia.

Free Culture and Attention as Currency

Waxing UnLyrical

Most web assets from the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Google, Tumblr, Foursquare and a gazillion others appear to be free, opening floodgates of content, ranging from the genius of Wikipedia/ Ushahidi to the apparently innocuous LOLcats. The only part of the process being short-circuited is the mobilization process.

10+ Indispensable (and Free!) Marketing Graders and Social Media Scores

Buffer Social

Marketing Grader will give you an overall score for your website, based on four categories: Performance Mobile SEO Security. WooRank’s free tool tests seven aspects of your site—SEO, mobile, usability, technologies, social, local, and traffic. Their sentiment score was 92% positive, and they have some really influential sites talking about them — including Wikipedia.

Smart PR People are Using SmartTags

Proactive Report

According to Wikipedia, the original use of Smart Tags was a selection-based search feature found in later versions of Microsoft Word, and beta versions of the Internet Explorer 6 web browser. And you can SmartTag from anywhere on the Web with a bookmarklet and from any mobile device using Netvibes Mobile. Have you heard of Smart Tags?

This weeks #SocialMedia Tweetchat Topic: Destruction of the Media Industry: Will We Be Better Off In the Long Run?

Direct Marketing Observations

People used mobile phones to talk. The iPhone became the first mobile phone to be used more for data than for voice. Wikipedia posted its three millionth article. ———————. Laying out the fundamental issues and challenges in a post has become an integral part of the success of our weekly events. Usually I produce the post and the moderator comes on Tuesdays and facilitates the discussion. This week is an exception.

Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach to Marketing

Razor Social

This is the definition of evolutionary computation from Wikipedia: “In computer science, evolutionary computation is a family of algorithms for global optimization inspired by biological evolution, and the sub-field of artificial intelligence and soft computing studying these algorithms.” According to Wikipedia , these are strategies or sequences of actions automatically created for intelligent agents, robots or unmanned vehicles.

Improvements to Google+

Sherrilynne Starkie

The biggest improvement is the addition of the full screen across both mobile and desktop devices, and the webcam lighting is automatically enhanced which really improves the whole calling experience. Photo credit: Wikipedia). Google recently announced improvements to Google+ Hangouts and photos. The changes are designed to take some of the work out of messaging, video calling and photo editing.

Google 244

2017 Content Marketing Editorial Calendar Template and Tutorial

Pam Moore

53% of email are opened on mobile devices (campaign monitor). Source: Wikipedia. If you are responsible for content marketing in your organization you know the importance of proper planning, organization, work flows and structure of content. The days of throwing social spaghetti content at the wall and hoping it sticks are over and done.

TruthForce! | How Wiki Software is Changing Communication

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Wiki software--easy-to-use programs that let anyone with Internet access create, remove and edit content on a Web page--first gained popularity thanks to Wikipedia, the user-generated encyclopedia that has come to be hailed as one of the Webs greatest resources. As Wikipedia has demonstrated, Web sites that are open to the public are vulnerable to vandalism, bias, inconsistency and other problems. Mobilizing Excellence to Create a Visionary Philippines. Articles. Issues.

Wiki 147

Foursquare and The New York Times Archive Would Be a Great Match

Adam Sherk

Not from a recent Wikipedia entry; from actual news coverage from that time. The NYT could also just build this functionality into their own mobile apps, but partnerships offer greater cross-promotional and audience development opportunities.

Ethics in Social Media: A Glossary | Bare Feet Blog

Bare Feet Studios

One of the better known cases was “Janet&# who created a Twitter profile for Exxon Mobile. Shill – Direct from Wikipedia : “A shill is an associate of a person selling goods or services or a political group, who pretends no association to the seller/group and assumes the air of an enthusiastic customer. Wikipedia - “Wikipedia’s 13 million articles (2.9

PeopleBrowsr v. Twitter: The Arguments On Each Side — And What’s At Stake

The Realtime Report

Twitter has changed its guidance over the years, moving downstream into the mobile and desktop client markets, and changing the terms around API access, all of which have impacted a variety of third-party developers who had built business models based on Twitter’s initial assertions that it was in favor of an open ecosystem. Yesterday, a San Francisco court gave PeopleBrowsr, an provider of Twitter analytics services, a temporary restraining order against Twitter.

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