The Best Piece Of Business Travel Advice

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The fundamental difference in my travel (when compared to many other businesspeople who have to travel) is that I travel so many miles, because I refuse to stay out on the road for anything beyond a day (or two, if it''s absolutely essential). Most people want to know the best tips and tricks for business travel. I keep a separate set of toiletries for travel, so that I don''t have to constantly pack and unpack stuff like a toothbrush or floss. business travel.

How we read online. - By Michael Agger - Slate Magazine

Buzz Marketing for Technology

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How To Be Inspired At Work

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Spend more time travelling. Read every article (cover to cover) of a magazine that interests you (and yes, read the ads too). They can be major ones, like taking your savings and going off to travel. magazine. travel. It''s 7 am. I''m sitting in a coffee shop right around the corner from my office. It''s easy to read between the lines. It''s easy to think that someone is a workaholic. It''s easy to make assumptions (must be single, probably no kids, whatever).

10 Brands Killing It On Instagram in 2016

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Condé Nast Traveler (@cntraveler). We all need accounts in our Instagram feed that make us feel like we are traveling, even though we’re still sitting in the same office under the same neon light. Screenshot from the Instagram account of Condé Nast Traveler.

Is Technology An Addiction, A Crutch Or Normal For Who We Are?

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I don't think I do it more/less than the average bear, but because so much more of my life is operated through the iPhone (note taking, banking, travel, reading books, magazine articles, shopping, etc.), magazine. travel. I'm addicted to my iPhone. There, I said. Are you? Be honest. This is a tale of two stories. . Story #1. When it comes to managing your smartphone, accessibility, and being engaged at work, many people leave their devices on the default settings.

Bare Feet Studios Final Three for Best Social Media Campaign

Bare Feet Studios

We are so thrilled to be one of the three finalists for the 2012 Annual Pacific Edge Magazine business awards: best social media campaign. It has gotten a tremendous response from the travel blogging community and been written up in numerous places.

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Twitter Doesn't Do Everything Well

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Can Twitter replace newspaper and magazine articles? Jarvis' main point is focused on the idea that because we now have a connected world that is increasingly mobile and allows information to travel in real-time, the concept of news has shifted from a product to a process. Think about it this way: in a traditional platform (say newspapers and magazines), the news is delivered in a product (beginning, middle and end). magazine.

Thoughts on UK magazine ABC figures…

The Way of the Web

The thing is, the ABCs feel a bit odd this year, with the period-on-period and year-on-year increases feeling a bit hollow considering magazine sales grew 0.3% magazine, which dropped 20.2% Free magazine Shortlist grew, as did Stuff, BBC Focus, Men’s Fitness, Esquire and Front.

What You See On Facebook Vs. What Is Really Happening

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10:15 - Whisk through the priority line at securing and enjoying the free food, beverages and magazines in the airport lounge. 12:45 - Clear customs thanks to Nexus - Global Entry and enjoying the free food, beverages and magazines in the airport lounge. Run into a few marketing industry executives, who just so happen to be traveling to New Orleans too for the Collision conference. . 17:30 pm - Arrival in New Orleans after seven hours of travel on a Sunday. magazine.

The New Journalism

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It rarely makes it on the local news radio and there are not that many magazine features about people like Williams. How far that piece travels and who it reaches it not based on a fixed distribution system or promise of reach. magazine. Everyone likes a feel good story. It's part of the reason why the latest online viral video sensation is the story of Ted Williams - a homeless Columbus, Ohio man who was a former radio broadcaster.

Survey: Pinterest a Great Source of Links for Publishers. What Types of Sites Get the Most Links?

Adam Sherk

The surveyed group includes the magazine sites in my Pinterest traffic survey plus quite a few more that we work with at Define Media Group. Travel 30,622 1,457. Travel 49,431 1,586. Pinterest Traffic to Magazine Sites Up 141% But Figures Still Modest.

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What To Get The Person Who Has Everything (Without Breaking The Bank)

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A subscription to some magazines. The idea here is to buy them a subscription (or many) to a magazine that they like, but that they would never subscribe to. Most of us bring our devices to work or we travel with them, but we only have one power supply. If you buy them a couple of these, they can leave one at home, one at the office and have an extra one to keep in their briefcase for travel. Travel. business travel. magazine.

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29% of the Top 500 Google+ Pages are News and Content Sites

Adam Sherk

6 Travel Channel 26 3,335,575. 30 Motor Trend Magazine 109 1,858,223. 47 Car and Driver Magazine 177 1,441,733. 103 Smithsonian Magazine 361 861,023. 117 Every Day with Rachael Ray Magazine 417 771,738. Magazine 495 687,028.

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Everything Digital

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I would need to carve out the time to pick up that book and there is no way I would travel with any book that had that kind of mass to it. I love magazines. I love magazine stores, but I can't imagine ever buying any of that content any other way but digital. magazine. Why isn't everything digital? When I think like this, I'm quite certain it freaks the mass majority out. But, here's the thing. Every time I handle cash (coins or paper).

Mobile Visits Account for 40% of All Traffic for Publishers

Adam Sherk

I started with the sites surveyed in my post on search and social traffic and then added several more newspaper, magazine and content sites, for a total of 70 brands. Travel 32%.

8 Must-Have Apps for Your Mobile/Social Business

Janet Fouts

I travel with an iPad and an iPhone as my mobile office, and it’s made it a whole lot easier to stay on top of my business, my teram and my clients. I travel a lot. Doing business in 2013 is going to be a whole lot easier if you can take your business with you on the road.

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Decode Your Content Marketing


A master storyteller, Beebe established Marriott as the largest producer of travel lifestyle content in the world. Magazine and has interviewed some of the most successful executives in the world. Join me at this awesome workshop!

Will India See a Rise in Digital PR?

Waxing UnLyrical

Apart from the usual layoffs, cost reduction, and restructuring, we have seen newspapers and magazines getting thinner, TV stations cutting back on programming, and several publications and channels are on the block. Business Standard sold its motoring magazine to Delhi Press.

What You See On Facebook Vs. What Is Really Happening

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10:15 - Whisk through the priority line at securing and enjoying the free food, beverages and magazines in the airport lounge. 12:45 - Clear customs thanks to Nexus - Global Entry and enjoying the free food, beverages and magazines in the airport lounge. Run into a few marketing industry executives, who just so happen to be traveling to New Orleans too for the Collision conference. . 17:30 pm - Arrival in New Orleans after seven hours of travel on a Sunday. magazine.

6 Best Sites for Virtual Tour


Virtual tours are the latest tools for travellers and yes even for you who are longing to be a tourist but is yet to have the budget. Space travel is now possible anyway if you got the money. Check out our recent post listing Hottest New Travel Sites.

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Hot Association Jobs: November 10


Position entails working heavily with volunteers – magazine authors, webinar presenters, and conference presenters. Position is a work-from-home position, however the ability to travel to Alexandria for the first month for training and bi-weekly thereafter for team meetings is required.

The Continuing Evolution of the Indian PR Landscape

Waxing UnLyrical

With such a huge chunk of the audience online, it becomes increasingly important to reach them outside of the traditional ways of communicating (newspapers/magazines/TV/radio). reading and traveling.

50 Inspiring Tech Savvy Leaders Over 50

Janet Fouts

Publisher, Owner Magazine ( [link] Author of The Freaks Shall Inherit the Earth. This is the me you’d meet traveling, or in a bar. You know what? I’m tired of hearing people say “I’m over 50, too old to understand this stuff” or similar balderdash. I’m over 50 and I get it, so can you! I’ve worked with and learned from some pretty amazing people who are just as old or older and way savvier than I am.

Living On Planes

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That being said, when I watch my peers (mostly online) talk about travel, it is rarely pleasant. There are so many uncontrollable factors that make air travel impossible, it's a miracle that anyone has anything nice to say about the experience. We have turned complaining about air travel into the new, "how's the weather?" " It's as easy to complain about air travel as it is to have a conversation about the weather. Travel time equals catch-up time.

Hard Rock Increases Instagram Engagement in These 3 Ways

Simply Measured

The magazine-like social network is also perpetually rolling out new tools to help brands connect with followers, like Instagram Stories, Instagram Live , and ever-evolving ad solutions. Every day, travelers, foodies, and music lovers are telling us exactly what they want to see from us.

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Newsflash: PR is Not Easy, Cheap or Quick

Dave Fleet

All together, fifty news magazines to inform lead opinion makers. It’s a struggle to get attention from even local tier one media in many cases, when travel budgets are low and conferences are a dime a dozen. Tweet.

Content Marketing is More Than Just Blogging


Some basic content concepts: Written word: White papers, ebooks, newsletters, electronic magazines, online articles, print books — you name it. Content marketing is about more than just blogging.

Master New Skills: Social Media Power Tips to Be More Successful

Peg Fitzpatrick

A gem role model is Arianna Huffington who shares some of her travels and personal photos but doesn’t go overboard with minute personal details. Play with the layout and think like a magazine editor. Let’s face it, social media is getting more complicated as time goes on.

10 Tips For Taking A Vacation From Social Media

SocMed Sean

On TV, in magazines, on the sides of buses, at work, at your kid’s soccer game, and in the bathroom stall next to you. By using the book, you’ll get back to the basics of traveling, relying less on GPS and mobile technology. I’m making the official call.

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Four Types of Status Updates for Improving Social Media Engagement on Facebook and Twitter

Laurel Papworth

If social media is the medium or channel then social object is the content that travels that channel, passed hand to hand, mouth to ear, tweet to retweet, Like to Share. Be the Magazine, not the Advertisement.

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The Chicken and Egg Problem of Nonprofit Social Media Measurement


And because you’re a nonprofit staffer, you don’t have a ton of time to dedicate to this activity because you’re also responsible for a bunch of other things–the org’s website or magazine or membership department or fundraising activities or what have you.

New Social Media Research Uncovers the Big Problem for Businesses

Convince & Convert

What you want social media to do for your business, and what real people want and expect from businesses in social media are fundamentally different. This expectations disconnect and dissonance is the nucleus of all that is wrong and difficult about social media from a company perspective.

Finding What Fascinates With Julie Klam - This Week's Six Pixels Of Separation Podcast

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It's a series that takes places across multiple InterContinental properties to tell stories that will get consumers excited about what travel brings into their lives (beyond visiting a different city or country). Julie Klam interned at Late Night with David Letterman and went on to write for the likes of Rolling Stone , Harper's Bazaar , and The New York Times Magazine. the new york times magazine.

Master List ?(A Wiki of Social Media Marketing Examples)?

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B2B Marketers Are Humans, Too

Convince & Convert

Last fall, content management system Squarespace (which recently garnered attention for its memorable Jeff Bridges Super Bowl ad ) partnered with social merchandising company The Hundreds to support a traveling street art online documentary series about graffiti artist Hanksy.

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How to Take an Audience-Centric Approach to Content Marketing

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Phil is a 30-something male interested in data science who enjoys city life and travels occasionally. Place content where they will find it: Fitfluential, Runner World, or Shape Magazine. One of a marketer’s goals is to make meaningful connections with consumers.

The Nifty 50 Top Women of Twitter for 2011

Webbiquity SMM

Paul Pioneer Press as well as the Features/Travel editor for the newspaper. Jenara is an Asia-based filmmaker, organic farmer, and freelance journalist for Fast Company magazine and CNNGo, as well as a Harvard and Berkeley grad.

The Top #Nifty50 Women in Technology on Twitter for 2012

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Not only leaders in their professional lives, nearly all these women use their social profiles to express their passions outside the workplace, which range from NASCAR, art, travel, billiards, wine and music to community service, politics and, of course, family.

10 Book Recommendations From Team Sprout

Sprout Social

If you’re looking for a good travel read this holiday season, these are all fantastic choices. About the Author: Jon Gertner is an editor and technology writer at Fast Company magazine. Previously, he worked as a science, business, and economics writer at New York Times Magazine. Here at Sprout Social, reading really is fundamental.

This Ain't No Ice Bucket Challenge. Please Read.

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Magazine and more, because I want people to think differently about their business and their marketing. It can be via Skype , phone or in-person (meaning, if you''re in Montreal or if I happen to be travelling to wherever it is that you live). inc magazine.