Ultimate Guide to Instagram For Fashion


When it comes to brands using Instagram for fashion, it’s a fast-paced, competitive world that has tons of business benefits. . A fashion-forward Instagram strategy can drive traffic, make sales, and attract a loyal community of followers. How Fashion Brands are Using IGTV.

4 Ways Social Media Has Changed The Fashion Industry | Mindjumpers


High heals have stepped on runways, the new collections have been featured on famous models and the exclusive group of high fashion characters have been catched on front-row. Is there any difference between the fashion week procedure now and some years ago?

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Fashion140: Fashion Industry+Social Media=The Perfect Fit


Yesterday I attended the first ever conference on the state of social media and the fashion industry: The Fashion140 conference: “How Social Media is Changing our Business”, co-produced by Jeff Pulver (@JeffPulver) of the 140Conf and Lilly Berelovich of Fashion Snoops (@fashionsnoops). Social Media Marketing 140con Facebook fashion lincoln center fashion140 fashionsnoops Jeff Pulver Mobile Marketing social media Twitter YouTube

The 10 Key Mobile Trends for 2011


Mobile marketing is becoming increasingly important. In case you are not convinced: according to Morgan Stanley, within five years the number of mobile Internet users will surpass the number of desktop Internet users. And, according to the TNS Digital Life report, mobile users spend 3.1

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Good Old Fashioned Values

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When I show an audience statistics of online usage, adoption of mobile, specific uses of YouTube to build audience or general Social Media quirkiness that generates a lot of attention, they shake their heads in a way that says, "I can't believe this," "who has the time for this?" We are not going to bend technology and innovation to our traditional, good old fashioned values. mobile.

Instagram and Pinterest for Storytelling: Grey Goose’s Social-Mobile Campaign


The campaign revolves around the fictitious, mysterious and fashionable ”Hotel Noir” and is a complement to the tv commercial and the more elaborate online version of the video. As we have discussed repeatedly here on the blog, mobile and social are increasingly becoming inseparable.

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3 Practical Android Apps for Fashionistas


If you are in the fashion business or if you are one of those people that people that talk, eat and sleep fashion, then you will love these applications for your Android smartphone. TriMirror Fashion. Any new tips on fashion are readily available as well.

Mobile Breaks Search. And Your Brand

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Mobile could well be the last true computing platform. Not smartphones, but mobile. Back then, the mobile carriers were not concerned with data. There was no real mobile Web. There was no real interest from consumers to use their mobile phones for a Web-like experience. Back then, saying that, "mobile will eat the world," made anyone and everyone chuckle. Mobile is eating the world. He's also known for his presentation titled, Mobile Ate The World.

Why Apps May Become More Important Than Your Website

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We are spending much of that digital time in mobile devices. Most of that mobile time is spent in apps. Remarkably, this is up some 575% from the twenty-four minutes spent on mobile devices per day just three years prior, in 2010. Mobile Usage = App Usage.

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The Digital Reality

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From a fashion standpoint, it flopped. fashion. mobile. Do you really think that Google Glass is a flop? I don''t. Google Glass did - and will do - what it was intended for.

Top 10 Black Friday Shopping Apps

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Great apps provide valuable information in an easy-to-operate fashion, save us money, and are entertaining and or tailored to our specific interests. Case Studies Digital Marketing Mobile Advertising appstore best apps black Friday cyber monday shopping shopping apps

3 Secrets To Having A Two-Way Conversation With Your Brand’s Customers Online

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Posted in Branding Communities eCommerce Interactive Marketing Mobile Optimization. It can actually decrease their likeliness to click through a brand’s website or mobile site, and lead to a willingness to go to a competitor’s site.

App of the Week: Dashlane

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There is always the old fashioned way of keeping track by having them all written down and stored somewhere you feel they’re safe. Apps Internet Safety Mobile Apps App of the Week apps dashlane mobile app secure information protection sync your information across all devices

Endless Aisles

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I was part of the Shop.org First Look series and talked about the massive changes that retail will face as technology, Social Media and mobile collides at the retail level. It truly is a sight to see if you're into retail, commerce, fashion and a unique in-store experience. fashion. mobile. What has your shopping experiences been like lately? I was recently in New York City giving a presentation at the National Retail Federation 's Big Show 2012 event.

10 Tips For Taking A Vacation From Social Media

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Because we are becoming an “always on” society and are never more than 3 steps from our mobile devices and computers, social is invading everything we do. If you feel comfortable that they won’t abuse it, provide your mobile number for emergencies.

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How could your organization use Instagram?


This post on The Next Web lists ten early-adopter brands using Instagram for news, fashion, behind-the-scenes info, and, really, anything visually interesting. Implementation apps mobile photosThe photo-sharing app Instagram hit 5 million users this month, sharing 100 million photos.

It's Not Easy To Be A Loving Brand These Days

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We've seen a major fashion retailer take it from all sides, because they stopped carrying the fashion line of the U.S. fashion. mobile app. Be careful what you wish for. Never has a sentiment been so true like it is for brands these day. We have never lived in a more politically-driven and open-social environment at the same time. Brands should be spinning like a top (in fact, a lot of them are).

Is Bethany Mota The Future Of The NewFronts?

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We hear more media buyers using lingo like "pre-roll" and "post-roll" to talk about commercials, because the dollars are clearly shifting from traditional channels (TV, radio and print) to digital (online, mobile, etc.). Young girls interested in fashion, shopping and trends tune in with massive numbers (and they are loyal beyond reason). fashion. Maybe we''ll just stop calling them 30 second spots in the future?

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Nine Winning Digital Marketing Strategies From The B2B World

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Make it interesting: Mobile gaming. The mobile game app is the perfect example of an idea that is just as educational as it is entertaining. Guest post by Cheryl Joy. According to recent research from Forrester, digital marketing spend in the US will reach $120 billion by 2021.

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5 Ways Brands Are Taking Advantage of IGTV


The fashion label’s broadcast of its Men’s Spring Summer 2019 fashion show is perhaps one of the most visually impressive videos on IGTV (and made especially for vertical viewing). Uncategorized Big Brands Content Marketing Creative Instagram mobile Real-Time Strategy Trends

5 Easy Steps to Create Your Snapchat Strategy

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They want to be backstage with you, feeling the vibe of a concert, the allure of a fashion show, or even imagining the smell of sweat on the court!

Is Open Source the new black?

The Way of the Web

Live cross-platform mobile gaming arrives → Is Open Source the new black? July 15th, 2010 · View Comments It seems as if Open Source is becoming fashionable, particularly when it comes to maps.

Content Marketing on Chinese Micro Blogs


Although the user growth is slowing down now, the next round of increase by the prosperity of mobile Internet can still be expected. Sister Ariel shares views about fashion, daily life trivia and news with fans in a witty, funny and vixen-ish tone of voice.

25 most followed brands on Twitter in 2019


Luxury brand Chanel is the most-followed fashion brand on Twitter. Chanel’s content strategy centers around photos of product promotions, behind-the-scenes photos of fashion shows, and celebrity endorsements that boost their engagement rates. Samsung Mobile – 12.1

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Is Television Lying To Us?

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It's that digital and TV must work in a more complimentary fashion. Technology, the Internet, computers, laptops, mobile devices, tablets and soon wearables are taking this video content, and not only distributing it across different screen formats, it's forcing a new type of content that is symbiotic to the hardware and the channels within it. mobile. mobile device. So, what do you think? Is television lying to us?

4 Reasons the New Google Local Stack Sucks


While the desktop local stack at least lets users click through to see phone numbers, the mobile stack just displays a “call” button. A search for “roofer in Livermore” on a mobile device.

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Social Media Hitchhiking: Audi Sends College Student Cross-Country Using Only Digital Networks

The Realtime Report

Rule used a combination of Facebook, Craigslist, Ridejoy (a ridesharing service), and CouchSurfing — plus some old-fashioned in-person social networking (aka people skills).

13 most engaging Onam social media posts


Max Fashions. OPPO Mobile India. Onam is a popular festival in India celebrating the arrival of the harvest season. The ten-day-long festival provides a wonderful opportunity for brands to strike a chord with their audience through relevant content.

Leaving Facebook

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Is that type of user ready to engage with a small little banner box in the same fashion that they would on a news site or a blog page? Facebook is about to get a major cash injection, and while they say that it's business as usual, we'll see if being public changes their need to adopt faster and more efficiently to a mobile world, and one where the public will demand cash profitability driven by our collective investments in the company. mobile.

On The Road (Warrior) Again

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For over ten years, I've been doing my best to figure out how to be as upwardly mobile as possible. Core to mobile business success is being able to access information as quickly as possible with a device that won't cause too many visits to the chiropractor. These are your mobile powerplants. Much like the gear you are going to stuff in it, make sure that it is a light as possible and has the right balance of form, functionality and fashion. mobile.

[Cool Social Tools] flyp gives you multiple phone numbers!


And using old-fashioned landline phones can make you feel tied down. flyp is a mobile app that gives you multiple numbers on your smartphone.

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Finding Your Best Work In The Best Work Space

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We started having people telecommuting (working from home) and responding to non-urgent business inquiries via mobile devices, email and more. We live in a world of collaboration, where work spaces are open, desks are connected and lounging/creative areas are dispersed between desks where people share things like telephones and can be a part of each other''s work in a much more multi-disciplinary fashion. mobile. Where do you do your best work?

Fine-Tuning Targeting with YouTube Cards and Facebook Ads: What’s New in Social Media


If the idea sounds familiar, that’s because it is: the savvier sister to annotations , cards can be seen on mobile devices and TVs, rather than just on desktop. According to YouTube , mobile devices account for 50% of video views on the site.

Passion.com Review


According to a report from the Pew Research Center , in 2005, one in ten Americans report that they used an online dating site or mobile app to help facilitate their romantic involvements. Since the portal is fashioned as a no-bars platform, this site lets you get loose. No Mobile App.

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The Future of Association Management Systems


Mobile: Mobile, moblah, blah blah, blah, blah. Why are we still talking about our technology systems being mobile? There was discussion about how much of the AMS could truly go mobile. What’s the future of AMS?

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Best Brands on YouTube: Our Top 10 of 2019

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Their mobile-first, content-led approach has helped to increase mobile visitors by 27% in 2019. Victoria’s Secret takes their fashion show omnichannel. Victoria’s Secret was the first (in 2010) to televise their fashion show. Video is a highly effective form of content.

How to Master Real-Time Content


The instantaneous nature of communication in this lightning-fast, mobile-first world has largely desensitized the public to marketing messages—so when it comes to real-time content, brands are going to all kinds of lengths to grab their audiences’ attention as fast as they can.

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Thoughts on Poken & Off-line Social Networking

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Remember the Casio digital diaries which were a digi-fashion statement way back in the 90s? Penetration Problems: The distribution problem looks very similar to the Reliance mobile issue. which does exactly what Poken does but on a mobile phone, we could be clearing a lot of mess.

The Top B2B Marketing Trends for 2018 – A Meta-Analysis

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It’s popular, easy to consume, mobile friendly, and with Facebook and now even LinkedIn pushing it, video (five votes) will continue to play an expanding role in B2B content marketing. Yet another post about 2018 B2B marketing trends? Yes, but wait—this one is different. Promise.

Foursquare Reaches 100 Million Checkins


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