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Case Study Tips: Interview Questions

Writtent Blog

But figuring out how to write a case study, interview questions to ask, and the best ways to use your case history can be tricky. To help you get started writing your success stories and maximizing their benefits, we’ve compiled the basic steps you’ll follow to write a case study and some great interview questions you can use.

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Top Social Media Manager Interview Questions and Answers [2023]


Now, the final step to securing the job is answering the questions your potential new employer fires at you. This blog post covers frequently asked questions and what kinds of answers employers are looking for. Background and experience questions This is the “tell me a bit about yourself” section: here’s all the bits to tell.


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Twitter Implements Stronger Penalties for Users Who Post Questionable Comments on Periscope

Social Media Today

Twitter's live-stream platform Periscope is implementing new punishments for those who post questionable comments within streams.

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Is Facebook Bad for Society? New Insights on the Company's Approach Raise Important Questions

Social Media Today

New comments from a former Facebook employee has once again raised questions about its approach, and the consequences of such on society.

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Facebook Launches Questions


Tweet Yesterday Facebook has launched Facebook Questions, which allows users and pages to post a Question to friends or a Facebook community. And now Facebook has launched Questions after Quora has been buzzing for a while. The new Questions are seamlessly integrated in Facebook and can be used as easily as a Status Update.

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Sprout Tested: The answer to why you put links in the comments on LinkedIn

Sprout Social

But ramping up your content and LinkedIn marketing strategy on the platform will inevitably lead to questions in the effort to get it right. And one of the biggest questions we’ve seen about LinkedIn content is whether or not you should put links in your posts, or in the first comment. Comments vs. post? Impressions?

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4 Ways Brands Can Use Instagram’s Pinned Comments


Hello Instagram pinned comments, goodbye trolls. Aimed at tackling negative or offensive interactions on the platform, Instagram’s pinned comments feature helps you moderate posts and combat misinformation or bullying. Here are 4 strategic ways you can use Instagram pinned comments for your business: Table of Contents: .