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5 Social Media Marketing Tools for Teams That Won't Break The Bank

Social Media Today

Here are 5 social media marketing tools that won't break the bank. There are so many social media tools out there, it's easy to get overwhelmed with all the options.

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#479: Money In The Bank: 6 Fun Strategies For A Quick Cash Injection

Amy Porterfield

The post #479: Money In The Bank: 6 Fun Strategies For A Quick Cash Injection appeared first on Amy Porterfield | Online Marketing Expert. Maybe you really wanted to learn how to create, launch and sell your digital course […].

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Ignite Social Media + Visit the Outer Banks = Winning Work

Ignite Social Media

We’re proud to announce that alongside our client, Visit the Outer Banks of North Carolina (Outer Banks) we’ve won the Shorty Award in the Large Media Buying Strategy category. These paid tactics ultimately lead to the fulfillment of our strategy to increase social awareness, engagements and intent to visit the Outer Banks, year-round.

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Bank of America Teams Up With Major League Baseball for #Troopthanks Vine Campaign

The Realtime Report

Vine has also played a significant role in Bank of America’s recent marketing efforts; the app has sparked 50% more engagement than any of the brand’s other social media content. Bank of America recently teamed up with the MLB in a new Vine advertising campaign to thank our military personnel.

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How Social Media Can Work Wonders For Banks


Bianca answers some very common questions, which any financial services organization operating in social media is bound to face- why would a bank need to connect with its customers on social media? She points out that banks have to change, and deliver a service their customers demand or someone else will do so.

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How a Bank Used Digital Media to Put People Back to Work, Increase Brand Awareness

Convince & Convert

Two years ago, Fifth Third Bank identified the reason that some of its customers were behind on their mortgage payments was due to job loss. For those less familiar with Fifth Third, we’re known as the Curious Bank, so we take pride in our ability to challenge ourselves to ask better questions to find better solutions.

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5 Ways To Attract Customers’ Attention That Won’t Break The Bank

The Realtime Report

That Won’t Break The Bank. Today, organizations and businesses rely highly on their marketing team with the sole purpose of fetching good money to them along with brand fame. Well, it is merely due to their habit of thinking out of the box and creating the right marketing mix. 5 Ways To Attract Customers’ Attention.

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