Curation is Not Aggregation


Curation is the big new buzzword this year in social media circles — collecting information in a strategic amassing of selected information that’s presented in a new way to draw out the subtleties and patterns that might not otherwise be noticed when looking at the group in toto.

The 21 Best Content Curation Tools

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Showcase reviews: Marketing Insider Group (Curation), Maximize Social Business (Drive), Online Marketing Institute, Perception System, SnapApp. Showcase reviews: Marketing Insider Group (Curation), Online Marketing Institute. Showcase reviews: Marketing Insider Group (Curation).

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Aggregate Social Network Data Using the New Group Report

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We’ve wrapped up our reports overhaul with an update to our Group Report. The Group Report allows you to compare and analyze your social strategy across networks by aggregating common metrics across channels and timeframes.

Content Curation versus Content Aggregation

Tuesday, November 10, 2009 Content Curation versus Content Aggregation: A Velvet Mr. T Painting Two posts brought to my attention the discussion starting to take root about the worlds of content aggregation versus content curation. The phrase used was "curation is the new aggregation."

What’s the law around aggregating news online

ABOUT ARCHIVES CONTACT SUBSCRIBE TWITTER What’s the law around aggregating news online? So much of the web is built around aggregation — gathering together interesting and useful things from around the Internet and presenting them in new ways to an audience.

Real-Time News Curation - The Complete Guide Part 2: Aggregation Is Not Curation

Print this article | Read this article in: | Real-Time News Curation - The Complete Guide Part 2: Aggregation Is Not Curation We are no longer just consumers of content , we have become curators of it too. As I see it: " Aggregation is automated, curation is manual.

Tips on How PR Pros Can Create Social Media Success


E.g. it’s almost a safe bet that events like the #Oscars or #SXSW will have a large group of people following the hashtag before, during and after the given event. Get acquainted with news aggregation services.

Sony Builds Interactive Social Media Hub For 2014 World Cup

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One Stadium Live will evaluate the meaning of each post and group together similar comments, allowing fans to interact on a global scale. Social Media Campaigns Facebook Google Isobar One Stadium Live Online forum soccer social media Social Media aggregation Sony Twitter World Cup

Facebook Announces New, Improved Share and Save Options, Social Plugins

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The Save to Facebook button enables users to save web content to a private bookmark on Facebook and view that content later, while the Share to Facebook button enables them to share content to the social network, groups and Messenger while they are outside of Facebook.

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Am I curating yet? Drawing the lines between creation, aggregation and curation

Drawing the lines between creation, aggregation and curation by Ian Greenleigh on June 11, 2010 · 9 comments The tweet below sums up what I suspect many of us feel about the debate surrounding creation, aggregation, and curation. Home Comment Caviar Be 3-D.

Content Aggregators are Killing Content Creators

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They’ve aggregated the entire Internet into what’s cool and what’s not so cool. Content aggregators, RSS readers and new social networks are all aiming to deliver the most sought-after content to the people who want the news, wherever they are comfortable.

Have You Set Up Your Content Groupings Yet?

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It’s called Content Grouping. You simple take a collection of URLs and group them into a content grouping category so that you can view aggregated metrics and analyze them. In other words, you won’t be able to see website traffic and other stats on each page, but you will be able to see the important metrics on the entire group. If you find that the content grouping isn’t that popular, then stop blogging on that topic.


Content Aggregation: The Future of (B2B and Consumer) Media?

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Instead, successful media will become aggregators and editors of content, rather than creators. Online content aggregation is as old as the Internet itself, beginning with AOL. Technology to “scrape&# websites and republish content (legally or not) has also been around for some time, but until recently, doing content aggregation well required either a massive investment in infrastructure (like Moreover ) or a unworkable level of manual effort.

Association Curation


What surprised me though was that the article does not bring up the opportunities for curation and aggregation by trade associations and professional societies. This is what I start with in Marketing via Aggregation, Filtering and Curation – Tools and Resources.

Are Aggregators Really The Problem? | PlagiarismToday

Copyright Myths Press Contact Are Aggregators Really The Problem? for nearly $6 billion in 1999, had some choice words for content aggregators such as Google News when discussing the issue as part of a panel. He said that, when thinking about such aggregators, “The word that comes to mind is vampires. He also encouraged newspapers to block Google News from linking to their content as well as block other aggregators. What is An Aggregator Anyways?

Is Flipboard the First Social Aggregation Product?

Home Categories Online Marketing SEO Social Media Website Measurement About Us About Virve Clients Contact Us Industry Partners and Resources The Team What We Do Subscribe Register Jul 1 Is Flipboard the First Social Aggregation Product? Online Marketing , Social Media The one thing the internet is exceptionally good at is aggregating information in one single spot so that users can access the information in their world in a convenient manner.

To Create OR To Aggregate, That is The Question

» To Create OR To Aggregate, That is The Question. Or can the aggregation of other people’s content be king too? 8 Responses to “To Create OR To Aggregate, That is The Question.&# To Create OR To Aggregate, That is The Question. |

3 Ways to Use Context From Twitter Profiles

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When mined, in aggregate, it can also tell us things about people that we might not be able to otherwise see. Data is great one-on-one and in aggregate: Don’t become focused on the small or big piece of data. Target groups within groups: With the amount of context users are willing to share about themselves, don’t target too broadly. Demographic data is an essential element in social media strategy.

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How To Engage On Sites Using Facebook’s New Commenting Plugin

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Company-related conversation aggregated on employee Facebook profile. Lost opportunity to aggregate relevant conversation and to activate advocates on page. Aggregated conversations provide additional content for Facebook pages.

Pinterest Traffic to Magazine Sites Up 141% But Figures Still Modest

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But fear not, I come with real data to share albeit it in aggregated and anonymized format. To get a clearer picture I pulled referral data from the past six months for a group of 25 magazines sites that we work with at Define Media Group.

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Automated Filtering vs Human-Powered Curation


and Browse My Stuff grabbing attention, and with people like Robin Good doing a series on Real-Time News Curation , and Ross Dawson tells us has curation has hit the tipping point , it seems like the concepts of curation, aggregation, filtering are suddenly a central conversation. Aggregation, Automated Filtering and Curation. Aggregation is Automated, Curation is Manual. Automated Aggregation without Curation, is mostly spam. With solutions like

16 Smart Inside Sales Trends In 2016 [Infographic]

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Incredibly, 80% of the US aggregate net worth is controlled by this group. This particular group has historically shown that their interest in leading is to help empower others. It’s imperative that you take time to study this particular group’s habits.

What Does 2013 Hold for Social Media?


They need to know what value they can provide for their target group (above and beyond the value offered via their brand or products) and implement a robust editorial process into their workflow.”.

The 20 Best New Social Media Tools to Try in 2017 (And How to Use Them)

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Here’s how you can use Ghost Browser to manage multiple profiles of the same social media platform (such as your personal and business profiles) using just one window: Right click on a tab and select “New Group” A new tab with a different color will be opened.

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Why Curation Is Just as Important as Creation [OPINION]

Computers can’t distinguish between data and ideas or between human intellect and aggregated text and links. Are Content Aggregators Vampires? The content aggregators are vampires!” I mean come on, The New York Times is an aggregator of a thousand people’s work.

Think Like a Television Network to Create a Winning Social Media Strategy

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They don’t think of those channels in aggregate as “television programming.” ” Instead, they think of HGTV viewers, and DIY viewers, and GAC viewers because the demographic and psychographic characteristics of each viewer group differs.

Cross-Channel Video Analytics from Simply Measured

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Now live in all accounts, you can analyze the video performance on your Facebook fan pages, Twitter accounts, Instagram accounts, and YouTube channels individually or in aggregate. Analyzing your entire video library is educational, but analyzing smaller, campaign-specific video groups can be a game-changer. With video becoming an integral part of marketing strategies, we at Simply Measured set out to provide you with a holistic view of video performance.

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A Social Network For Genetics Research: Can It Help Isolate Parkinson’s Genes?

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Researchers believe there may be many genes involved in Parkinson’s; but their effects are too small to be apparent in smaller study groups (hundreds or several thousand of participants). Can social networks help with medical research?

5 Alternatives to LinkedIn Elevate for Superior Employee Advocacy

Smarp can also automatically pull content from your social media pages and RSS feeds, so that every new post on your blog will automatically aggregate to your Smarp feed of suggested shares. Post by Adi Englander. Are you in the hunt for an employee advocacy platform?

[Please Share!] Are you a Millennial aged between 25-30?


All respondents will receive an aggregated report of the results. In case you hadn’t heard yet, Jamie and I are doing some research for our next book, and we are looking specifically for the perspectives of Millennial employees in the workforce. Millennials: we want YOU.

How Social Media Can Be Magic For Your Blog

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Alltop is the RSS-feed aggregation site that helps people scan the news and find content. Share your article in relevant LinkedIn and Facebook groups and Google+ communities. Social media can be the magic that helps people find your blog articles.

Cool Association Jobs This Week – December 8


Communication & Marketing Assistant Internship , Raybourn Group International – Raybourn Group International (RGI) is seeking two Communication & Marketing Assistant Interns for the Spring 2017 semester.

How to Write a Great Business Blog Post


This can be a challenge, since readers are often an eclectic group, but this means you need to be paying attention to the comments and to which posts are getting the most traffic and shares on social media.

3 Reasons Why Pinterest May Succeed Where Google+ Has Failed

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The results are uniquely crowd-sourced aggregations and classifications of content from across the Web. The concept of aggregating and pinning content isn’t completely novel (just check out your office bulletin board), but there are no status updates, no games, and no chat.

New Facebook Power Editor: A Complete Guide

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Audiences: This aggregates all of your Custom Audiences, Lookalike Audiences and Saved Audiences. Account Groups. The new side navigation has icons only representing the campaign, ad sets and ad groups. Last week, I told you everything to know about the new Facebook Ads Manager.

Survey of 100 Inbound Marketers: 73% Say Their #1 Blog Metric Is…

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Answering the same question as the previous graph, this graph shows the aggregated data, grouping together similar answers. Answering the same question as the previous graph, this graph shows the aggregated data, grouping together similar answers.

10 Ways to Strategically Grow Your LinkedIn Connections

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These actions include making updates to your profile, connecting with people through invitations, messages, or endorsements, or joining a group. You can narrow the search further by clicking the filter for Jobs, Companies, People, Groups, Universities, Posts and Inbox.

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The Social Media Monitoring Lighthouse – A Guide on What and How to Monitor

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You may also need to monitor particular topics, which may have conversations around groups of different keywords. You can track a group of your competitors to identify how they are performing in relation to SEO, social media etc. Data is aggregated and presented in a suitable form.

Realignment #3: From Passive Knowledge to Collaborative Discovery


Instead of surveys or focus groups, CEMEX executives spent some time on clients’ construction sites and talked extensively with contractors and their teams. From The Demand Perspective Leading From the Outside.

Breaking: Demographic Analysis of Your Instagram Audiences Is Now Possible


All statistics are aggregated to protect individual privacy. of people trumping their cats fall into this group. Demographics Pro has just launched their new Instagram analytics tool.