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YouTube Launches Improved Viewer Retention Insights to Help Guide Your Content Approach

Social Media Today

The new insights will provide more info on video performance, and which aspects are driving better response

Good Comes First – @marksbabbitt on #MindfulSocial

Janet Fouts

The massive disruption we’ve been through the last few years has caused a paradigm shift in how we live and work. Employees are no longer satisfied with the autocratic leadership and stilted engagement strategies that used to be the norm.


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How to Avoid Being Banned on Social Networks + What to Do if You Are

Webbiquity SMM

Guest post by Lisa Sicard. Getting banned on social media in 2021, at least temporarily, has unfortunately become a regular thing for many users. Facebook alone had banned over 1.3 billion accounts in just the three months from October to December of 2020, according to Forbes.

The Most Popular Social Networks of 2021

Ignite Social Media

The world of social media began over 20 years ago, but the social networks that reign today are vastly different than those that helped the phenomenon emerge.

The Content Marketing Survival Guide: How to Navigate the Wilds of Social Media

Use this guide to inspire your creativity and ignite more successful and sustainable social media conversations.

Facebook Launches Reels on Facebook to US Users

Social Media Today

Facebook looks to bring more users in on the short-form video movement

Video 169

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What is social listening: everything you need to know (and best tools to start)


What's social listening? How does it work? What are its benefits for businesses? Here's a comprehensive beginner-friendly guide to answer all of your social media monitoring-related questions

Tools 115

How “The Facebook Files” Could Impact Social Media Marketing

Ignite Social Media

The Fallout from “The Facebook Files” Has Begun. What Does This Mean for Brands? The recent announcement that Instagram has stopped the development of Instagram Kids (as we recommended back in March) was not some isolated incident brought about by spontaneous internal soul searching.

TikTok Reaches a Billion Active Users, the Latest Milestone for the App

Social Media Today

The app continues its meteoric rise, now seeing the same levels of usage as Instagram

Debunking the “My Target Audience Is Everyone” Myth


“Everyone! Everyone should use our product - it’s life changing! It’s available to absolutely anyone with a pulse, and we should market it that way, so everyone can benefit from it! We need to reach the masses, every single one of them!”. Audience Intelligence

Social Media Marketing GPS

SMGPS will tell you the why & how to use social media for marketing, 1 tweet at a time. You'll learn essentials in digestible little spoonfuls.

5 Ways To Grow Your Customer Relationships Through Social Selling

Convince & Convert

Social selling is a tool that almost anyone can add to their professional toolbox. While sales professionals have traditionally applied social selling, it can apply to anyone using relationships and relational marketing in their career.

SMS 90

How Will TikTok’s New In-App Shopping Experience Boost Your Brand’s Sales?

The Realtime Report

How Will TikTok’s New In-App Shopping Experience Boost Your Brand’s Sales? Francisco Schmidberger. TikTok and Shopify recently announced the rollout of in-app shopping experiences on TikTok, as previously disclosed last year when these companies initially announced their partnership.

Facebook Adds Cross App Group Chat Functionality in Messenger and Instagram Direct, New Chat Tools

Social Media Today

The new features will enable more functionality in your Messenger and Instagram chats, while also advancing Facebook's broader integration efforts

Groups 166

Keep Away From These VPN Scams in 2021


VPNs offer a great deal to conceal your online identity. They hide your traffic in such a manner that not a piece of information can be intercepted by ISPs, government authorities, or even miscreant hackers. Needless to say, VPN ensures that you are 100% secure when surfing the web. But, wait!

How to Be Social: A Social Media Manifesto

Learn the 10 worst social media marketing mistakes and how to avoid them.

How Competition Impacts Facebook Ads Costs

Jon Loomer

It’s important to understand that your Facebook ads costs aren’t determined in a vacuum. It won’t always cost the same amount to get that click or conversion. In fact, the rate at which people act on your ads could remain constant while your costs could fluctuate wildly.

Cost 124

[PODCAST] Limiting to resources within your industry will limit your possibilities


Data Stories: Leaders at Work is a weekly podcast brought to you by Audiense. Hosted by Rahul Jerome, founder of , the series captures personal anecdotes and career highlights from some of the most talented and brightest minds in the research and insights industry.

Facebook Experiments with Additional Business Context Elements in Ad Display

Social Media Today

The new display provides more immediate context on advertisers, which could help to improve transparency

Best Audible Alternatives – Free and Paid


Times are changing. People are slowly drifting away from the paperback versions of books to a more eco-friendly alternative called audiobooks. And, a platform that has been ruling this space is Audible.

8 Stupid Simple Social Media Tricks to Boost SEO

Discover just how easy it is to boost SEO with social media.

How to Use Facebook Lookalike Expansion

Jon Loomer

Lookalike Audiences are one of the oldest shortcuts for isolating a broad audience for targeting. Advertisers can also experiment with Facebook Lookalike Expansion to yield optimal results that scale. Of course, this is not to be confused with Targeting Expansion , which I wrote about recently.

How To 122

5 Best Things About Hire WordPress Expert

Social Media Marketing

Basically the term, WordPress signifies a form of designer that develops various types of implementations of a project or application of websites.

Twitter Opens Up Applications for Professional Profiles, a New Option for Brands and Creators

Social Media Today

Twitter's moving to the next stage with its new business and creator profiles option

Best Free and Paid Video Recording Software For 2021


Why would you need video recording software? Ever felt the need to record a crucial online meeting or capture your winning streak in a game? That’s when video capture software can be a great tool to have. But, why a video recording software and not just any screen recording software?

Social Media Automation 101

A beginner's guide to social media automation tools and getting automation right.

The Dos and Don’ts of Crisis Management on Social Media


The information and tips in this article come from one of Likeable’s Smarter Social modules. Learn more about Smarter Social , our solution for in-house digital teams, here. In today’s social media climate, crises are inevitable.

Katie Hurley on the Intersection Between AI, Neuroscience and Technology


Replicant’s Senior Director of Marketing, Katie Hurley takes the hot seat. Listen to the podcast: For more thought leadership on AI and technology, check out our Radically Transparent podcast on Apple Podcasts , Spotify , YouTube , or LinkedIn.

Apple 71

Facebook Updates Ad Reach Estimates. Moving Away from Specific Audience Projections

Social Media Today

The change will move Facebook's ad reach estimates into broader potential ranges

How to Delete Files from Your Mac that Won’t Delete


Ever found yourself stuck in a situation where you tried moving a file to the bin, only to receive the message – “The item <> can’t be moved to the Trash because it can’t be deleted.”.

How to Improve Social Media Customer Service in 10 Ways


If you are in charge of social media customer service, you know your customers use social media to connect with your brand, send feedback, appreciation, ask for support and often enough, vent frustration. They expect a lot more than they would from your main website.

The Essential Guide to Creating a Brand Strategy Template (Free Download)


A strong brand identity is a gravitational force that draws interest to your company and influences how people feel about it. Having one is especially important for B2B companies competing for big-ticket clients in competitive fields.

Twitter Adds New Updates to its Improved Version of TweetDeck

Social Media Today

The latest updates are largely tweaks, but they will help to improve the broader functionality of the platform

How To Get Your Photo Vault On Android


If a stranger asks for your home address, name, and phone number would you share? Not at all, no one would do that. Then why don’t you have the same instinct for your photos? Why do you keep them open, allowing anyone with access to your phone to view them?