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What Does Blood Have to Do With Internal Communication Strategy?

Waxing UnLyrical

Guest Post by Adam Kraus. Let’s talk about blood. Yes, this article is about internal communications, but first we need to talk about the red, viscous liquid currently flowing through your body. The basics are as follows (spoiler alert: I am very much not a medical doctor): The heart pumps blood.

5 Steps to Establishing a Brand

It doesn’t matter how good a product you might have when you launch something new, if you cannot establish your brand, you are going to fold. As the consumer market grows, so does the number of new products that are available. .

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5 Ways to Re-Use Influencer-Generated Content in Paid Media

Social Media Today

Maximize your influencer marketing efforts by re-using influencer-created content in your broader ad efforts

US Govt. Social Media Keyword Watch List: Don’t Use These Words on Social Media Posts

Bill Hartzer

A list of keywords that the United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS) uses to watch all social media accounts has been revealed. If you use one of these keywords on one of your social media posts, there is a chance that it may cause the DHS to start monitoring your social media accounts.

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What Are Osha Training Requirements? A Complete Guide on What You Should Know

The Realtime Report

What Are Osha Training Requirements? A Complete Guide on What You Should Know. Every year, 4.6 million workplace injuries occur. That breaks down to 12,600 injuries per day and one injury every seven seconds. Workplace injuries aren’t always avoidable.

3 Facebook Trends to Consider in 2020 Planning

Ignite Social Media

With initial 2020 marketing planning discussions in motion, it’s important to look at industry trends that may impact your social media marketing strategies and tactics.

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Facebook Dating Launches in the US, Along with New Dating Features

Social Media Today

Facebook has announced the arrival of Facebook Dating in the US, in addition to its existing 19 markets

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10 Ways You Can Tackle Customer Engagement on LinkedIn in Less Time

agora pulse

If handling engagement on your LinkedIn company pages makes you want to throw your hands up in defeat, you aren’t alone. No matter how many LinkedIn pages you manage , responding to comments, tracking follow-ups, and coordinating with your team can easily become disorganized and time-consuming.

What You Should Put in Your Brand’s About-Bio Section

Ignite Social Media

If there’s anything in this world we’ve always known to be true, it’s that first impressions are everything. It holds up for job interviews, first dates, trying a new restaurant, and nowadays, a brand’s social media page.

Facebook Begins Rolling Out Updated Desktop Layout

Social Media Today

Facebook has begun rolling out its redesigned desktop experience, which emulates much of the functionality of its mobile app

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A Guide to Starting a Career in Information Technology 

The Realtime Report

A Guide to Starting a Career in Information Technology . Changing your career to information technology can present you with many challenges, such as how to keep up with the latest technological developments and how to increase your skill level around your current job position.

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2020's trends in market research that companies should pay attention to


Insights professionals, data analysts, leading brands, researchers, marketing professionals, consultants and academics met this week to discuss and share their visions and experiences about the industry in one of the most important events in the sector, ESOMAR Congress 2019 - The Global Data & Insights Summit , in Edinburgh.

The Ultimate B2B Social Media Marketing Guide: How to Best Spend Your Advertising Budget

Meltwater - PR

Remember when having a social media marketing budget to spend was an anomaly? The days when B2B advertising predominantly happened on Google and other third-party platforms? Well, Google still remains… Read More >>>. Enterprise Marketing PR & Comms Branding Social Media

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How to Create High-Quality Video Content on a Budget

Social Media Today

Want to create engaging marketing videos but don't have a huge budget? Here are some tips on how to create quality video assets without the big spend

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11 Green Practices Which Can Have a Huge Impact on Our Planet

The Realtime Report

11 Green Practices Which Can Have a Huge Impact on Our Planet. Did you know that in the United States, each person produces around 5 pounds of trash every day? Many people don’t realize that the small things they do daily add up and are slowly killing our planet.

How AI is Fueling Smarter Marketing Teams


Article originally published on Outside Insight.New technologies are often adopted early in the marketing and storytelling space. With the advent of television came a revolution in mass advertising and outreach,… Read More >>>. Marketing

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How to Curate a Stunning Instagram Feed with User Generated Content


Leveraging user-generated content (UGC) on Instagram can be the key to curating a beautiful Instagram feed. . The tricky part is sourcing, collecting and reposting the right UGC — so that you’re always sharing top-quality content that’s aligned with your overall aesthetic. .

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Facebook Highlights Page Stories in Feed Separate Panel, Expanding Opportunity for Brand Exposure

Social Media Today

Facebook is testing out yet another Facebook Stories promotion option, this time focused specifically on Stories content from businesses

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What is a Marketing Firm and Why Should Your Business Hire One?

The Realtime Report

What is a Marketing Firm and Why Should Your Business Hire One? Are you interested in learning out marketing firms? Because businesses have to convert people into paying customers, they need a marketing plan and budget.

Working with Emotional Triggers #nearlymindful

Janet Fouts

Emotional triggers happen to us all day, every day. A trigger can be pretty much any topic that makes us feel strongly, whether that’s negative or positive. They can be a memory, a conversation, or simply a feeling that we respond to in a certain way.

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Not Everyone Understands an Adventurous Spirit: How to Overcome the Naysayers

agora pulse

Ever hear a personal story that’s so captivating that you want to share it with others? At Agorapulse, we’ve heard some extraordinary stories from people who live life at a deeper, inspirational level. And we want to share them with you.

Facebook Publishes New Guide to Creator Studio for Instagram

Social Media Today

Instagram has put together a new guide to its evolving Creator Studio functions for Instagram marketers

How to Get Clicks Without Resorting to Clickbait: 5 Easy Tactics


As a content marketer you want people to click on your headlines. So they’ll read your posts. And buy your stuff. I get it. Wouldn’t want it any other way. That’s what I, you, and your boss expect. But resorting to clickbait to get those clicks? Not an option.

6 Crucial Steps Towards Getting Your Dream Job 

The Realtime Report

6 Crucial Steps Towards Getting Your Dream Job. It’s something that you’ll have been running through in your mind like a film for years – your dream job, with all of the challenges, perks and intrigue that comes with it.

Instagram Scheduling Now Available

Ignite Social Media

Many social media managers have been waiting years for this news – native Instagram scheduling is here!

6 Ways to Win at Facebook Messenger Marketing

Social Media Today

With messaging use on the rise, have you considered how you can maximize Facebook Messenger for your marketing efforts

3 Types of Engaging Videos that Attract Massive Attention

Socially Sorted

Want to create engaging videos that attract more attention for your business? Here are three types of videos that will always do well compared to other video types. In this post, I’ll show you what these engaging videos are and how you can break them down and create the. // Read More.

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What Does a UL Certification Mean and Do I Need One?

The Realtime Report

What Does a UL Certification Mean and Do I Need One? Is your business one of the country’s 614,884 manufacturers of computer and electronic products? Do you want to separate yourself from the pack and gain an advantage over your competition?

Our Flaws Are Our Strengths

Social Media Strategery

Not my best photo. I get distracted easily. I don’t call my mom nearly often enough. I’m sometimes, ok, oftentimes, arrogant.

Facebook Establishes New Research Challenge to Develop Improved Detection of Deepfakes

Social Media Today

Facebook is spearheading a new program designed to establish better systems to detect 'deepfake' videos

How to Run the Best YouTube Contest in 10 Easy Steps


Want to gain subscribers, win leads, and drive sales? A YouTube giveaway can help with all of those goals (and more). Marketing on YouTube is all about building community, and YouTube contests are a great way to do that. Not only do they help viewers interact and feel connected to your brand.

Email Is Thriving

The Realtime Report

Email Is Thriving. Some experts would have you believe that email is “dead” or on the way out. In reality, the digital behemoth just keeps growing despite claims of its imminent demise.

11 Instagram Strategies & Industry Secrets You’ll Learn at LaterCon 


We’re officially 1 week away from LaterCon ! . While we’re busy working behind-the-scenes to get ready for the big day, all you have to do is tune in to our digital conference on September 12th to learn the best Instagram tips, strategies and industry secrets out there! .

3 Tips to Bring Your Rebrand to Life on Social

Social Media Today

You have a new logo and brand aesthetic. Now what? Here are some tips on how to maxmize your re-branding efforts

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Last month on social: Spider-Man, blues, and dogs


Social media is always abuzz with something or the other and last month was no exception. August was a month of back to school blues, remorse over Spider-Man leaving the MCU and adorable images of doggos taking over our social feed.

The ABCs and 123s of Landing Your First Teaching Job

The Realtime Report

The ABCs and 123s of Landing Your First Teaching Job. You’ve finally graduated school and you’re done with all of your student teaching requirements. Now, you’re finally ready to mold the minds of youth as a certified teacher.

How to Master Real-Time Content


As news cycles become shorter and attention spans follow suit, it becomes increasingly difficult for brands to stay relevant.

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