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Five Steps to Insanely Good Customer Service

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This amazing customer service came from my Internet/cable/wireless provider. And our wireless carriers are few and far between (granted, this is starting to change, but has a long way to go). Rogers Wireless is Canada’s largest voice and data communications services provider. Client Service Communication Apple Bell Customer Service digital media rogers wireless

The Spin Sucks Inquisition: Nikki Little

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Since then, I think I average seeing her once a year—even this past spring when I spoke at an event that she was hosting for a client, which definitely is not enough. You also can find her managing the Verizon Wireless Midwest Area blog , which she and her team have grown from a Tumblr blog three years ago into a real community. It was like getting together with an old friend.

Twelve of My Favorite Things

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Beats Wireless Headphones. I’m most definitely not using her to her best ability yet, but I love her just the same. Communication 12 Days of Christmas iPad thomas keller fitbit lululemon bose headphones peloton app beats wireless trek madone trek bike evernote moleskin amazon echo alexa c o bigelow shunBy Gini Dietrich. Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens. a month.

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What is a brand?

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Signs and symbols are indeed only part of the definition. Let’s start with perhaps the most recognizable definition of a brand: “Simply put, a brand is a promise…. Here is my favorite definition: “A brand is the sum total of the entire customer experience. Verizon Wireless - Point-of-Difference is in their DNA. “Simply irresistible brands&#.

4 Great Gadgets for Ocean Sports


Stand-up paddle boarding and kayaking can be a lot of fun but it definitely they can get a bit monotonous after a while. It is GPS-enabled, water-resistant to 164 feet, and sends data wirelessly to your computer. Since 2007 I have called Honolulu, Hawaii my home. Living in the island of Oahu , I am surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and I love it. Underwater Camera. Underwater Audio.

4 SEO Tactics That Damage Your Brand’s Reputation

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Recently, we worked with a company called Eyefi, which makes wireless SD cards, to help boost interest in its brand. Get our Definitive email newsletter. Image via From a marketing perspective, you’ve got to feel at least a little sorry for SeaWorld for the utter devastation of its sterling brand. SEO Brand Destroyer No. 1: Duplicating Content. 2: Link-Baiting.

51 Profitable SEO Niches to Dominate with Low Competition

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If there is a positive response to this kind of post I’ll definitely do more like it in the future, so please do share your feedback in the comments! I was able to pick up a few exact match domains myself so they’re definitely still available. best wireless earbuds: 22,200 searches per month. Come Closer to Your Screen For This First Opportunity. ” Near me.

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How 16 Companies are Dominating the World’s Google Search Results

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best wireless earbuds: 1st (22,200 searches per month). They’ve definitely got a big hold on the technology industry. If you have similar brands, you should definitely be taking advantage of the long tail. Instead, that seemingly endless variety is actually controlled by just a handful of companies. Around two weeks ago I came across a post on Reddit about Hearst Media.

My Favorite Things 2015 Edition

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Definitely a pop feel with a unique blend of different sounds depending on the song. Definitely worth a listen. UrbanEars Platten ADV Wireless Headphones – While I typically use my noise cancelling in ear Bose headphones for most of my headphone listening, I really wanted a wireless pair of on ear cans for more casual listening and workouts. Apple Misc. Technolog

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A Deeper Look at the Twitter Metrics You Should Be Tracking

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Mention : See above definition. Tweet Impressions : See above definition. Mobile footprint : Informs you about which wireless carrier and device your audience is using. Businesses focus a lot energy on creating content that not only builds a Twitter audience, but also drives engagement with customers. And why not? You Can’t Measure What You Don’t Understand. Home Tab. Twitter

A 15-Step Guide to Creating Viral-Ready Branded Content

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Before the internet made everyone with a wireless connection a publisher, marketers could afford to move slowly, and analyze consumer insights before making brand decisions. Continue to create compelling content, analyze metrics, and build relationships on social media, and your content will definitely become viral. Content marketing is hot. Step #2: Carefully Source Brand Voices.

Web 2.0, Secondary Orality, and the Gutenberg Parenthesis

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but underlying all of the definitions is the cultural and historical fact that we are now in a period of "secondary orality" (Walter Ong, Orality and Literacy ) that brings us back to the norms and processes of communications that humans have always sustained. CalTech Implements Wireless Network Funded by Anonymous Gift. Networking/Wireless. Campus Technology. Subscription.

20 Exclusive Copywriting Tips Even Gurus Will Be Surprised to Know

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Working without a wireless connection isn’t for every writer, but some notable authors you’ve almost certainly heard of – namely Neil Gaiman and Zadie Smith – swear by the Freedom app. We’re definitely not saying you should eliminate punctuation or start writing sentence fragments, but feel free to break a few rules when it’s necessary for clean, conversational content.

Asperger's and IT: Dark secret or open secret?

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Mobile & Wireless. Wireless Networking. Mobile & Wireless. Wireless Networking. Wireless Trends & Technologies. The Definitive Guide to Security Management" Chapter 1: Introduction to Security Management. The Definitive Guide to Security Management" Chapter 1: Introduction to Security Management. ); ); } else { document.write(); }. ); } else { document.write(); }. More Resources. Blogs Webcasts Quickstudies Security Managers Journal This Week in Print. Zones White Papers Editorial Calendar. Events. Research E-mail Newsletters. News. Blogs.

Facebook Connectivity Lab Touts Record-Setting High-Speed-Data Test

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The social network added that it used just 105 watts of power, roughly equivalent to what a single light bulb consumes, to provide enough data to stream nearly 1,000 ultra-high-definition videos simultaneously. We will continue to push the limits of wireless capacity over long ranges while staying within the tough size, weight and power constraints of Aquila communication payloads.

2015 Macbook Review

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It’s definitely a fairly big shift moving from a full size workhorse laptop to a more portable, travel friendly one, but I really love this machine overall. This is definitely a machine meant for wireless connectivity. If you’ve read my blog for any period of time, it’s no secret I’m a fan of Apple. I find the whole argument tired and pointless. Check.

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5 Expert Tips for Engaging Your Webinar Audience

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Mobile phones or any devices that are wireless can also be spotty and run the risk of running out of battery. Get our Definitive email newsletter. Following up on last week’s post covering my most important lessons for attracting your webinar audience , let’s now pivot and focus on how to keep them engaged once they show up live as an attendee at your webinar. 3 minutes. 2 minutes.

Lenovo ThinkCentre M90z Review & Chance to Win


And the latter two can be eliminated easily enough with a wireless keyboard and mouse set. This machine definitely gets the job done as far as speed. A few weeks ago, I wrote about how I chose products to review , and one of the main reasons I chose to review the ThinkCentre M90z is that I would be able to give one away to a lucky reader. I am excited to say that the time has come!

How to Get an Influencer's Attention

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I am generally looking for engineers more than marketers though, so if I don’t respond to you it might be that our definitions of fantastic are different. I currently work for Mashable so that definitely helps things. Perhaps this might serve as the start of a real relationship. If nothing else, these influencers will help to share your story with their own audience. No hype.

2012 #Nifty50 Top Men in Technology on Twitter

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Kent Huffman is the CMO of BearCom Wireless and co-publisher of @SMMmagazine. He is author of the popular Marketo blog, Modern B2B Marketing, and of the comprehensive handbook, The Definitive Guide to Marketing Metrics and Analytics. In order to qualify this year, each #Nifty50 nominee had to work for a technology company such as software, hardware, IT services or telecom. Jeffrey L.

My first week at The Search Agency pt 5

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Hopping from one wireless hub to the next and fueled by good coffee, great music, and relaxing in the “small town&# environments of this area of CA. I have to say, this definitely helps with the adjustment from being on my own to in an office. The title is a bit of a misnomer in this case because I’m not actually at the The Search Agency today. Employee Benefits.

Koka Sexton dot Com

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Koka Sexton dot Com Home About Koka Contact Twitter FULL RSS Christmas loot Twas the day after Christmas and all through the house all the gadgets were blinking along with a new wireless mouse… I love all the new loot on Christmas. ¬ Michael #169 May 31st, 2008 at 6:38 pm The Wii is definitely an awesome game systems. What was it? Specs: Processor: 380MHz ARM920T Screen: 3.5″

List of Social Media Management Systems (SMMS)

Definition: Social Media Management Systems are collection of procedures used to manage work flow in a disparate social media environment. There is definitely a shift toward management, work flow and accountability as social media continues to scale. I really love what I do, I hope it shows. You’ll find iterations for both brands and agencies. pheffring Thanks for adding Expion.

5 Popular Posts From The Last Month


And that was definitely one of the most popular ones! Social Media Definition by Peeing [infographic]. It all started with Lara – a user of social media, unhappy with her wireless company, making a complaint about it on Twitter, the company returned to her and fixed the problem. Tweet Another month has passed and that means it is time for a recap yet again! Read Full Post ».

HOW TO: Gain Twitter Influence

Both Kawasaki — the co-founder of media aggregation site Alltop , author of nine books, and former Apple Fellow who uses Twitter to broadcast the interesting articles collected at Alltop — and Scoble, a blogger blogger who has carved out a niche in world-changing technologies, have met their own definitions of success. Jason Hartline Although I think most people do these things without realizing it, being directed into the right path can definitely optimize Twitter influence. Hands-on With Logitechs Wireless Sol. To learn how to measure influence, visit [link].

A Brief History Of Social Media

Definitely useful for me. a month, even though we have high speed wireless too. As I think about it, I'd include CB radio and shortwave as "wireless" social networking as well. Brett Borders Tdanford, I think they are definitely social tools. Brett Borders Janet, Twitter is definitely molded from IRC. I definitely enjoy your blog and you've got yourself a subscriber. Now definitely people still hack and phreak but it's a different, darker culture. Definitely worth the diggs. “Handles&# or online pseudonyms were the norm.

What the Future Holds for B2B Social Media Marketing

I've been testing the waters for 2 yrs, actively researching and will definitely contribute more to this conversation later. View More » Tech Hands-on With Logitechs Wireless Sol. Top Topics Twitter YouTube Facebook iPhone Google Video Google Buzz Social media Small business Business Advertise Network Blippr iPhone App Mashable France MashDeck Twitter App Mobile Site Social Media Events Twitter Guide Book Facebook Guide Book Partners App Development WordPress Experts MaxCDN Content Delivery Dynect Managed DNS Rackspace Hosting Intridea About Us Submit a Tip! Learn more.

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Why SEO is Easier than Social Media Marketing

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

SEO definitely is harder than social in some aspects, and I plan on having that explored in a future post. Most of the “experts&# in the space have no real practical application of their skills, and they definitely do not have the ability to consistently apply these skills. Mine are more marketing oriented though… definitely not so techy. Here’s why. bidder.

The Most Important Blog Post You'll Probably Never Read

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He told me this whilst using his next-door neighbours Internet (they had wireless and hadn’t put a password on it). Regards Adi Reply Jeff - SoloConsulting says: March 22, 2010 at 2:14 pm This definitely reminds me of the “Is Blogging a Pyramid Scheme?&# Home What the F ? Cloud Living Say "Hi!" The value here is in reading the whole post; not in skimming. I guess. Yahoo!

Should Marketers Look Into The Past?

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Changes in technology affect the way your potential customers utilize the internet, as seen in the whole wireless device/smartphone explosion. But even if you don’t have time to look at all the old posts on your favorite marketing website, there is one site you definitely need to look at: your own. Internet marketing is a rapidly changing scene. It is dangerous to rely on advice from even a few years ago because the changes in SEO reflect the changes in search engine algorithms. There’s One Past You Need To Pay Attention To. Neil has numbers to prove it, like 37.5%

Carol’s Daughter #BornAndMade And Bud Light’s #CheerForEqualPay


Cricket Wireless Makes The Unexpected John Cena Meme Real. Utilising their sponsorship of WWE , Cricket Wireless have bought the meme to life by allowing fans to be surprised by John Cena (and the trumpets of his theme tune) in real life. Bridget Jones’ Baby is coming to town, and Twitter is definitely making sure the whole world has heard of its arrival. — J.P. Twitter.

‘Curation,’ and journalists as curators

McAdams does a wonderful job extending the definition and discussion of curation in the journalistic sense. By Mindy McAdams HOME BLOG ABOUT Teaching Online Journalism You will see something cool here if you upgrade your Flash player. Notes from the classroom and observations about today's practice of journalism online « What we now know about blogs Keep them coming back (how?) » ‘Curation,’ and journalists as curators The Latin root of the noun curator means “to care.&# Then consider the job of the museum curator. 2, 2008 ). Where is it from? Thanks.

My Top 10 Gadgets of the Future That You can Buy in 2015

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As a photographer myself, this is something I definitely want to own some day to get some of those tough shots from above. The device connects over Wifi and Z-wave (and a few other wireless codecs) allowing you to tie all those devices together. I love these gadgets, and they have definitely gotten my attention in 2015! If you’re coming from seeing me on TV, welcome!

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My Top 10 Gadgets of the Future That You can Buy in 2015

Stay N' Alive

As a photographer myself, this is something I definitely want to own some day to get some of those tough shots from above. The device connects over Wifi and Z-wave (and a few other wireless codecs) allowing you to tie all those devices together. I love these gadgets, and they have definitely gotten my attention in 2015! If you’re coming from seeing me on TV, welcome!

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Customer Service: Contrasting Examples

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You will definitely get some response. I found humor in your post – for a wireless internet access device the ‘only’ medium to touchbase with the customer support guys is a telephone If I am not mistaken, the telephone too needs to be a ‘TATA’, right? Home About In the Media Catching Up With Shane Warne Social Media trumps Mass Media? April 25, 2008.5:51 51 am Customer Service: Contrasting Examples Jump to Comments Fed up with my usb-internet device , I’ve been trying to connect with the customer care executives of the company behind it.

Jumping Over a Mountain |

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Anyway, you are definitely correct that most people will not be spending 9-5, 5 days a week in offices. Now that I run my own business, I definitely follow this philosophy. Last year, among office colleagues, irritation at my “transferable&# have laptop-wireless-will-work anywhere. Chris, This is my first post ever on yor site and I definitely like what you have said.

Plug 2 Surf Whiz : Tata Indicom's Internet Card

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Speed is not blazing fast but definitely not slow by any means. will increase the tata wireless internet speed to 512kbps. will increase the tata wireless internet speed to 512kbps. — prepaid, rechargeable Reply Gaurav May 4, 2008 at 5:18 pm TATA Wireless internet card is a sure shot winner over reliance. Home About In the Media Inspirational Words of Wisdom Cool Presentations on Marketing September 27, 2007.4:33 Do I really need one ? Yeah, I think I need freedom from clutches of Sify’s monopoly? How about the speed man? Why do I think it is cool ?

How To Create A Know-It-All Company - - Business Technology Leadership

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Wireless WANs and LANs. High-Definition: The Evolution of Video Conferencing. ); ); ); } document.write( ); if (document.getElementById(dclk1231)) { document.getElementById(dclk1231).src src = [link]. }. White Papers |. Blogs |. Video |. Webcasts |. Podcasts |. Events |. Solution Centers |. Newsletters |. RSS Feeds. How-To. Advice & Opinion. Research & Analysis. Careers. Topics. Infrastructure Applications Development Architecture. Personal IT Organization Enterprise Partner/Vendor. « Virtualization. VMware, MS Battle Over Virtualization Management. TECHNOLOGY. Network.

Being Lightweight: Tools We Use | Common Craft - Explanations In Plain English

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Home Network - We have all our computers, printers and music system hooked together wirelessly. My wife and I are moving into a house soon and I definitely appreciate the lawnmower suggestion. The Common Craft Store. Our Client Productions. The Common Craft Show. our work. about us. contact. Home » Blog. Search Common Craft: Being Lightweight: Tools We Use. Categories: beingsmall.

The Truth About the iPad | Blogging and Content Creation | Social.

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I know you have to pay for WiFi on the iPad, but what if you have wireless at your home? I have wireless at home, which I connect the iPad to most of the time, since I work from home. There is definitely an addictive quality to it that is extremely hard to explain. The keyboard (dock or wireless) eliminates the text input problem, although it would be a bit clunky on a plane. A bigger limitation, in my opinion, is the inability to connect a mouse (USB or wireless). A bigger limitation, in my opinion, is the inability to connect a mouse (USB or wireless).