10 Brilliant Examples of Brands Using Livestream Shopping

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And it’s quickly gaining popularity in the US, where Coresight Research expects the livestreaming e-commerce market to be worth $25 billion by 2023. What’s more, half of the new customers it sold to in the first half of 2021 came via the campaign.

8 Ways to Make Money on Instagram in 2022

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As a business, it’s important to be familiar with these methods so you can use them in your own marketing campaigns. Use analytics reports like the ones offered by Sprout to measure campaign performance. Tag scheduled campaign posts and incoming messages.

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The biggest thing you can do to lower your Facebook advertising cost is within your control: Measuring your performance and tweaking your campaigns with data-driven decisions. Ad spend per campaign. Disney spent $213 million on Facebook mobile advertising in 2020.

Shoppable content: The new way of buying online (and 3 brands doing it right)

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For years, consumers have had the option of buying in stores, online, via mobile apps or (in some rare cases) mail-order catalog. In the US, the volume of social commerce sales is expected to reach over $100 million by 2023. It’s time to build a shoppable media campaign.

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They don’t get desired results from their digital marketing campaigns. There are still a lot of marketers who set their campaigns without any objective or clear cut goals. Mistake 2: Ignoring the mobile traffic. Do you know the mobile users expected to rise to 3.8

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million users by 2023. You just need to use TikTok on your desktop to do it, as you can’t access this feature on the mobile app. If you’re in the business of creating TikTok marketing campaigns, we recommend Brand Maxima Analytics. Do you have a trusted box of TikTok tools?

9 Resolutions Every Marketer Should Make for 2019

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I will start with my mobile device. It’s no secret to brands that mobile is ascendant. More than two-thirds of Americans now use a mobile device to access the Internet and more than half of US online traffic originates from smartphones and tablets. Despite this, when reviewing digital campaigns many marketers still default to using a computer. This desktop-first approach in a mobile-first age creates a disconnect between consumers and brands.