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Crafting Great Social Media Videos That Get Views

Convince & Convert

As a social media brand or content creator, getting an audience hooked on your uploads is as fundamental as it is challenging. However, sometimes the view counter isn’t ticking up as expected, and that awesome video you made is ultimately unhelpful in bringing your brand closer to your audience.

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Top B2B Brands on Social Media

Social Media Strategies Summit

With its ability to get in front of a wide array of consumers, social media may be the darling of retail and B2C brands, but it is increasingly difficult for ANY business to ignore the power of social media marketing. This is likely due to the fact that decision makers across industries are active on social media.

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Brands Spent a Whopping $673B on Social Media Ads in Five Years

The Realtime Report

Brands Spent a Whopping $673B on Social Media Ads in Five Years By Jastra Kranjec With 75% of Gen Zers and almost half of Millennials making purchasing decisions influenced by social media ads, it`s no wonder brands and companies continue pouring money into this type of advertising.

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Seven Ways to Increase Your Brand Influence

Webbiquity SMM

say strengthening their brand is a top business objective. However, while most focus on brand awareness, it’s crucial to understand that brand awareness alone doesn’t create conversions and sales. Brands compete for the attention of their customers in real-time, across various channels. Image credit: HubSpot.

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Facebook Introduces Audience Insights, Twitter Unveils ‘Mute’, Yahoo Gets Mobile & More | Social Media Snapshot

Harp Interactive

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Carlsberg Launches Crowdit: A Non-Branded Mobile App


We frequently see companies making use of mobile apps to promote their brand. Today, Carlsberg launches a different kind of branded mobile app: a non-branded app. Non-branded promotion. Why is a non-branded app of interest to the brand behind? For the consumer it’s all about the content.

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Ignite Social Media Announces Release of Groundbreaking Ebook: “Social Media & AI: An In-Depth Analysis”

Ignite Social Media

Cary, NC – January 30, 2024 – Ignite Social Media, a pioneer in the social media marketing space, today announced the launch of its latest ebook, “Social Media & AI: An In-Depth Analysis.” – A deep dive into how AI is reshaping social media analytics and paid media strategies.

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