Youtube Makes User-generated Feature Film


The most compelling footage will be edited into a feature film to show a cohesive story of a single day on earth. 2010 TweetYou may remember Youtube’s user-generated film project called Life in a Day which I wrote about earlier this summer.

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Why And How To Submit Your Small Budget Film To Search Engines - Social Media

Social Media Network Marketing

Having your small budget Film, OnLine could be a challenge. To Get You Started: Free Search Engine Submission Get Your Film URL Listed On Google, Bing, Yahoo And More! As Published At: [link] Internet is a rich and vast resource of information.

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Social Videos – Why, Where And How?


Facebook has opened up for larger images and visual social platforms like Instagram, Vine and Pinterest have experienced an amazing growth. And videos on Facebook are shared 12x more than text posts and links combined! Similar Posts: How Brands Use Vine. Brands Rocking Instagram.

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Monday Roundup: Branding Inspired by Oscar

Waxing UnLyrical

have honored those films and actors that stand out from the crowd, creating a brand that exudes excellence. This 7-Step Guide Will Help You Create An Authentic Personal Brand. Why: “Whether you like it or not, you have a personal brand.” Oscar hangover, anyone?

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Top 10 Branded Content Wins of 2018


Most of all, we saw brands embrace new and creative ways to stand out online, add value, and engage with consumers. In no particular order, here’s our roundup of top branded content from 2018. Want branded content inspiration in your inbox every week?

The Story of The World's Most Powerful Social Network – Facebook


After reading a bit about the film, especially that it where primary based on the book “The Accidental Billionaires” by Ben Mezrich, I thought it would be a good idea to read the book and so I did. At client meetings I often gets asked questions like – what’s the future for Facebook?

Hawaii Musicians & Film Makers: SXSW Wants You!

Bare Feet Studios

Home About What We Do PayPal Speaker Contact Subscribe Press / PR Bare Feet Network Internet Literacy for Business: Blogging, Podcasting, Online Video & Social Media Howto, Consulting, Training & Public Speaking Home > News > Hawaii Musicians & Film Makers: SXSW Wants You!

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Praying and piggybacking: Who is Nesamani and why are brands talking about him?


Nesamani is a character played by Tamil actor and comedian Vadivelu in the 2001 film Friends. A user on a Facebook memes page asked a harmless question about hammers, leading to a Tamil user making a reference to Nesamani. An innocent reply from the OP (original poster) praying for Nesamani exploded into a social media meme, with users and brands alike pitching in and praying for Nesamani. Yesterday, brands had a plum opportunity.

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Social Solute: 4 Brands on Social Media to Admire This Year

Ignite Social Media

While we know there is much more to come in the next half of 2016, we want to take a moment to salute brands who are doing a killer job so far on social media. If you’re looking for inspiring brand content on Instagram, look no further than Airbnb.

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Best Practices For Facebook Live Broadcasts

Ignite Social Media

Since 2015, Facebook has seen an increase in videos-per-person posted on their site. In the United States, the rate has gone up by 94% ; not by coincidence, Facebook’s relatively new live video feature has become one of the social media site’s most popular aspects.

Old Spice Spoof nails it! New Spice – Study like a Scholar, Scholar


Doing a spoof of a popular commercial, film or simple a private YouTube hit, happens all the time, a few is good and a lot really bad. On the blog site, [link] – you can go behind the camera and see the making of the film.

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YouTube Tuesday: The Social Network Trailer


The film is about Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and how the popular social networking site got its start. Will you see the film? Video URL : [link] ] Visit the films official website at [link] Chad Richards is the Social Program Manager at Firebelly Marketing.

Can You Build a Content Marketing Super Brand

Convince & Convert

As part of his book research, Mark asked me about how I have built for myself a “super brand” where people trust or want to consume what I create, without having to sample it first, and whether anyone could create a “super brand” if they chose to do so.

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Youtube Makes Interactive Gallery


Director Kevin Macdonald is still editing the most compelling submissions to go into a documentary film, which is produced by Ridley Scott. The film will premiere at the Sundance Festival and on Youtube in January 2011.

Decoding the Facebook Algorithm: A Fully Up-to-Date List of the Algorithm Factors and Changes

Buffer Social

If you do Facebook marketing , one thing that you might want to understand is the Facebook algorithm. We want to help you understand how your Facebook posts get viewed on Facebook. Read on, and see what goes into the complex, fascinating formulas of the Facebook News Feed.

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What Should I Do with Negative Reviews on My Facebook Page?

agora pulse

What should you do when you get negative reviews on your Facebook page? pub The Illicit Still handled the following negative review on its Facebook page. How you handle those is ultimately up to you and will depend on your brand’s values.

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How to Strategically Enhance Your Facebook Video Marketing

agora pulse

Facebook video in particular has become increasingly important and it’s imperative to strategize how to best use it for your brand. Facebook Video Choices Are Expanding. There are several facets of Facebook video worthy of exploration.

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How To: Enjoy SXSW (Without Being at SXSW)

Almost Savvy

In the real world, it may not be that big of a deal, to many in the tech, film or music worlds, it is a must place to be to see the latest and coolest things happening and mingle with those making it happen.

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How 25 Brands Make the Most of Visual Content on Social Media

Rebekah Radice

Want to know how you can make the most of visual marketing on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and more? Join me in this look at 25 brands that make the MOST of visual content on social media. How 25 Brands Make the Most of Visual Content on Social Media.

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Facebook Launches Timeline and Expansion of Open Graph


Tweet Yesterday, much talked about Facebook Developer’s Conference F8 took place in San Fransisco. It was a much talked about event and it seemed Facebook had something big to announce which would forever change the face internet and I feel as usual the social giant was quite impressive!

The Importance of Local Activation on Social Media: India


India has the 2nd largest audience on Facebook, with a 9% user base (USA being no. Here in India, Facebook is the most commonly used social media platform followed by Whatsapp, Google+ and Twitter. Facebook are investing Rs 50 million per annum in 100 Wi-Fi hotspots across the country.

Five Brands That Won In Social This Past Holiday Season

Ignite Social Media

But what helps us find relief in our quest for the perfect gift or to discover better travel plans are the holiday campaigns we will observe through brands. Knowing we spend a third of our time on our phones , it’s no surprise brands took advantage of how easily accessible everything has become through the touch of our fingertips. Here, we’re exploring those special brands that got creative this past holiday season and won audiences over with their holiday campaigns.

5 Brands Who Rocked the Social Media Red Carpet During the Oscars

Convince & Convert

From powerful messages to clever interruptions and even praise from Oprah herself, here are five brands who rocked the social media red carpet during the Oscars. Continue the conversation on our Facebook or Google+ pages. While a reported 34.6

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How Brands Celebrate Star Wars Day on May 4th


Unmetric has tracked a staggering 5,500% growth in Star Wars day content being published by brands since 2012! I've picked out what I consider to be the fifteen best pieces of brand content from #maythefourth based on the engagement and interactions that they've received.

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Why You’re Pissing Off Half Your Facebook Fans

Convince & Convert

Sure it has 600 million members and is significantly more compelling than any film made by Nicholas Cage in the past five years, but even with those inherent advantages, Facebook for business is hard. The bigger gauntlet for marketers on Facebook is sociological.

Top Five: Google is shuttering G+

Sherrilynne Starkie

Top stories this week include Facebook’s crackdown, Google’s continuing investment in quality news, another new Instagram feature, the final throes of Google’s G+ and how all emoji are being treated equal on Twitter. Facebook cracks down on link bait and ad farms.

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Building Passion Brands With Jeff Rosenblum - This Week's Six Pixels Of Separation Podcast

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Have you seen the documentary, The Naked Brand ? Jeff was the co-writer and director of that film. More recently, he published his first book, Friction - Passion Brands In The Age of Disruption. In the end, great brands tell great stories. brand. branding. facebook. passion brand. the naked brand. Episode #584 of Six Pixels of Separation - The Mirum Podcast is now live and ready for you to listen to.

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Revive your Facebook Page – 10 Quick and Easy Ideas

Socially Sorted

Are you looking for easy ways to Revive Your Facebook Page reach, attention and engagement? In this post I’ ll share 10 Super Simple Ways to Revive Your Facebook Page… with some strategies so simple you can do them in seconds! Facebook is hard these days.

5 Social Media Opportunities to Plan for this Summer

Ignite Social Media

The summer season has officially kicked off and with it comes a myriad of social media opportunities for brands to interact with fans in new and unexpected ways. 360 Degree Facebook Photos. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to make your brand shine this summer.

Three Frightfully Fun Examples of Brand Generated Halloween Social Media Content

Convince & Convert

From Facebook, to Twitter, Vine, and YouTube, check out these three clever content and promotion examples Petco, Tide and Crest have been scaring up leading into Halloween today. Tide Pays Homage to Classic Horror Films on Vine with #ScaredStainless. Happy Halloween!

How 25 Brands Make the Most of Visual Content on Social Media

Rebekah Radice

Want to know how you can make the most of visual marketing on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and more? Join me in this look at 25 brands that make the MOST of visual content on social media. How 25 Brands Make the Most of Visual Content on Social Media.

Why Won’t Facebook Give Us a Love Button?

Convince & Convert

Last week, Facebook celebrated the one year anniversary of the “like&# button, the popular successor to the “fan&# button, and the tip of the spear of its Open Graph gambit that it hopes will allow it to become the plumbing of the Web.

Australia Toyota Yaris social media campaign Downfall

Laurel Papworth

Just a word on unified brand message – 4 or 5 agencies, trying to show how different and unique they are doesn’t deliver a brand message, except one of “we will win at all costs&#. Is that a good use of brand karma, let alone $15,000 x each agency?

How SparkNotes is winning the pop culture game on social


SparkNotes is a company that provides study guides for literature, poetry, films, and more. Here at Unmetric, we do something called #UnmetricBrandStars —every day, we feature one brand that published a highly engaging tweet that day. SparkNotes on Facebook. Stay on brand.

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Instagram’s Co-Founders Step Down, Vertical Video Gains Momentum, Facebook Launches Stories Ads, and More!

Buffer Social

This week (episode #114) we’re chatting about all of this and more: Instagram’s co-founders are stepping down from their positions at Facebook, sending a shock through the industry. Facebook launches a powerful new ad format – Stories Ads. Facebook shares fell about 2.2

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Last month on social: Pop culture, piggybacking, and…pee?


On the one end, Alabama’s vote to implement strict anti-abortion measures in the state prompted a public outcry, with various brands, celebrities, and everyday Twitter user alike pitching in. They received the second highest engagement of all their 2019 Facebook content with this post. Amidst all the serious pro-life/pro-choice wars and gummy vitamins chatter, brands continued their own way, silently trying to win on social. Tag your friend and make us a brand star.

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Social Media Creates Customer/Brand "Miracle" Partnerships

Diva Marketing Blog

It's not all about the brand. From customer interactions to traditional research to digital platforms with funny names like blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare and Flickr. . oops wrong film.

Want to Create a Trail-Blazing Social Media Campaign? Here Are 13 Tips From Brands like Airbnb, Coca-Cola, and Starbucks

Buffer Social

Brand: Eurostar. Brand: Coca-Cola. Instead of a name on the coke package, Coca-Cola featured lyrics of songs in line with its brand values of optimism, refreshment, and inclusion. Brand: Taco Bell. Brand: Airbnb. Brand: Visit Victoria. Brand: Snickers.

The Oscars: content marketing success

Sherrilynne Starkie

Millions of people were glued to their screens watching the evening unfold while they tweeted and Facebooked their reactions in real-time. According to Facebook , the Oscars scored a 7.17 on the Facebook Talk Meter, with most of the conversation emanating from the US.

Social Design for Social Success


Tweet Did you know that the number 1 reason why people love Facebook is that it enables us to show our personality? When it comes to subjective questions such as “Which film should I see?” Applications on Facebook aren’t social without other people.