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7 Creators On The Systems That Support Their Content Creation

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It also relies on a well-structured and often-overlooked powerhouse – Systems. These systems are the backbone of a sustainable content-creation business. I think of systems as part of the broader PARTS model of becoming a creator (Product, Audience, Revenue, Trust, Systems) as created by Jay Clouse).

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How to Build a Brand Community for your B2B Business


It turns out that creating a brand community for your B2B company can give you that type of mouthwatering ROI. . B2B businesses need to foster a strong spirit of community to serve their clients and customers better. Two out of every three customers will choose to purchase from a company where they feel they have brand loyalty.

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Become the Pied Piper of Community Building

Waxing UnLyrical

Communities have been around for centuries, however online communities have only been around for a few decades. According to Computerworld the first “online community” came about in 1973 when Talkomatic for the PLATO time-sharing system released a text-based group chat. Guest Post by Samantha Lake.

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Audiences or communities? Defining the new social media landscape

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If you picked up TikTok during the pandemic, you might have been looking for a lockdown diversion—a goal that TikTok recognizes as it brands itself as an “ entertainment platform ” rather than a social media platform. If brands, creators and audiences are logging in for entirely different reasons, where is the commonality?

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6 Tools for Community Managers That Should Be in Their Work Portfolio

The Realtime Report

6 Tools for Community Managers That Should Be in Their Work Portfolio. So here is a list of tools for community managers, ideal for optimizing daily tasks. This is an excellent tool for checking in real-time, through a geo-positioning system, what the trend topics are at the moment in different parts of the world. 3- Quintly.

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11 Ways the Buffer Team and Community are Using Tags

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Join Buffer’s open beta anytime and pop over to our community to let us know what you think of the latest features.)    With that, here are 11 ways to utilize this beautiful new feature to its fullest potential, five directly from our team and community

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‘Tis the Season to Double Down on Social Customer Care (and Protect Your Community Managers)

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Just when we thought we, as social media strategists and community managers, could rest up from the twists and turns of the last 18 months, the holiday season is upon us. . Ensure Your Community Management Team Has The Right Software. It feels like it could be a doozy. . During this season, you may not have good news for all.