The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Messenger Chatbot Analytics in 2019

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Chatbots are becoming a much more significant consideration on Facebook Messenger, and these tips will help you maximize your chatbot efforts

7 best YouTube analytics tools


In-depth YouTube analytics will help you take your video marketing game from good to ninja level. So let’s walk through the top seven Youtube analytics tools to help you fine-tune your video marketing strategy and perform better on Youtube.

8 best Instagram analytics tools


If Instagram is part of your social media strategy, I’ve got a quick question for you: Are you using the right Instagram analytics tools? What is Instagram analytics? Here’s a tool to help you make the most out of Instagram with their in-depth owned Instagram analytics.

7 best LinkedIn analytics tools


While LinkedIn’s own channel analytics might tick your basic needs, we’ve listed a few other analysis tools that will help you track and monitor your social strategy and achieve your goals on LinkedIn. Download analytics reports on your LinkedIn performance with insightful charts and graphs.

The State of Instagram Marketing 2019 - Part 4: Instagram Analytics

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Here are their thoughts on Instagram's analytics options We recently surveyed more than 800 marketers to get more insights into how they're using, and looking to use, Instagram.

2019 Social Media Resolutions

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As 2019 begins, some of us find ourselves attempting to begin New Year’s resolutions we’ve set into place, while others are still trying to decide on one. The post 2019 Social Media Resolutions appeared first on Ignite Social Media - The original social media agency.

7 best Facebook analytics tools


By allies, I mean these really cool analytics tools that will help you understand your Facebook performance and get real-time metrics to help you reach your target audience. Since revenue and social media analytics go hand in hand, this is a great tool that’ll help you with just that.

7 Exciting Instagram Features Coming in 2019


But the biggest Instagram update in 2019 isn’t adding anything new — in fact, it’s removing one the most intrinsic values of the app: likes. A post shared by taylor loren (@taylor.loren) on Apr 30, 2019 at 5:42pm PDT. #6: — Jane Manchun Wong (@wongmjane) April 18, 2019.

6 best Twitter analytics tools


Twitter analytics tools give you key data points that are helpful in calculating your social ROI. In this article, we’ve rounded up the best analytics tools that offer an array of features to help you increase brand visibility and fine-tune your Twitter strategy.

8 Instagram Analytics Tools to Help You Grow in 2019


Looking for an Instagram analytics tool to help you grow your account in 2019? If you want to track ROI from Instagram, you’ll need an Instagram analytics tool to help you increase engagement, get more views on stories, and make more sales.

Why Social Media Will Challenge Marketers in 2019

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In 2019? Now it’s about so many “other” things besides you and yet, in 2019, it still comes back to you, particularly when we have to synthesize the latest batch of Facebook data privacy breaches. This is where analytics can only get you so far.

10 Ways to Translate Native Analytics Into Better Content

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Utilizing the analytics tools available to you is key to maximizing your social media marketing efforts

4 Ways to Use Social Analytics to Maximize Your Efforts

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If you're a social media marketer, you need to be utilizing the various data and analytics tools available to you. Here are some tips

Google Publishes New Guide on Linking Google Ads and Google Analytics

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Google has released a new guide which outlines the benefits of linking your Google Ads and Google Analytics info to improve your ad targeting

How Your Competitors Will Shift Their Digital Marketing Strategy in the Next Two Years

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Don’t know: Again not at all surprisingly, larger companies tend to have more sophisticated web analytics capabilities. More than half of companies with revenue under $50 million already spend the majority of their marketing dollars online.

Facebook Expands CrowdTangle Analytics Platform Access to Academics and Researchers

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Facebook has announced that researchers and academics will now be able to access its data analytics tool CrowdTangle to assist in their work

The Pros and Cons of 5 Top Instagram Analytics Tools

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Looking for tools to help analyze, and maximize, your Instagram efforts? Here are some key tips on some of the most well-known apps

The Ultimate Guide to Instagram Hashtags in 2019


on your Instagram posts in 2019. The Ultimate Guide to Instagram Hashtags in 2019 will help you understand everything you need to know about using Instagram hashtags to get more followers, improve your posts’ engagement rates and build a community around your business. .

Why Tracking Social Media Posts is Important in 2019

billion people will use social media across the globe in 2019. Tracking your posts using analytics tools can help you figure out what you’re doing right, what’s not working and what could work for your business. Analytics can give you a lot of data about your social media accounts.

How to Use LinkedIn's Page Analytics Tools [Infographic]

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LinkedIn has published a new guide to making best use of your LinkedIn company page analytics tools

This is How the Instagram Algorithm Works in 2019


We’re demystifying the rumors and covering everything you need to know about the Instagram algorithm in 2019 — it’s time to take back control of your Instagram marketing strategy this year! How Does the Instagram Algorithm Work For Your Feed Posts in 2019?

The 5 Best Shopify Apps to Boost Your 2019 Sales Strategy

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The 5 Best Shopify Apps to Boost Your 2019 Sales Strategy. We have rounded up a list of must-have Shopify apps to boost your sales strategy in 2019: Omnisend. Integrated Google Search Console analytics.

Top 5 Instagram Marketing Trends for 2019


Wondering what the big Instagram marketing trends for 2019 will be? Just like you have a content calendar for your Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook channels, in 2019 you’ll want to be doing the same with Instagram Stories.

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The Top 10 B2B Marketing Strategies for 2019


It’s 2019, and businesses now have many ways to gather, slice up, and analyze data. Here at the halfway point of 2019, we’re getting a clearer picture of the B2B marketing strategies that are currently leading the pack.

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12 of the Best Social Media Analytics Tools (and How They Can Help Your Business)

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The right analytics tools can boost your social media marketing performance - check out these apps

Advanced Social Media Training in Sydney August 2019

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My 3 Day advanced social media intensive course is back! At the end of August, grab your laptop and head into Sydney CBD for a deep dive into the more advanced elements of social media marketing and strategy. Not for the complete beginner, suitable for Agencies and Government and Corporate].

Brands on social in June 2019: Rainbows, koalas, and cats


Morphe (@MorpheBrushes) June 2, 2019. This video was’s most engaging post of June 2019. Joining in on the public grieving was Orlando International Airport with this tweet, their third most engaging tweet in June 2019. Orlando International Airport (@MCO) June 12, 2019. With over 100K interactions, this post was Primark’s most engaging post of June 2019. This tweet was the second most engaging of all of New Balance’s June 2019 tweets. .

Introducing Buffer Analyze: A Facebook and Instagram Analytics Tool From Buffer

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Mastering social media analytics isn’t easy. In this post, I’ll walk you though some steps you can take to make social media analytics your secret weapon. Buffer Analyze: Buffer’s Facebook and Instagram Analytics and Reporting Tool.

Twitter's Working on New Event and Audience Analytics Tools, Updated Desktop Layout

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Twitter's working on some new analytics tools, as well as new elements to put more focus on discussions around major events

Instagram Stories Analytics: Every Metric You Need to Know


Businesses are going all-in on Instagram Stories, which means measuring your success through Instagram Stories analytics will become a crucial part of your social strategy this year. Understanding Your Instagram Stories Analytics. Measuring Discovery with Instagram Stories Analytics.

Making Sense of Social Media Analytics


At the beginning of October, I had the pleasure of finally going to (or at least *near*) Boston for the first time in my (long) life to present about social media analytics at NESAE’s Technology Conference. Whew, it’s been a busy few weeks.

9 Instagram analytics tools to help you crush it in 2019

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Fast forward to 2019 and times have changed. From social listening to engagement metrics, businesses on Instagram are spoiled for choice when it comes to Instagram analytics. Zeroing in on the right Instagram analytics tools can be tricky, though. That’s why we put together a comprehensive list of Instagram analytics tools you can use in tandem to master your key marketing metrics. Use these Instagram analytics tools to transform into a power user.

Stop Chasing the Glittery Disco Ball of Influencers: Consider Micro Influencers

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Then utilize Google Analytics to understand the effectiveness of your campaign. “We Guest Post by Debbie Friez. On the marketing dance floor, influencer marketing is all the craze-because it works.

The Best Time to Post on Instagram in 2019, According to 12 Million Posts


To find the best time to post on Instagram to get the most engagement in 2019, we analyzed 12 million Instagram posts , posted in multiple time zones around the world from accounts ranging from 100 to 1 million+ followers. Ready to get more customers from Instagram in 2019?

Humanize Your Brand with Data and Social Insights using these 5 Strategies

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Supporting Resources: 2019 Content Editorial Calendar Template + Content Quick Start Toolkit. 2019 is where those who have simply been “hustling” to get by realize they must hustle and work smarter. Take Action: Download the Ultimate 2019 Content Calendar Template. .

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17 Instagram stats marketers need to know for 2019

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It’ll bring in nearly a quarter of Facebook’s total ad revenue by the end of 2019, and 30% of total ad revenue by the end of 2020. Then you can utilize Sprout Social’s Instagram analytics tool to determine your own best days and times to post, or let Sprout ViralPost do the work for you.

9 Ways to Increase Instagram Engagement in 2019


Wondering how to increase Instagram engagement in 2019? Here are 9 ways that you can level-up your Instagram strategy and increase Instagram engagement in 2019: Tip #1 to Increase Instagram Engagement: Start Conversations with Instagram Stories Stickers.

14 Social Media Best Practices You Should Follow in 2019


14 social media best practices for 2019. Other tactics to consider for learning about your audience include: Analyze website and social media analytics. By gathering data from your accounts and campaigns to track and improve performance—analytics.

The 10 Top Social Media Tools Brands are Using to Succeed in 2019

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Tools for content curation, discovery, scheduling, publishing, analytics, and more can be used to enhance your effectiveness. This week on The Science of Social Media , we’re exploring the top 10 social media tools brands are using to succeed in 2019. 9: Native Analytics. #10:

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15 Facebook stats every marketer should know for 2019

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As of January 2019, the highest number is India at 300 million users. Considering Facebook’s huge audience, it’s going to continue to be the focus of many social marketers in 2019. This post 15 Facebook stats every marketer should know for 2019 originally appeared on Sprout Social.

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How to Create a Killer Instagram Bio in 2019


Ready to learn what it takes to create a killer Instagram bio in 2019? You can even see how effective your posts are by checking out your analytics on the Later dashboard. The post How to Create a Killer Instagram Bio in 2019 appeared first on Later Blog.

Technology Makes Us Lazy Communicators

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That speaks very strongly to me at this point in my life right now as I’m taking on a more analytics focused role in my job. In 2019, smartphones are predicted to overtake TV as the device that demands most of our attention each day. Guest Post by Matt LaCasse.

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How to Get (Real!) Followers on Social Media in 2019

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This is no small task on social media in 2019! Followers has been a main statistic in our Buffer analytics since the beginning, and it is one of the key stats available in our new product, Buffer Analyze. Use Instagram analytics to see what’s working.