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Event Breakdown by URL Bug

Jon Loomer

If you expand an event in the Events Manager Overview tab and click on the View Details button, you can click the Event Breakdown dropdown menu and filter by URLs. When I select to filter by URLs I only get my domain. Even if you go to the Sampled Activities section, the URLs provided are only domains.

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How to Edit the Facebook Ad Destination URL by Placement

Jon Loomer

There are reasons you may want to edit your Facebook ad destination URL by placement. Let’s walk through those steps so that you can run different URLs by placement, too. Create a URL with UTM Parameters. An easy way to do this is to use the Google URL builder. Facebook URL Builder. Edit URL by Placement.

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Personal Branding for Business: 7 Sample Goals To Help Build Your Strategy

Pam Moore

Human connections, interactions are more memorable than a branded url spammed repeatedly on your social media channels. These 7 sample goals will help you better define your personal branding goals and also develop your personal brand strategy. It takes 6-7 brand touches for someone to remember your brand.

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Are Ads Manager Results Too Good to Be True?

Jon Loomer

Within the same View Details screen from the Event Overview tab, go to Event Breakdown and select URLs. This should technically list specific URLs where these events are happening. Paste the URL for the landing page (or whatever starting point you want to use) and click “Open Website.” Check Event Location.

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An Easter Surprise, Using QR Codes for Instant Sampling

Convince & Convert

Maybe it’s my failing memory brought upon by encroaching middle age, but the ability to snap a photo of something rather than remember a URL is a big win in my estimation. Based on this one, simple use of QR technology and instant sampling, the chances of me ordering a cookie next time at Which Wich went from 0% to 100%.

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How to Choose Facebook Ad Placements

Jon Loomer

Focus on Cost Per Action, but also get a sense of whether that cost is over a large enough sample size to care. Using URL Parameters. Another way to measure this is with URL parameters. Example: Use URL Parameters to Verify Facebook Ads Results. Use URL parameters and Google Analytics. What Should You Do?

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How to Use UTM Parameters to Track Social Media Success


Don’t worry, you can make the link easier on the eyes using a URL shortener , as you’ll see in the next section of this post. Sample code: utm_source=facebook. Sample code: utm_medium=paid_social. Sample code: utm_campaign=summer_sale. Sample code: utm_term=social_media. Sample code: utm_content=video_ad.