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The Future of Association Management Systems


This seems to be the question that has haunted association execs for more than 25 years when the initial association management system hit the not-for-profit marketplace. The Future of AMS Systems: A Provocative Discussion from David Gammel. Mobile: Mobile, moblah, blah blah, blah, blah. Why are we still talking about our technology systems being mobile?

WhatsApp Ceases Support for Older Operating Systems

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WhatsApp users on devices with older operating systems were on the receiving end of a New Year’s Eve surprise. Singh added that the following operating systems are heading for WhatsApp’s chopping block in June: BlackBerry 10 OS. WhatsApp announced these steps in a blog post last February , writing at the time: When we started WhatsApp in 2009, people’s use of mobile devices looked very different from today. About 70 percent of smartphones sold at the time had operating systems offered by BlackBerry and Nokia. Froyo or older versions of Android. iOS 6 or older.

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The Intersection of Online Communities and Learning Management Systems


We’re seeing some interesting things going on in the association industry at the intersection of online communities and learning management systems (LMS). Just over half of respondents (51 percent) report using a learning management system (LMS) to deliver and manage education. This post originally appeared on Online Community Results. ————-. Here’s our take.

Top Ways to Utilize Mobile Marketing and Payment Options Today


Organizations can now make it easy for consumers to purchase at any location by using the best mobile credit card processing , as well as send customers specifically targeted information, rewards, tips and more. If you want to get in on the mobile payments action, now is definitely the time. Take Payments Anywhere, Anytime. Provide Better Customer Service and Fulfillment.

List of Social Media Management Systems (SMMS)

Solution: As a Result, Social Media Management Systems are Emerging Like CMS and WMS for centralized website management, Social Media Management Systems (SMMS) empower social media teams to manage multiple distributed social channels from one location –enabling the opportunity to build deeper relationships by being in more places at once. functionality, things are different now.

Feature Friday: How to Choose the Best Comment System for Your Blog

Ari Herzog

While many bloggers prefer to stick with their native comments system, whether it’s WordPress, Blogger or any other of the popular platforms, others are preferring to use third-party systems like Disqus , IntenseDebate and Livefyre , amongst others. So is there any benefit in using one system over the other, and if so, which one is right for you? Third-Party Comment Systems.

Twitter’s New Ad System REVEALED


But to do that, any ad system, like all ad systems, will need to accomplish three things: Increase the likelihood that an ad unit will be seen. How the interface would be implemented on various third-party apps and on mobile devices would surely be different, but that’s beyond the scope of this post (although, I could think of something). Twitter’s New Ad System REVEALED.

Facebook Caffe2Go Deep-Learning System Powers Video ‘Style Transfer’ Test

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The social network announced that it began testing a new creative-effective camera feature within its flagship mobile application that applies “style transfer” technique to users’ videos via a Facebook-developed deep-learning technology called Caffe2Go. We’ve developed a new deep-learning platform on mobile so it can–for the first time–capture, analyze and process pixels in real time, putting state-of-the-art technology in the palm of your hand. This is a full-fledged deep learning system called Caffe2Go, and the framework is now embedded into our mobile apps.

Six Tips to Go Mobile without Going Broke

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You see, I agree mobile commerce is the next big thing – and a critical opportunity businesses can’t ignore. Based on their feedback, coupled with our own discoveries, we’ve found there are six ways business owners can “go mobile” without going broke. . Mobile optimize Mobile searches have grown 400 percent since 2010, according to Google. Your site has to be optimized for mobile viewing. Be sure you can be found (turns out that Google and other search engines may not show non-mobile optimized sites in mobile search results).

7 Questions About Facebook’s New Star Ratings System

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In this “let’s get physical” edition of The Baer Facts, I talk with Kyle Lacy of ExactTarget about Facebook’s new system of applying star ratings to Pages , and the merits of kettlebell as a workout option. Taking a play from Yelp, Facebook has been collecting ratings data via their mobile app for more than a year. Set your DVRs for Porter Ridge.

Are You Making These Costly Holiday Mobile Mistakes?

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Posted in Customer Experience eCommerce Mobile. And if you’re a retailer, hopefully you haven’t just primed your in-store and online offers, but your mobile presence as well. population are avid mobile Internet users, according to 2011 U.S. While mobile commerce stats have been rising for quite some time, many retailers have yet to nail its optimal experience.

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T-Mobile G2: My New Mobile Obsession

Ari Herzog

My new obsession is the T-Mobile G2. Here’s a picture I snapped of the two phones side by side : Launching last fall to many positive early reviews , the phone runs on the open source Android operating system and is pre-installed with every mobile application in Google’s arsenal. Asking people around my town what they thought of T-Mobile, their responses were generally favorable. Last night, I ported my 12-year number to T-Mobile. -- Thanks for reading T-Mobile G2: My New Mobile Obsession by Ari Herzog. I chuckle as I look back.

How to Leverage Mobile Payments to Garner Customer Loyalty


Mobile payments will reach $90 billion by 2017, according to Forrester. The ability to attract mobile customers isn’t just a matter of selling more products, however. From loyalty programs to innovative social-sharing incentives, mobile marketing can boost your sales and help form lasting loyalty. Open up Your Mobile Wallet. MobileGeotarget Your Customers.

3 Ways Mobile Apps Can Reward Customer Loyalty

The Realtime Report

Point collection is quickly becoming a popular way for mobile apps to encouraging return business, especially with younger generations. The app ShopKick offers a similar reward system, often with special promotions for small and medium-sized businesses. Foursquare Mobile Loyalty allows businesses to offer rewards to customers when they “check in” at their location.

[Cool Infographic Friday] Everything you need to know about mobile payment options


I’m checking out Dwolla and Serve as ways to potentially detach myself from the traditional banking system which I hate. How are you using mobile payments? Personally, I buy everything online, especially groceries , takeout food , homewares, electronics, and clothing. I’ll go to Best Buy or the Apple Store, but only after I’ve already bought my item online. Potluck

Building the Bambu Mobile App in React Native

Sprout Social

Early solutions tried to bring web resources to mobile, but never had the experience users expected. Then in 2015, Facebook released a variant of its popular React library on mobile called React Native. So when our mobile team here at Sprout started work on the mobile app for our employee advocacy product Bambu , we chose to build it in React Native. Prior to this project, our only mobile app was Sprout Social iOS and Sprout Social Android, which are built independently of each other using native technologies. Write once, run on iOS and Android. Going Forward.

4 Tools for Creating a Bulletproof Idea Capture System


So if you’re going to trap all those flashes of genius and store them for later use, you need to create a simple idea capture system. Nowadays almost every mobile phone has a voice recording feature. Given how easy it is to compose and send email from your mobile devices these days, posting to your blog via email is often easier than logging in your dashboard. Voice recorder.

The 6 Best Features of iOS 7

The Social Media Incubator

One of the biggest aspects missing from the old operating system was the ability to multi-task. Now that you have heard our favorite features of the new operating system, leave a comment below with your favorite feature! Apps In the Media Mobile Apps Mobile Tips ability to multi-task Apple iOS 7 mobile operating system organizing and finding photos

A Cashless America

Saying It Social

In this blog post we explore the 2015 Digital Wallet- what it is, why you should accept mobile payments, as well as projected Millennial purchase behavior- check it out! Digital Marketing Mobile Advertising Business Owners Digital Wallet Millennial Purchase Behavior Millennials Mobile Payment POS systems The post A Cashless America appeared first on.

The Top #Nifty50 Women in Technology on Twitter for 2012

Webbiquity SMM

Carrie played a key role in launching the enterprise-wide integration of social & mobile recruiting, breaking some of the traditional boundaries of HR in the process. Our group is responsible for setting the strategy for the company’s global digital brand presence on , social web sites and mobile. A year ago, the #Nifty50 honored 50 remarkable men and women on Twitter.

Need Mobile Intel? Read The Third Screen

Geoff Livingston

Chuck Martin’s The Third Screen is arguably of the same caliber for the forthcoming mobile marketing revolution. Centered around the Untethered Consumer — freed from the bondage of traditional marketing methods — the book helps marketers capture the true nature of mobile media. Martin’s strength lies in his discussion of mobile platforms.

[Case Study] Have you crossed the mobile threshold?


This one is w ritten by Jeremy Vanderlan, Mobile Practice Lead. Interested in mobile strategy? Crossing the Mobile Threshold. has looked towards mobile as a solution for spreading information about HIV/AIDS for a number of years. For the first time the majority of traffic to came via mobile devices. Mobile devices are personal devices.

Is Your Website Prepared For Mobile Traffic?

Small Business Mavericks

One of the biggest changes in Internet use over the last two years has been the traffic coming from mobile users. And that was just Apple iPhones, you can probably triple those numbers for all mobile devices sold during the same period. David Moth has published an interesting infographic on Econsultancy related to mobile statistics for 2011 (a good example of How Infographics Can Help Improve Your Social Media Appeal ). Did you know that mobile traffic traffic increased substantially after 5pm. Mobile usage peaks around 8pm while desktop computing peaks around 6pm.

The Lowdown on Making Your Site Mobile-Friendly


It has been easy until recently to ignore the concept of mobile browsing as it did not impact a significant portion of the traffic on the internet. That notion has changed, however, with 2011 seeing a total of 20% of all web traffic coming through mobile phones. For the most experienced developers, using CSS as a platform for a mobile deployment may be a good idea. Using CSS.

Chatbots: The future of conversational commerce and marketing

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Recently, I had the pleasure of speaking with Christian Brucculeri, the CEO at mobile messaging company Snaps, a developer of chatbots and other marketing technology products for companies. You might call automated phone systems—the kind people love to hate—as a chatbot’s second cousin. Might I one day launch a chatbot on Alexa, Amazon’s voice control system?

How Facebook Sees How Thousands of Devices React to Code Changes

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Why is there a wall featuring thousands of mobile devices, older and newer, in Facebook’s data center in Prineville , Ore.? This didn’t scale—we needed to be able to run tests on more than 2,000 mobile devices to account for all the combinations of device hardware, operating systems and network connections that people use to connect on Facebook.

[Solved] Posting Photos To Instagram From Your Desktop

SocMed Sean

Similar to my articles on switching between Twitter mobile and desktop and reorganizing your Facebook photos , I expect that there are a lot of people out there searching for the answer to this one too. Instagram was designed to be a mobile app, capturing the world around you via your phone. Well…it’s happened again. So, I turned to Google for ways to post my photos.

Social Media Stats [Infographic]


To demonstrate the growth of social channels in the last one year, here is an interesting infographic designed by Internet marketing firm Dream Systems Media based on the data provided by AdAge. We saw some great campaigns and interesting use of social media, along with expansion of mobile platforms. 55% of Twitter users access the platform via their mobile. infographic].

Create a Positive Website Customer Experience

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Create a Mobile Customer Experience Given the hustle and bustle of our increasingly modernized world, many people choose to delve into their web needs on portable devices rather than desktop computers. Take the time to make sure your mobile customer experience is as consistent and high quality as all of your other platforms. The major boost in retention rates won’t hurt either.

Social Networking Stats: Facebook To Acquire WhatsApp, #RLTM Scoreboard

The Realtime Report

Mobile messaging service WhatsApp is being acquired by Facebook to the tune of $19 billion in cash and stock — Facebook’s biggest acquisition to date. WhatsApp allows users to share messages (text, picture and video) across mobile devices with different operating systems, and is especially popular in Europe and other areas outside the U.S. Facebook: 1.23 YouTube.

How to Build and Monetize a Mobile-Optimized Blog


For bloggers, creating a mobile site can seem daunting. Without the time, money and a working knowledge of various coding languages, a mobile site can seem out of reach. Mary Meeker, a partner at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, noted in her 2012 Internet Trends report that mobile traffic today accounts for 10% of total Internet traffic. Why have a mobile site?

Stop Your Smartphone From Telling Burglars Where You Live

Ari Herzog

The instructions are different for Android and other operating systems and you can learn more here. Productivity identity mobile security Photo by Pieter Vieu. Used with permission. No joke. The fix is easy: turn off the GPS “feature” for your camera and video, keeping it on for the apps that need location information. Cheers to JO Social Branding for the reminder.

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My Switch From iPhone To Android: Part Two

Jason Yormark

Now before any backlash from Android enthusiasts or how I should try Windows Mobile (not going to happen), here’s the deal…I don’t fall into this strange world of fanboyism for electronics. You can say what you want when you compare mobile operating systems, but in my opinion, no system is more polished, clean, and overall a pleasant user experience then iOS.

Benefits of Online Reputation Management - Social Media

Social Media Network Marketing

Together they start to form a complete picture and enable our stakeholder’s experience to percolate within the system. Provide early warning systems for reactive Public Relations. Unported License. Based on a work at Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at [link]. Social Media Ne. Professional networks like LinkedIn.

Facebook Announces Several Measurement Products, Integrations

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View-through measurement with Facebook’s Mobile Measurement Partners: Mobile application advertisers will be able to assign credit to ads that were viewed by users but never clicked on via the social network’s Mobile Measurement Partners : Apsalar , Adjust , Kochava , AppsFlyer and Localytics. Facebook added in the Facebook for Business post: Marketing mix modeling is the preferred measurement system for many of the largest brands in the world. This can be challenging to do, especially in today’s mobile-first world. Marketers: What do you think?

Is SMS Marketing Still a Viable Strategy?

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

As most brands and organizations now have a mobile optimized version of their website, the focus is now on encouraging users to travel to your site and interact with the brand itself in order to push increased revenue. Here a few examples: 77% of the population of the world own a mobile phone. Business Marketing cell phones mobile sms sms marketingSMS, really? Why it Works.

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The Hard Things About The Hard Thing Called "Digital Transformation"

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A better web experience, implementing marketing automation software or shifting your business model from a Web-based digital experience to a mobile-first strategy does not make the transformation complete. All consumers are (mostly) mobile-first. Most failed business transformation attempts happen because the brand was focused on where the world was going (social, mobile, messaging, VR, AR, automation, etc.), This may be a tough pill for brands to swallow, but antiquated technology and legacy systems have a dramatic effect on a brand's ability to be future-proof.

Workplace (Formerly Facebook at Work) Officially Launches Worldwide

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There are also features exclusive to Workplace, including a dashboard with analytics and integration with single sign-on, as well as with identity providers that allow organizations to integrate the service with their existing information-technology systems. Some people spend their entire workday on the go, on their mobile phone. Norway. France. We feel we are ready for primetime now.

Everything You Need to Know to Run a Successful SMS Marketing Campaign

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One of the great things about SMS is that nearly 100% of all devices on the market are SMS enabled , making it the mobile channel that offers the widest reach possible. In fact, it’s been reported that Coca-Cola historically has invested 70% of their mobile budget on SMS marketing. Your SMS mobile campaign will impact many departments of your company. Yes, that immediate.

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Why Apps Fail and Other Mobile Marketing Truths

Convince & Convert

It’s Jay Baer from Convince & Convert live today with my friend, a very special guest, Simon Salt , who is a digital strategist and the CEO of IncSlingers and the author of the brand new e-book, “The Shorty Guide to Mobile Marketing” Simon, how are you, good sir? You made it with the Amazon publishing system , which I know people have been talking about a lot. It’s called, “The Shorty Guide to Mobile Marketing” Are there other Shorty Guides or did you pick that name, or is that sort of a category? No mobile foundation whatsoever.