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The Spin Sucks Inquisition: Samantha McCain

Spin Sucks

I focused on my new job, learned new skills, and spent a good year figuring out where I wanted to give and donate time. Where You Can Find Samantha McCain You can find Sam on Twitter , Facebook , and LinkedIn. You can also find her working on—and upgrading— The Focus Group blog. By Gini Dietrich Like many people featured here, I met Samantha McCain on the Interwebz.

Is Brand Engagement Over on Facebook?

Janet Fouts

The news about Facebook lately has been pretty grim. Journal post focused mostly on small businesses, and they will certainly be hardest hit by the push towards ads because of three factors: Lack of resources to create effective ads and optimize them for clicks so you ads convert to the goals you’ve set for your campaign. IF you search for products on Facebook. Too pushy?

Getting real engagement on your Facebook page

Janet Fouts

Many Facebook page owners are disappointed with the results they are getting from their Facebook pages. This just doesn’t happen unless you’ve got a vibrant community and are expanding it to Facebook. If you tell me everything I need to know through your Facebook page, and it reads like your email newsletter, then that’s all I’m going to do. Facebook Facebook likes

Is Your CEO on Facebook Live?

SocialTimes Facebook

Not too long ago, your CEO spotting you using Facebook spelled certain doom, but now, not only is your CEO likely on Facebook, but he or she may even be broadcasting via Facebook Live. Facebook said in an email to SocialTimes that it has signed on 60 global business leaders to adopt the social network as a communications channel thus far in 2016, compared with a total of 40 for the full year of 2015. Facebook reaches 45 million people per day with business news. 670 million Facebook users are connected to news pages. Richard Edelman , Edelman.

Facebook for Marketing Research: Political Polls #auspol

Laurel Papworth

What if instead of checking a thousand people, instead of ringing those poor souls when they get home from work and are trying to get dinner on the table, we could just check in on what they were thinking, facebooking, tweeting about? What if we could go on Facebook and have a look at 11.5 Does Facebook do Sentiment Analysis? Facebook Advertising and Sentiment. Sort of.

The Emotion found in Social Data

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Focus Groups – are skewed in three ways: small sample sizes, self-selection population, and the dreaded “decibel rule’ – the loudest person in the room wins. Data Mining Emotion Facebook Listening Social Media Twitter Andrew Jeavons emotion Social media data Survey AnalyticsLet’s be clear. Most people who write on social media outlets don’t do so just for the sake of doing it.

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Our Hamilton public engagement campaign turns PR disaster

Sherrilynne Starkie

On Dawn Mcilmoyle wrote: “Dialog (sic) Partners has acted with gross incompetence in initiating it’s (sic) contact with the people of the city of Hamilton through social media via Facebook, Twitter and the blog it has put forward as the main website for contact. PLEASE LIKE MY FACEBOOK PAGE. This claim made Dialogue Partners website was shown to be 100% true last week.

How to Bring Humor to Community Management

Convince & Convert

Following a hilarious video on improving your private life, in which the company introduces guru Fille Güte, Ikea Singapore took to Facebook to launch the Shelf Help Guru Contest. Although a seemingly simple idea, what makes this campaign shine is the clever use of memes and puns both in the Facebook post creative as well as the comments. So, why not let them have a little fun?

Eight Conversations Your Customers Want to Have With Your Brand

Social Media Strategery

For those brands that can’t create their own museums, Facebook’s timeline feature allows you to share that history virtually. Public Relations Social Media coke content content calendar content marketing Facebook government marketing mercedes panera pepsi porsche social media Twitter zappos Your history. Listen to the stories. Collect old photos and videos.

The Marketing of Marketing is not Telling Us The Whole Story About Member Research


We wade through more messages about channel (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) And we focus far more on data and surveys than we do on qualitative market research. Perhaps you have the tools to segment your audience to figure out who the organization’s biggest champion is, or the biggest user, or most profitable member group. Big brands counter this bias by fielding many, many groups.

The Eight PR Up-and-Comers

Spin Sucks

Friday afternoon, I posted on Facebook that I was looking for the PR up-and-comers and received nearly 150 comments. She has her own business, where she focuses on travel and tourism. I have recently gotten to know Samantha a little bit better because she was commenting on my public Facebook posts and she made me laugh. By Gini Dietrich. The Eight PR Up-and-Comers. Sadie Wolfe.

Five Easy Ways to Use Google+

Spin Sucks

Was this an answer to Facebook? And, at least according to a recent survey from ACSI , users are more satisfied with it than with Facebook…mostly due to the fact that its mobile app reigns supreme. Last summer, when Google+ launched in beta to the uber-geeky technology crowd, the industry was all a flutter. Was Google to be more kind with our private information? Not really.

Google 131

Brands: It’s not enough to be liked

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Facebook fan pages are much the same thing. The fan page becomes a focus group that can be mined for consumer insights, which can feed back to content creation, stage gate development and campaign tracking. In the same way, audience discovery and competitive analysis can help you be in sync with your Facebook fans. How much is that Facebook Fan worth anyway?

Words and Pictures – the Batman and Robin of Content Marketing

Waxing UnLyrical

They’ve recently started offering improv focus groups to get a more real reaction to what people are thinking. Twitter Facebook Google+ LinkedIn Words and Pictures – the Batman and Robin of Content Marketing. Maybe it’s summer, with all the blockbuster superhero movies bombarding us in 3D. Or that I’ve never really outgrown comics and cartoons. It’s already happening….

Think Like a Television Network to Create a Winning Social Media Strategy

Convince & Convert

For example, a recent study by CoSchedule found that the “optimal” number of daily posts on Twitter (your mileage may vary) is 15, but just one to two posts per day on Instagram and Facebook are the sweet spot. ” Instead, they think of HGTV viewers, and DIY viewers, and GAC viewers because the demographic and psychographic characteristics of each viewer group differs.

The Spin Sucks Inquisition: Carrie Morgan

Spin Sucks

I was eventually fired when I wouldn’t change the results of a focus group to fit what the agency president thought investors of the real estate development concept wanted to hear. You can find her on Facebook , Twitter , LinkedIn , Google+ , Pinterest , on #PRProChat , and on her blog. By Gini Dietrich Hey, Carrie Morgan ! How did we meet? I can’t remember! Hang on.

Four Step Process to Create an Integrated Marketing Campaign

Spin Sucks

Websites can’t tell our story, but we can use the Facebook Timeline for that purpose. How can R&D use focus groups, crowdsourcing, and market research to innovate and develop new products? I’ve been reflecting recently on the changes that have happened to the public relations industry in the past few years. Then we added websites and email marketing. Crawl.

How To Promote Your Content Through Social Ads Effectively


Average Organic Reach On Facebook Pages. But your main focus has to be your website. Not someone else’s website: like Facebook, Twitter or Google+.). Besides that, and more importantly, you need to own a Facebook page, a Twitter account, a LinkedIn company page and a Pinterest business page in order for you to advertise on those social platforms. Protect It At All Costs.

Your Social Listening is Broken. Here’s Why.

Talkwalker SM

Most listening platforms emerged from the early days of social media where an overwhelming majority of the conversations were on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. It also means that we are sharing more and more images on the traditional social networks of Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Follow him on Twitter: @NealSchaffer. Is your organization still living in the social media past?

34 (of the) Best Google+ Tips, Tactics and Guides of 2011

Webbiquity SMM

It’s the tool Google will use to beat Facebook. Getting Your Small Business Ready for Google+ by Blue Focus Marketing. How to Migrate from Facebook to Google+ by How-To Geek. Justin Garrison details tools that can be used “to migrate pictures, videos, and friends” from Facebook to Google+ (assuming you want to connect with the same people on Google+).

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10 Steps to Create A Content Marketing Blueprint For Small Business

Blue Focus Marketing

Listen to conversations about your brand in social media ; it’s better than a focus group. Check the comments on your blog, Twitter feed and Facebook page. Use this information to discover how to set the direction and focus of your small business brand. As a small business working to leverage social media, focus on communicating what you do, not what you sell.

26 Outstanding LinkedIn Tips and Tactics

Webbiquity SMM

Furthermore, due to its multiple sharing options including buttons, apps, personal updates, company updates, and industry-focused group discussions, LinkedIn is often among the top three or four traffic sources for B2B blogs. Linkedin Leveraging: How to Tap Groups for Traffic, Leads & Sales by KISSmetrics. How can companies best use LinkedIn as a marketing platform?

How To Gain Consumer Insights That Boost Your Marketing Results


A company wishing to establish a brand or sell a product cannot simply conduct a focus group or survey, and say it now has everything it needs to know about consumers. ” They must be involved and included in management decisions, product development strategies, and marketing discussions to ensure that the company remains customer-focused. Where would social media be today if Mark Zuckerberg continued to look at Facebook as “just a dating site?” The drive to gain consumer insights cannot be an occasional endeavor. Ask Why. No Limits. ” 5.

An Introduction to Social Media for Business

Sprout Social

Before social media you’d have to pay thousands of dollars to put together focus groups and send surveys. People post Instagram pictures of themselves enjoying their favorite brands, check in on Facebook when they go out to local bars and restaurants and happily show off their brand loyalty. Instead, focus on sharing content that’s helpful or entertaining.

Surveys: Essential to the PR Pro’s Toolbox

Waxing UnLyrical

And in terms of distribution, an email to subscribers, a tweet, Facebook post, LinkedIn update, and word-of-mouth are simple means to secure a good response rate. And, now, even good ol’ Facebook has added Questions to its list of features in order to help us get feedback from our network of friends. Guest post by Andi Narvaez. Then there is matter of tools. It is. Check out her blog.

How to Make Social Advocacy Part of Your Employees’ Daily Routine

Convince & Convert

Scroll through Facebook’s News Feed. Blocking popular networks and monitoring browsing history isn’t going to stop anyone from checking Facebook—especially when 11 percent of those surveyed admitted to using social media during bathroom breaks. These employees are your initial allies and should be the first group of stakeholders you bring into your initiatives.

Seven Ways to Use Social Media for Business

Webbiquity SMM

Marketers no longer have to rely on expensive, contrived focus groups; social media provides a vastly larger, richer, more real-world source of information. Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn groups, community sites (e.g. , Focus , Ulitzer ) and specialized discussion forums all provide opportunities to respond to questions and demonstrate industry expertise.

Touchpoint and Customer Experience Mapping Made Easy


Back in October the company also announced an integration with Facebook so brands can use focus groups on the social network (as many do by the way) to comment on their customer journey maps. In the detail window of each touchpoint (called the Touchpoint Billboard) you also find the comment feature for Facebook I just mentioned (see screenshot below).

Where Big Ideas Come From

Spin Sucks

It’s simple market research but done in a way that is far more inviting than a focus group or Survey Monkey. This means we don’t necessarily pull out our phone while waiting for the bus or the doctor, and check in on Facebook or Twitter. Today’s guest post is written by Lisa Gerber. I wrote the first draft of this post by hand. Well, I was quietly blown away.

The Wisdom Of One

Twist Image

I wonder if we would have hashtags had Messina tweeted out, "maybe together we can think of a way to group conversations together on Twitter?" Much in the same way, if Guy Laliberte set up a focus group to figure out the next iteration of the circus, instead of having his own very innovative perspective that led to the creation of Cirque du Soleil. That's for others to decide, but I'm sure that Mark Zuckerburg 's inspiration for Facebook came out of some type of frustration from his online experience. facebook. I would not. It's going to inspire it.

Lawyers & Legal Marketers: Kick It Up A Notch in 2016 – An #LMA16 Infographic

Myrland Marketing

Tip #6: Use Your Marketing Committees To Prototype Your Ideas Use them as a focus group. You could say: “The firm is considering piloting a business development group. These are the people who will be in this pilot group. She is a frequent LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook trainer, as well as a content marketing specialist. All rights reserved. Use them.

What’s Next for Social Data Intelligence

Convince & Convert

In the globalized village, social media is Earth’s biggest focus group. Companies will be able to use social intelligence analytics to understand and engage with the individual, not just the group. Continue the conversation on our Facebook or Google+ pages. What Lies Behind the Concept of “Social Data Intelligence”. A good starting point is found in simplicity.

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Making the Leap: Why Companies Struggle with Social Media

Adam Cohen

The approach was always one-sided, and the feedback loop could be carefully and slowly measured with focus groups and research. The retailer already tried the leap – they started with the prototypical Facebook page, a couple of Twitter accounts, some user generated content contests. Share this on Facebook. How many customers does your company have? An Analogy.

To Grow Your Audience, Become a DJ For Your Content

Spin Sucks

For your content marketing, you may be wondering what topics to focus on for your website’s home page, as the centerpiece and subject line of your e-newsletter, highlights on Facebook or Twitter, or for your next white paper or blog post. You can find her on Twitter , Facebook , LinkedIn , Pinterest , and Slideshare. Today’s guest post is written by Hilary Marsh. .

#AFFILIATEFORBUSINESS 6 IDEAS Excellent Marketing Resources For Start - Ups, Freelancers, Self - Employed, Small Businesses, Writers, Creative People, SEOs, Technical People, Professionals, NGOs, And Many More

Social Media Network Marketing

From dictation to interviews and, sermons to focus groups, they offer affordable transcription services and meet your deadline without breaking your budget. Join The Facebook Group Specially For OnLine Earning Resources Click Here: groups/ AboutOnlineEarningAndLifestyle / 7. ​ ​Audio Transcription Speech To Text Service Professional Transcriptionists And Editors at: https://speechtotextservice. It does not matter who and what you do. You can be a multinational giant, a small business, a self owned shop or freelancer. BookMark these.

Why People Love Social Brands

Blue Focus Marketing

Social media provides large and small businesses alike with a rich, democratized sounding board that can yield far more nuanced information and data than any focus group ever could. For instance, if your work is more visually oriented—perhaps you’re a graphic designer or a baker—your audience is probably hanging out on Pinterest , Facebook, or Instagram. Ask questions. .

Three Frightfully Fun Examples of Brand Generated Halloween Social Media Content

Convince & Convert

From Facebook, to Twitter, Vine, and YouTube, check out these three clever content and promotion examples Petco, Tide and Crest have been scaring up leading into Halloween today. Sure, the prize is amazing, but the 800+ photo entries displayed on the company’s Facebook tab showcase that there’s definitely a market to share and celebrate pet Halloween costumes. Happy Halloween!

Crowdsourced Funding: How to ask for $75K but get $1.5million

Laurel Papworth

It drives me nuts how many of my clients are terrified of bloggers and twitterers and do everything in social media (blog, Facebook, YouTube, Tumblr) except work with influencers. And its been shared around the world by thousands of people of Facebook and Twitter. Instead of paying for a focus group, I’d get money from them. He wanted $75,000 he got $1.5 million.

How JetBlue Delivers Amazing Social Customer Service Working From Home

Convince & Convert

With 25 people dedicated to social, JetBlue keeps 24/7 coverage on their Facebook and Twitter channels. On JetBlue’s Facebook page, they shoot to respond within two to four hours. The team is also used as a sort of focus group for various marketing ideas. Tweetable Moments There are some things you just can’t teach, like passion and excitement. LaurieAMeacham Tweet This.

Team 25

The digital marketing trends & ideas to take into 2017, and beyond


Chances are, there are smaller influencers or groups who have far more clout in your area. Whereas, when we were in Zambia, where it’s quite fashion focused, we sent the video to fashionistas, fashion bloggers and retail stores.”. Why pay thousands on market research focus groups when many of the answers are already out there for you to glean from open data sources online? “As