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The Three “Ss” of a Successful Live Event

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The Live Event: The “New” Social Media Platform. Putting on a successful live event, however, takes more time and effort. Why Put On Live Events. A live event is your own social media platform. A live event is the perfect platform for establishing your credibility, generating leads, and—when done well—making a profit. The Three “Ss” of a Successful Live Event.

Facebook Updates Calls to Action on Pages, Recommendations, Local Events

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The social network Wednesday introduced updates to recommendations , local events and call-to-action buttons on pages for local businesses. Facebook’s events bookmark was also revamped to enable users to browse event recommendations by popularity with friends or past connections with similar events, and the social network said the new events dashboard will begin rolling out in the U.S. “in

Live HAPPO Event On Feb. 24

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And we’re hosting a live event in our offices on Feb. HAPPO was founded on social media and this is the first time we’ve held a live event. Simultaneous live events are happening across the country so, if Chicago doesn’t work for you, check out the following champions who also are hosting events. Live HAPPO Event On Feb. 24 from 5-7. Not really.

Understanding the Nature of an Event Using Social Analytics

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

Recently, I was asked if Social Analytics sheds light on the nature of online events like the Netflix Outrage , which happened a few weeks ago as customers voiced extreme disappointment at Netflix for imposing a $6 a month increase for customers who still wanted DVD delivery. Understanding the Nature of an Event Using Social Analytics is a post written by Tamar Weinberg. ].

The Data-Backed Guide to Event Marketing on Social Media: How to Get People Talking About Your Event

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Taking an event from idea to sell-out is no easy feat. And half the battle of organizing an event is marketing it. Best of all, social media event marketing isn’t as time-consuming as you may think. One of the greatest feelings in the world is walking into one of your own events and seeing it jam-packed with people. How to share on social before the event.

Not Buying What You're Shilling

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In another, an individual was tweeting up an event they were attending as a paid Social Media spokesperson (but if you didn't know they were being paid, it was kind of hard to tell). Transparency and full disclosure don't mean much in the world of Social Media anymore. Do you remember when the FTC got involved in Social Media (more on that here: Mashable - FTC to Fine Bloggers up to $11,000 for Not Disclosing Payments )? Social Media can be very disturbing. Social Media is pervasive. Just look at Facebook 's statistics, the use of Twitter , Blogs and whatever else. This is noting new.

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ZDNet Buys Domain Name: Immediately Gets 2 Year Old Trusted Site Banned in Google

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Here’s a quick timeline of the events, and how buying a domain name got their site banned: – ZDNet runs their website for two years. So, ZDNet did have a good plan, which was to buy the non-hyphenated version of their current site, and then start using it. But, that’s not the case. It all went down like this. Adds great content on the site.

What Happened at Problogger Training Event 2016


The two days of the event this year were all about inspiring bloggers to be proactive and giving them the information and support they needed to take action. That change might not sound like a big one but we think it had a big impact as attendees told us many times that they felt the event was warmer, more inclusive, more welcoming and easier to meet people at. Actionable Content.

Social Media News Ticker: Facebook Tests ‘Buy’ Button, Twitter Acquires CardSpring

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Facebook tests new ‘buy’ button for online purchases in U.S. – Facebook is now testing a “buy” button that would allow consumers to purchase products directly from ads on the social network; so far the testing has included “a few small and medium-sized businesses” in the U.S. Reuters). Twitter. Foursquare. Tumblr. YouTube.

Instagram Photos Can Buy Your Next Meal With #BirdsEyeInspirations

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The Birds Eye Instagram account ( BirdsEye UK ) also features behind-the-scenes photos and live updates from each Picture House event. ’s Instagram Wall Brings Social TV To A New Level #ActionTags Let Consumers Buy Products Directly From TV Ads Using Twitter, Facebook or Instagram #HashAtIt: Now You Can Search Hashtags Over Multiple Social Platforms. Related Stories E!’s

The social media strategy series: Getting Buy In « The Cube

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Skip to content The Cube Home About us Speaking/Training Contact us Pitch us Subscribe The social media strategy series: Getting Buy In 28/07/2010 tags: social media business case , social media buy in , social media strategy by Gemma Went Photo by by renaissancechambara Welcome back to the second in my social media strategy series. Are they speaking regularly at events?).

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You Can’t Buy Brand Advocates or Social Media Friends

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You can’t buy advocates, friends, fans, evangelists, or word of mouth. Adobe Summit – Watch the Online Event Highlights. Future of Brand Experiences – #GetRealChat Recap Live from Adobe Summit Event. It’s not news that social networks such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn are moving to a pay to play model. At the heart of business today is people. iTunes.

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Is Link Buying Necessary?

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» Is Link Buying Necessary? to incorporate link buying into your marketing plan. She says point blank that link buying is absolutely necessary in an “ultra-competitive&# niche. Secondly, I’d say that it’s the idea that you can compete in an ultra-competitive niche without buying links. Is link buying evil? About Us What’s a Maverick? Is it unethical?

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Buy Your Way To The Top

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You can buy your way to the top. " Should I buy my way to the top for CTRL ALT Delete ? See, there is a world of difference between someone buying 10,000 books and dumping them into a landfill just to hit a bestseller's list so they can command better speaking fees or consulting gigs, from the hard working speakers who can genuinely sell a lot of books at the bulk sales level and get no recognition for it. Brands buys fans, friends and followers online, all of the time. You see, brands buy fans on Facebook, Twitter and beyond all of the time. Literally.

Newsjacking: The Good, the Bad, and the Superbowl

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I remember saying, upon hearing the news of the tragic events in Paris , “If I see one post that even bears a whiff of What Charlie Hebdo Taught Me About X I will gouge my eyeballs out with a melon baller.” Think pop culture or sporting events. Best Buy got its knuckles rapped for tweeting a self-promotional post referencing the podcast that took the country by storm: Serial.

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5 Tips for Social Media Advertising During the Election Season

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Politicians and brands involved in the election will be buying up as much social inventory as possible, especially in swing states like Ohio, Florida, Virginia and Colorado. Its only September and I’m sure you’re already sick of the political madness that has taken over your social feeds. Tread carefully during election windows. Think through your bidding strategy. Happy New Year!

ProBlogger Event Speakers Share Their Experience


At this year’s 7th Annual ProBlogger Event, hundreds of bloggers will come together to network with each other and learn from over 30 speakers and subject matter experts. It’s not so much about external signs of ‘success’ but rather the constant question of whether I should be trying this new platform or that new promotional tool, buying this online course or that best-selling book.

Social Media News Ticker: Facebook To Buy WhatsApp, LinkedIn Opens Publishing To All Members

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iOS update, including a new feature called ‘Highlights’ inside the People tab; it shows the Life Events of friends and people you’ve interacted with recently (TechCrunch). Check out this week’s summary of all the latest social media news, including changes and new features for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn: LinkedIn opens its publishing platform to all members.

How Pabst Blue Ribbon Dominated the Millennial Marketing World

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After hiring Neal Stewart, a 27-year-old marketing manager, PBR started making themselves more apparent within lesser known “hip” events and soon after they realized the opportunity in front of them. The Millennial marketing world is enormous, holding an estimated buying power of $1.68 Marketing Online Marketing buying power millennials mobile access neal stewart PBR smartphone usag

5 Ways B2B Can Learn from B2C Marketers

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Posted in Buying Cycle Conversion Conversion Optimization Customer Customer Experience Personalization Strategy. And it’s obvious why: buying cycles are longer, buyer mentalities are different, and products typically require more investigation before a purchase. Your case studies, white papers, e-books, articles and events are a category. 2) Start testing, seriously.

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Interesting Marketing Trends of Small Businesses [Infographic]

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Website Marketing Email Marketing Print Advertising Social Media Online Advertising Event Marketing What are the most used social media sites used by small businesses? 57% of customers say they are more apt to buy a product in a store after receiving an email. They often don’t have the luxury of celebrity sponsorship or mass media ads such as Super Bowl commercials.

How to Network at Blog Events (Even if You’re Shy!)


Time is hurtling towards this year’s ProBlogger Training Event at the RACV Royal Pines Resort on Australia’s Gold Coast, and I don’t know about you but here at ProBlogger HQ, we are getting EXCITED! (if I can’t speak highly enough of showing up in person to events and making the most of them. How to Network at Blog Events (Even if You’re Shy!).

Buying Links: Is It Bad For Your Website?

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It looks something like this comment posted on a 2012 blog post I wrote about Mothers Day craft events in the area. Just please don’t buy this! Their grammar certainly tipped me off, but 4-wheeler rentals in Boston have little to do with Ann Arbor Mother’s Day craft events. Don’t buy links without knowing specifically what you are getting. It did.

Top Takeaways from ProBlogger Perth Training Event: Content, Blog Design, Social Media, Productivity, and Monetization


In the lead-up to the main ProBlogger Event on the Gold Coast this year, we have held various workshops and panels around the country, teaching and inspiring bloggers in their own home towns. and that you’re targeting the right reader, connected readers, readers who will be advocates for you, who respond to brand messages, affiliate promotions, and who buy your products and services.

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10 Bold Social Media Predictions for 2017

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The path of Yelp to Messenger to purchase completion can be made simpler with the use of reviews on social, eliminating one step in the buying process. Education & Analysis News & EventsAs of 18 minutes ago, we are 95% finished with 2016. Social media played a huge role in the year, and its presence in our daily lives is only growing as time passes. Twitter Will Sell.

Early Bird Tickets for the 2016 ProBlogger Event Available Tomorrow for 11.5 Hours Only


Tomorrow tickets go on sale for our 7th annual ProBlogger Training Event on the Gold Coast here in Australia, and if you’re quick you’ll save $200 AUD on the full price with our early bird ticket. Note : Jump on our event email list here to get notified the moment they are released. 7 Years of ProBlogger Events. Our Biggest Event Yet. Workshops. General

3 Ways Retailers Can Leverage Facebook Location Pages

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In an age when buying locally is highly valued, it’s more important than ever for national retailers to communicate with consumers on a local level. With location pages you can make store-specific announcements, display store-specific items, and communicate offers or in-store events. Here are some key ways retailers can get the most out of Facebook location pages.

B2B Marketing Trends 2016-2020: Social Media Breakfast Wrap

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They’re adopting buyer personas , content targeting and matching content to stages of the buying cycle. The event generated nearly 500 tweets (Social Media Breakfast attendees do like Twitter). What trends will drive B2B marketing over the next three to four years? Where should savvy B2B marketers invest their resources to optimize results over the next few years?

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How Coca-Cola Built Its Liquid, Linked Social Campaign for Olympics 2016

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They do not ask consumers to buy a drink at any point, but instead put celebration, achievement, and togetherness on display, irrespective of religion and race. Coca-Cola’s posts do not just congratulate athletes and teams — they create content that drives engagement around the event, as well. Education & Analysis News & Events Social MediaTHATSGOLD. Olympian.

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How To Use Agorapulse To Promote Your Next Event

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Have you ever been tasked with the job of managing social media for events? You are responsible for building awareness, selling tickets, managing attendee queries, keeping the momentum going during the event, ensuring that people are using the right hashtag and dealing with issues that arise. By the time the event is over your energy levels are close to zero. Before the event.

How to Repurpose Influencer Content for Your Brand

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Through personal stories , trips to the doctor , and even serving as brand ambassadors at high-profile events , this team of women became the “real” voices behind the brand. Is your brand planning to release a new series of cookbooks this year, redesigning their website to feature branded imagery… or maybe buying out a billboard space in Times Square? Their images are just awesome.

How to Buy Social Media Services: A Survey

Bare Feet Studios

I posted the early data we collected at a public event on this topic. Whether you are a practitioner or a buyer, this information can at least describe the general marketplace for buying social media services. Are you buying or selling social media services? Here is the summary data, delivered to you from the “Better Late Than Never” department.

Reflections on xPotomac, Civility, and Being a Hook

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Joanna Pineda did a wonderful video interview of Geoff at the event, Tinu Abayomi-Paul Storify’d it beautifully, and Mike Schaffer , Jamie Notter , Jay Daughtry , KiKi L’Italien , and Sohini Baliga have all provided extremely interesting and thought-provoking POVs. But am I going to rush out and buy his books, or stand in line to see him speak (again)? xPotomac was a hit.

An xPotomac Flashback: Social Scoring

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Get back into shape or buy more Spanx. Business Events Shonali Burke Social Media influence social scoring vocus xpotomacAbout a month ago I told you of my xPotomac experience , and we had a pretty engaged conversation around civility in the digital age. Geoff Livingston has done a great job of summarizing all the videos here , so you can watch them all from there. And mine is below.

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Unlock the Power of Email To Grow Traffic and Profit: Melbourne ProBlogger Event


Over the last few years we’ve run an annual training event for bloggers that helps hundreds of bloggers to grow their blogs. These annual events have been for up to 300 bloggers at a time and are held over two days covering many aspects of blogging. Getting Subscribers to Take Action (how to get them to visit your blog and buy your products). AUD (including lunch).

Monday Roundup: Understanding The 7C Social PR Framework™

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C4 (Conversation) Case Study: Best Buy Uses Twitter to Enhance Customer Service. There’s still time to sign up for “The Social PR Makeover,” a free, live micro-training event on May 13th from 2-3 pm ET. Around the Web Events 7C Social PR Framework smart social prToday, I’m giving you a snapshot of the framework along with an example for each.

Let The Grocer Teach You E-mail Marketing

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While it’s technically true that groceries are something that everyone has to buy, it’s also true that they have plenty of choices in where to get their groceries. About Us What’s a Maverick? » Let The Grocer Teach You E-mail Marketing What can a grocer possibly know about e-mail marketing? Everyone needs groceries. And that’s why marketing is important.

How Did Amazon’s Second Annual Prime Day Go?

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The first ever Prime Day was held last year to mark Amazon’s 20th birthday, and was described by Greg Greeley, Vice President of Amazon Prime, as “the biggest deals extravaganzas in the world, a global shopping event, with more deals than Black Friday.”. The good thing is I actually saved money by not buying anything because it was all crap – thank you @amazon lol!

Social Media IRL: Facebook Starts Attributing Unattributable Revenue

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In a multi-touch, on-demand, online/offline economy, shoppers in almost any category can buy what they want, where they want to buy it, when they want to buy it. If you use this feature, you’ll be able to identify users who visit a brick and mortar store after seeing your ad, even if you don’t buy anything. And why? We have technology! This should be easy!

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Facebook Adds Dynamic Ads for Mobile App Installs

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Find the right people: Businesses have already been using Facebook dynamic ads to find the people more likely to buy their products. Businesses can also use app event optimization to identify the customers who are more likely to take valuable actions after downloading an app—such as completing a level in a game, booking a trip or making a purchase. Marketers are already seeing the value of this functionality; in fact, more than one-half of Facebook’s top 100 apps use app event optimization to reach high-value.