Project Management: The Education and Skills Needed for Success

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Expert analysis suggests the field will add more than 20 million new jobs worldwide by 2027. Project Management: The Education and Skills Needed for Success. Project managers are in demand. Some reports show the profession growing by millions of positions in the last few years.

6 Ways to Get Paid as a Freelance Consultant

The Realtime Report

According to a recent survey, it is believed that freelancing will outnumber traditional employment by the year 2027. 6 Ways to Get Paid as a Freelance Consultant. These days, more and more people are turning to freelancing or consulting for professional purposes.


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Business Venture Ideas: 9 Surprising Industrial Hemp Uses

The Realtime Report

billion in 2027, up from $3.43 Business Venture Ideas: 9 Surprising Industrial Hemp Uses. Experts project that the global market for industrial hemp will reach a massive $41.78 billion in 2018. That’s an incredible compound annual growth rate of 32 percent during this period.

Social Commerce: How Social Media Is Changing the Online Shopping Experience


billion by 2027. . Social commerce — the process of selling products directly on social media — is revolutionizing the e-commerce industry. . In fact, the global social commerce market is estimated at $89.4 billion right now, and set to reach $604.5

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Get Your First 1000 Readers: Here’s Your Step by Step Plan


As you can see above, my top post got 2027 visits during the past month and my 10 th post got just 363 visits – quite a difference. By ProBlogger Writing Expert Ali Luke. Has your blog got a grand total of three subscribers? You, your test account, and your mum?). Maybe you’ve got a little bit further than that. You’ve got 10 or 20 or 50 readers signed up to read your posts or your newsletter. But you don’t know where to go next.