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What is hashtagging and how to use it effectively

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To hashtag or not to hashtag? That’s the question frustrating social media marketers today. The short answer: Yes, definitely use hashtags. Hashtags are an essential asset in your digital marketing toolbox. In this article, we break down everything you need to know to hashtag with confidence.

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Stanley’s Social Media Strategy: Influencer-Driven Marketing Reinvention

However, when it first introduced the Stanley Quencher 40 oz (1200 ml) in 2016, sales lagged for years. This blog examines Stanley’s social media strategy and how it earns the brand record-breaking sales and profits. Analysis of Stanley’s social media accounts Today, loyalists swear by the Stanley Quenchers.


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Social Media Tactics that Cut Through the Noise


The social media landscape is changing rapidly, as are the social media tactics brands use to stay in touch with their fans. Unfortunately, many companies lose customers because they cling to outdated social media tactics. But this tactic ignores the social aspect of social media.

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Free Social Media Strategy Template For 2023 [+ 5 Brand Examples]

Creating a social media strategy takes time to research and write, but not all digital marketers have enough hours in the week. Download our free social media strategy template to help develop a plan with more ease and speed. Altering existing strategies can be difficult, too. Identify: One or Two Primary Audiences.

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Social Media Report Card - Cigna


Social media is a great way for insurance providers to reach their prospective customers. Since insurance is a recurring investment, social media aids in consistent persuasion. Still skeptical about insurance brands being on social media? October 21, 2016. October 5, 2016. Engagement.

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Social Media in Higher Education: 8 Essential Tips


Social media in higher education provides an indispensable resource to students and alumni — not to mention the school itself. Social media in higher education is a perfect avenue for that. This means one thing: Establishing a presence on a social media for higher education institutions is more important than ever.

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Red Bull’s Social Media Strategy: Marketing So Fly, It’s Giving Wings

This blog closely examines Red Bull’s social media strategy and how it keeps the brand ahead of its competition. Analyzing Red Bull’s social media accounts As this blog’s title attests, the first thing you think of when you hear ‘Red Bull’ is the now timeless slogan ‘ Gives You Wings. ’ Instagram: 19.1 million Twitter: 1.9