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12 Secret Facebook Features Every Marketer Should Use


Mastering hidden Facebook features will help you get ahead of your competition. The team at Post Planner created the great infographic at the bottom of this post that highlights some secret Facebook features that you can leverage to avoid being overwhelmed. Leverage Facebook Interest Lists to stay organized. Find evangelists and weed out fakes with your Facebook fan list.

[Cool Infographic Friday] The Ultimate List of Blog Post Ideas


Cool Infographic Friday Featured ImplementationThanks to Susan Cato for the find! photo credit ).

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The 2015 Summer Reading List

Spin Sucks

So I thought it’d be fun to give you the 2015 summer reading list to get your BBQ, beach, flip-flop wearing season off to a bang. The 2015 Summer Reading List This is everything I’ve read since January 1 of this year. He also was our author feature this month during the Author Q&A. So there you have it, my 2015 summer reading list. The Goldfinch. Wild.

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Facebook Testing Find WiFi Feature

SocialTimes Facebook

Some users of Facebook’s flagship iOS application are part of a test of a new feature enabling them to locate nearby WiFi networks. The feature is currently being tested in select countries. Readers: Would you like to see Facebook roll this feature out? Facebook Mobile Applications apps Bryan Clark FInd WiFi iOS James Saye Mashable Pages Raymond Wong The Next Web wifi

Linkedin Replaces Applications With Features

Janet Fouts

You’ll still be able to add content through their new rich media feature. Amazon Reading List by Amazon. Long time power users of Linkedin have been using Linkedin Applications to enhance their profiles with deeper information and sharing opportunities. Now some of those applications are being replaced and the site is slowly moving accounts to the new system. Box Files by Box.

Facebook Removes Maps From Nearby Friends Feature

SocialTimes Facebook

Facebook’s Nearby Friends feature is providing less specific information these days. The social network introduced Nearby Friends for iPhone and Android users in April 2014 , and the optional feature notified users when friends who had also opted in were nearby, complete with maps and specific location. Facebook confirmed to TechCrunch that it is testing this feature.

7 Important Instagram Features Your Brand Should Know

Sprout Social

For some businesses, it’s hard to stay up to date on the latest Instagram features. Since 2014, roughly 18 new Instagram features, updates or changes to the app were released. In 2016 alone, Instagram announced major feature changes such as: View Counts on Videos. To ensure you’re a professional Instagrammer–here are seven Instagram features you have to know: 1.

The Fantabulous Lists of Social Media Case Studies

Social Media Citizens

I’ve been browsing through the lists of top social media case studies and I thought I am going to share some of the top sites with you: by Tod Maffin. A List of Social Media Marketing Examples by ( [link] ). The Association Social Media Wiki’s List by ( [link] ). Social media case studies by ([link] ). Social Brand Index by ( [link] ). Thanks!

Best iOS6 Features for Business Users


It has loads of impressive features which are best suited for business professionals. are few features which can help this operating system to get nominated for “Best OS for business” this year. Read further to understand some of its fabulous features for business and map your requirements better. There is a saviour for you, VIP Mail feature. How will you save yourself?

Facebook Audience Network Block List Added to Business Manager

SocialTimes Facebook

The social network said in its advertiser help center that the feature is rolling out gradually and may not be available to all Business Manager users yet, adding: A block list lets you prevent your ads from running on specific sites or apps when you extend your Facebook ad campaigns to the Audience Network. Learn more about how to upload a block list.

Facebook Testing New Name Pronunciation Feature - Social Media

Social Media Network Marketing

Facebook is testing a New Feature which will let your current and future Friends know the correct way to pronounce your name. According to a report in Yahoo Tech, a limited number of users have this feature activated so far on their Facebook Profile Page. You can check if this feature has been activated on your Profile Page by logging on to Facebook through your web browser. As Facebook puts it “We’ve begun a small test of a feature that lets you indicate how your name is pronounced. A Safe-List is a 100% OptIn EMailing List: [link] 4. Interesting!?

Facebook Debuts Featured Events on iOS App in 10 U.S. Cities

SocialTimes Facebook

gained access to a new Featured Events feature Monday. Josh Constine of TechCrunch reported on the launch of the feature, saying that the events are curated by Facebook employees, and categories include art, entertainment, family, festival, fitness, food and drink, learning, community, music and sports. What we do is have a team of people who are basically looking at events on Facebook that have broad appeal, that a lot of people could go to, and they’re highlighting ones they think will be good to list out. Facebook iOS users in 10 cities in the U.S.

2 New Features Have Been Brought InTo TSU May8Friday2015

Social Media Network Marketing

2 New Features Have Been Brought InTo TSU May8Friday2015 They are: Activity Feed and Popular. Free Search Engine Submission Of Your Business, Brand, Referral, Product, Personal URL Submit Your Site For Free Get Listed On Google, Bing, Yahoo And More! A Safe-List is a 100% OptIn EMailing List: [link] 4. See in the image below. Join Me On TSU - The Social Media Site!

List Management: Tips to Best Manage your Campaigns

PWB Marketing Blog

While many companies do offer the Opt In feature for list management, they don’t always allow users to choose their desired path. The best lists will allow clients to choose what they want to see in messaging. Why wouldn’t the list manager know that my son is likely not camping for the first time? List integration is a big deal. ” it raid.

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Five Facebook Advertising Features You Haven’t Tried Yet

Webbiquity SMM

Here are five Facebook advertising features you haven’t tried yet. Check them out and see what these features can do for your business. This unique feature allows you to showcase multiple products or services at once. If you want to run two different versions of the same post, divide your intended demographic into two lists and send one ad to each. Feature videos.

Best Buy Mistakenly Exposes Their Exclusive Blogger List

Bill Hartzer

Best Buy , in a recent internal communication to their Wolf Bloggers exclusive blogger list, sent out an email to their list of bloggers about an agreement with another affiliate organization. One of the bloggers subsequently Replied All to the list, which then exposed Best Buy’s entire exclusive blogger list. In the email, they BCC’d everyone. XXXX Id XXXXX.

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List of Social Media Management Systems (SMMS)

How it works: Three simple features In the most basic sense, these management tools do the following: 1) connect with social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. List of Social Media Management Systems (SMMS), 20 total vendors Sorted by alphabetized order by parent company, not in priority or capability. Well, thanks for the huge list. Can't find us on the list.

9 Must-Have Online Newsroom Features

Proactive Report

A featured story with visuals : Most company newsroom are still web 1.0. There’s just a list of press release headlines with a link to the full release. Feature your main story and include a visual that captures the attention and enhances the story. Here is the checklist. Use it to evaluate your newsroom. The public and the media want visual content. PR contacts.

Facebook Adds 2 Global Ad-Targeting Features

SocialTimes Facebook

Facebook introduced two new features to aid advertisers seeking to target new countries. The social network said in a Facebook for Business post that its lookalike audiences tool now contains a new feature that enables brands to target users in new countries with similar characteristics to users in the countries they are already targeting, adding that this can be done by uploading lists of existing customers or high-potential leads. Advertisers: What are your thoughts on these new options from Facebook? Image courtesy of Shutterstock.

Another Round of Changes for Facebook’s Trending Feature

SocialTimes Facebook

Facebook issued yet another update to its Trending feature, with three major changes rolling out to users in the U.S. users “in the coming weeks” are: Trending topics will now feature a headline from a publisher along with each topic. This was the most requested feature addition since the last update we made to Trending in August. starting Wednesday.

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New Features In Facebook Groups To Improve The Way People Buy And Sell - Social Media

Social Media Network Marketing

Facebook’s Groups has revived a new features for buying and selling. Just the way we have the ''Write Post'' feature we have the ''Sell Something'' feature. For Sale Group members can now choose the Sell feature when creating a post. So, the Members can now choose the Sell feature when creating a post. A Safe-List is a 100% OptIn EMailing List: [link] 4.

2017 How to Create and Use Facebook Business Page Lists

Laurel Papworth

2017 How to Create and Use Facebook Lists: the old way has gone. Dear students, In this video lecture I walk you through creating Facebook Business Pages especially for LISTS. Why do you want lists? We used to have an Interests Lists function, but Facebook removed it. then use the “Like Pages as Page” feature on the 3rd party Business Pages.

Feature Friday: 5 Pitfalls Social Media Marketers Must Avoid

Ari Herzog

The following is a feature article by Alex Papa. One key point of advice which must be adhered to is when you first establish your social media business, you must be careful to avoid the five pitfalls listed below: 1. It should outline a risk and cost analysis, an operating expense list, and a growth time line. Features Strategy leadershipWhat’s the Plan?

Social Media News Ticker: Facebook Tests ‘Save for Later’ Reading Feature, Twitter Beefs Up Security

The Realtime Report

Check out this week’s summary of all the latest social media news, including changes and new features for Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and Buffer: Facebook. Facebook testing Timehop-like feature to surface past news feed posts – Facebook is testing a new feature that will help users surface old posts from their Timeline (AllThingsD). Twitter. Foursquare. Buffer.

Facebook: How to View Newsfeed of a Friends List

Laurel Papworth

Let’s say you want to see just the status updates of a group or list of friends on Facebook. It’s a feature that Facebook had and then I thought they had lost. In 2009, I gave some detailed instructions on how to set up a list and then view the newsfeed of that list. When you confirm a friend, click Add To List. Then select the List.

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What'sApp Brings In ‘Starred Messages’ Feature And Has Prolonged Free Subscription Period - Social Media

Social Media Network Marketing

1: What'sApp introduces ‘Stared Messages’ Feature that lets you bookmark important messages. The Starred Messages appear in the Contact information section as a separate folder and tapping on the messages listed here will take you exactly to the chat when that particular message was sent. What'sApp will probably have to work on its other features as well. Private Mode: get the best privacy feature where messages are deleted automatically when you end the chat ​ Want to take a quick look? Now here are 2 updates on What'sApp. The much used App. Great move.

8 Powerful Features to Help You Use Buffer to the Fullest

Buffer Social

In this post, I’d love to show you exactly how you can use Buffer to its fullest potential with eight powerful and easy-to-use features. If you’d like to see a hands-on walkthrough of Buffer’s most powerful features , we’d love to have you join us on Tuesdays and Thursdays for a free demo webinar of Buffer for Business. It’s one of my favorite features!

SendinBlue Review – Small Business Pricing with Enterprise Features


Some of SendinBlue’s prime features include: Email marketing. After you define the campaign’s name and purpose, you click the ‘create your email’ button (the next step) to bring up 4 different editors to create a mailing list campaign. The next step is to select the subscriber (recipient) list and enter a schedule date for the campaign. SendinBlue.

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More New Features for Facebook’s Analytics for Apps

SocialTimes Facebook

Facebook released more new features for its Analytics for Apps : support for web analytics, improved cross-device analytics, user properties and updated sharing insights. The social network introduced Analytics for Apps at F8 in March 2015 , and updates have included the addition of custom audiences and lookalike audiences last October and a long list of new features earlier this month: people insights, push notifications, in-application notifications, sharing insights, breakdowns, improved event trends and an app events export application-programming interface.

The 21 Best Content Curation Tools

Webbiquity SMM

And there’s another handy new feature called Highlights. This works much like the highlighting feature in Kindle…it acts more like a news curator than a compiler — and there are plenty of aggregator apps out there — but it’s a fast way to check out what others are reading, too. Curata features powerful analytics that measures performance and sales pipeline impact.” — SnapApp.

Instagram Zoom: How to Get the Most From Instagram’s New Feature (Plus Inspiration From 10 Awesome Brands)

Buffer Social

Recently, Instagram announced another interesting (and long-awaited) feature: the ability to zoom in on photos and videos. As with any new feature, this opens up a ton of opportunity and some more flexibility with the types of content we can create on Instagram. Here’s a quick look at how 10 brands have already started to use Instagram’s zoom feature within their content.

3 Cool Features from Windows 7


The 3 cool features from Windows 7 compiled here are just a short list, but there definitely many more to learn and explore. Tech & Gadgets action center homegroup windows 7 windows 7 features windows 7 tips windows searchI’ve been using Windows 7 a lot during office hours and I can definitely say that it is by far the best operating software from Microsoft Windows.

Free Search Engine Submission Get Your URL Listed On Google, Bing, Yahoo And More! - Social Media

Social Media Network Marketing

Search Engine Optimization is one of the clear ways in which you do things On Page and Off Page so that you feature a little higher in searches. Free Search Engine Submission Get Your Business, Brand, Referral, Personal URL Listed On Google, Bing, Yahoo And More! Submit Your Site For Free Get Listed On Google, Bing, Yahoo And More! With business going all out on Social Media it is time that you have a good understanding of Search Engines. Apart from this you can have simple OnLine Submissions that do not cost anything. Better to start now rather later. Over 3.5

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Introducing Bloom: A New Way to Grow Your Email List


There are lots of plugins for WordPress users to help grow your email list. If you are looking for a plugin that offers all of the features you need to increase the size of your list, then you should add Bloom to your website. This will ensure that you are using the best opt-in forms for growing your list throughout your website. Best of all, it’s simple to use.

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Are Spammers on Your Mailing List Costing You Money?


It had been awhile since I had worked on my mailing list, and I pleasantly thought that I had a growth in subscribers. When I logged in to Aweber to start a mailing list for my new freelance blogging site, I was surprised to see this. Over half of my list was unsubscribed! If I had just recently sent an offensive email to my list, I would have understood.

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Why the Facebook Feature Frenzy Will Fail

Geoff Livingston

Last week Mark Zuckerberg revealed video chat (see above video), the first of many new features in what will be called, “ Launching Season 2011.&# First and foremost, Facebook’s nightmare user interface offers a plethora of features, many of which don’t fit on one screen view much less a mobile application. More clutter won’t make the mess better.

Corporate Social Media Reading List

Koka Sexton

Koka Sexton dot Com Home About Koka Contact Twitter FULL RSS Corporate Social Media Reading List I’m a huge fan of social media. After scouring the internet for information, this is the super list of social media posts that I came up with as a reading list. The blogs are listed along with links to reviews of the blogs. Use wp_list_categories() instead.

Help! How do I grow my email list?

Absolute PA

Created a juicy free something of value to grow your email list of willing subscribers. But HOW do you actually grow your list? When I work with clients on their list building campaigns we split promotions into two clear avenues: 1. Consistently communicating about your opt in offer, building your list one person at a time. What’s your favourite way to build your list.

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How to Use the Mail Merge Feature in Word


The Microsoft Mail Merge feature and I have a love-hate relationship. I was given a list of addresses on a sheet of paper and asked to print the letters and envelopes after drafting them in a Word document and send them on their way. So you see, I love the mail merge feature for its ability to simplify my life immensely, but I hate it for not having introduced itself sooner.

Sum-up on Facebook’s Recently Launched Features


In a previous post on our blog , we have listed some of the important guidelines for brands to follow in this regard. Since then, Facebook has maintained their flow of introducing new features. In this post, I will therefore make a sum-up of them to give you an actual overview of the features relevant for brands to know. Read more about this new feature here.