What’s the Difference Between Vimeo Marketing & YouTube Marketing?


A video site that is quickly growing in popularity for marketers is Vimeo. I’m going to start introducing you to Vimeo marketing by comparing it to YouTube video marketing, and showing the pros and cons of both. What’s the Difference Between Vimeo Marketing & YouTube Marketing?

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YouTube and Vimeo video marketing: Ride the Next Wave of Content Marketing


Youtube and Vimeo video marketing are the two hottest advertising platforms online today. Taking advantage of YouTube and Vimeo video marketing should be your next step after mastering written content. YouTube and Vimeo video marketing: Rise the Next Wave of Content Marketing.

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Top Five: What do Facebook’s growth numbers mean?

Sherrilynne Starkie

This week’s Top 5 must-know news for marketing, communications and PR professionals includes new social functions for Vimeo, Facebook’s growth trends, Twitter and retweets, Pinterest users and fun emojis. Now publish directly to LinkedIn with Vimeo.

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Red Bull Wins Top Social Video Brand of the Year

The Realtime Report

The study looked at Interbrand’s 2012 Best Global Brands (with the addition of Red Bull and Old Spice), evaluating their performance based on volume, total views and engagement for video content uploaded to YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook throughout the year.

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How to Build the Ultimate Online Newsroom

Webbiquity SMM

Almost every PR pro over a certain age remembers press kits–actual physical folders stuffed with a company’s recent press releases, management bios, a corporate fact sheet, a few case studies, and maybe an article reprint or two. A link to the company blog(s). •

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Six Links Worthy Of Your Attention #357

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I built a robot to apply to thousands of jobs at once - here's what I learned - Fast Company. Leningrad - Kolshik - Vimeo. Leningrad - Kolshik from FancyShot on Vimeo. fast company. vimeo.

Marketing Talent

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The Fast Company cover story for January of this year was titled, This Is Generation Flux. Bob Greenberg , the company's Chairman, CEO and Global Chief Creative Officer sees the changing landscape with a very unique perspective. fast company. vimeo.

Six Links Worthy Of Your Attention #94

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Warp Tight Shut Like Doors - Vimeo. In this short chat, Christensen demonstrates his very big and impressive brain with some fascinating perspectives on not only the business world, but the challenges that companies like Google and Apple will, inevitably, face. vimeo.

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Poke, Poke. Who's There? It's Seth Godin

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He currently runs Squidoo.com along with his latest business, The Domino Project , a new/disruptive book publishing company powered by Amazon. When Godin stopped working at Yahoo (after his company was acquired by them), he made a conscious decision to change the way he works. vimeo.

A Social Media Master Class

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Because they're using both YouTube and Vimeo , they make it extremely easy for people to watch, share and discuss it. They experienced a PR crisis because some organizations questions their intent (see here: Fast Company - Invisible Children Responds To The Kony 2012 Viral Video Controversy ). fast company. vimeo. If you have not seen the Kony 2012 video, you may be living under a rock.

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The Drug Of Content

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We're telling brands to make videos (post them on YouTube and Vimeo and they don't have to be only sixty seconds long!) Is it the toilet paper company's fault that other brands, products and services have all come to the same realization that they need to capture your attention - if but for a brief moment in time - to inform you that they exist? There are so few companies with the levity to admit that the quality of their content can't match the quantity that they are producing.

Six Links Worthy Of Your Attention #373

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Droptree - "HD Delivery" - Vimeo. Droptree Productions , a film company, spent two years filming a music video for a song of theirs, entirely on their clients' sets, in between takes. Droptree - "HD Delivery" (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO) from DROPTREE PRODUCTIONS on Vimeo. vimeo.

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How Top Companies Use GIFs on Twitter

Convince & Convert

With users and companies alike dropping in to celebrate with their best GIFs, who stood out? Check out these ten clever GIFs from various companies, sports teams, and more for a few helpful tips on how to incorporate GIFs as part of your Twitter engagement strategy.

How to Use Video to Tell the Best Stories

Convince & Convert

A comparison of Vimeo and YouTube. They’re not interested in your company. Hadassa’s Vimeo staff picks & other films referenced in the episode. Mercedes-Benz Vimeo. Traditional Marketing Meets Visual Creativity.

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Video Marketing For Your Business


Remember, as companies engage through social media, content has to be relevant, not spammy, providing current and potential clients with value. Vimeo. Pinterest (Videos hosted on YouTube and Vimeo are pinnable and playable on Pinterest ) and Pinterest Promoted Pins, Cinematic Pins. This year has been called “The Year of Video Marketing” as businesses find new ways to reach customers.

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Why Engagement On Your Social Platforms Is Important For Your Next Trade Show

Webbiquity SMM

on Vimeo. Generally speaking, most trade shows will have their own hashtag, which can be used by exhibiting companies. Guest post by Reno Macri.

17 Stellar Stats and Facts for Facebook Fans

Webbiquity SMM

Unlike sites that appeal primarily to specific demographic groups (Pinterest, Snapchat), career path (Vimeo, LinkedIn) or country (VK, WeChat), Facebook use cuts across all social, economic, demographic, and geographic boundaries.

The beauty of data and graffiti

The Way of the Web

As an aside, is it me or are far more digitally-savvy people choosing Vimeo over Youtube ?

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Entrepreneurs: Software and Apps I Use

Jon Loomer

Synthesis is from Copyblogger , the same company behind Genesis Framework. Screenflow: Brought to you by Telestream (the same company behind Wirecast), Screenflow is software for screen video audio editing. Vimeo Pro: Okay. Vimeo Pro , of course.

Video Marketing For Your Business


Remember, as companies engage through social media, content has to be relevant, not spammy, providing current and potential clients with value. Vimeo. Pinterest (Videos hosted on YouTube and Vimeo are pinnable and playable on Pinterest ) and Pinterest Promoted Pins, Cinematic Pins.

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Introducing @Flextronics to the Social Web

Ari Herzog

Press releases and corporate write-ups across the web talk about the company’s production of electronics for Redbox , NASA , Nokia , and Ford — to name a tiny few consumer brands you may recognize. Read the company blog to discover the Extra 10.

It’s All About.SOCIAL

The Realtime Report

Most third-party platforms automatically assign companies an altogether forgettable web address like www.facebook.com/yourbrand or www.twitter.com/yourbrand. It’s All About.SOCIAL. By Bill Glenn. Social media networks come and go. How many of us remember MySpace? How about Xanga?

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Augmented Reality: Budweiser Uses Blippar To Power Campaign Designed To Generate “Smiles”

The Realtime Report

This spring, the company used QR codes to let fans “track their Bud.” To see how the campaign works, check out this video: Learn how to Blip a Budweiser Blippable image from The Confluence on Vimeo.

Social Media Strategy? Think Like a Reporter

Webbiquity SMM

In all but the smallest companies, there are often multiple individuals tweeting, networking and even contributing to the company blog. Update your company’s Facebook page? What is your company aiming to accomplish through social media?

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Drunk On The Social Media Kool-Aid

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My company, Twist Image , sells marketing and communications services (with a focus on the digital/online channels). " Ultimately, I use Social Media as a publishing and engagement platform to create attention, awareness and interest in my company. These micro-celebrities are racking up hundreds of thousands of friends and followers in places like Facebook and Twitter and they're generating millions of views in places like YouTube and Vimeo. vimeo.

How to Increase Website Traffic from YouTube

Social Media Marketing

Depending upon the strategy of your business, you can host videos on free video hosting site like YouTube, Vimeo, metacafe and many more. And, putting those videos on your blog along with some quality content will give a remarkable exposure to your brand and videos.

Link Building: Four Types of Backlinks to Pursue (And Three to Avoid)

Webbiquity SMM

Virtually all businesses can benefit from providing their company and contact details to the local versions of Google, Bing and Yahoo!, If you’ve got a highly visual product, use Flickr and Pinterest; if you can make video part of the mix, set up a company channel on YouTube and Vimeo.

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6 best social media monitoring tools 


Unmetric is an AI-powered, brand-focused social media intelligence platform that helps companies gather reliable social media data to perform better on social. Why listening to brands helps you improve your social media strategy from Unmetric on Vimeo. Did you know there are 3.5

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3 Rules for Better Video Marketing

Convince & Convert

It provides practical insights into developing a structured program around your video content, offers viable examples from big-name companies already grounding their marketing in online video, and offers supporting data to help solidify the value of video marketing for the C-suite.

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6 Ways to Stay Ahead of What the World Thinks

Convince & Convert

Vimeo. While I could make an argument for every company needing to see information in realtime, there are plenty of use cases where a daily update would work just fine. It is critical to know who and which media is influential for your company or brand or product.

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YES YOU CAN Measure Social Media

Akamai Marketing

I feel it takes into account the different areas in which social media can impact (PR, Digital Marketing, Product Development, Customer Service) and even more importantly, it gives the client some flexibility to weight certain elements so they reflect the business goals of their company.

Link Love Monthly: Best of March 2011


MIT Media Lab Identity, 2011 from readyletsgo on Vimeo. Things Companies Don’t Want to Hear about Social Media (Sysomos). Here’s a monthly selection of links to some of the most interesting posts that we’ve read and shared over the last 30 days.

Content Marketing Strategy? Think Like A Reporter

Webbiquity SMM

Although 93% of B2B companies are doing content marketing, less than half view themselves as successful with it. For video content, will it be on YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, your blog, or all of the above?

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7 Ways To Mine The Hidden Gold In Your Customer Data

Convince & Convert

That was the thesis of a recent Webinar I conducted with my friend and collaborator Jamie Beckland from Janrain , an organization that helps companies improve their conversion rates, relevancy and customer satisfaction by gathering and managing social media profile and behavior data.

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The Finally-Gonna Do It Guide to LinkedIn Publishing

agora pulse

Copy and paste the link for a YouTube, Vimeo or other video that is hosted elsewhere. Slideshare, as one of LinkedIn’s companies, shows up the best, displaying the whole slideshow presentation, and allowing you to click through the slides directly in the post.

#CMAD 2017, Interview with Rohit Bhargava, Author and Trend Curator


CMAD 2017, Session 8: Interview with Rohit Bhargava, Author and Trend Curator from 5:00 Films & Media on Vimeo. Example* – Cell phone companies making the cost of switching carriers near zero for consumers.).

How To Do The Nearly Impossible

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It''s an event for companies that make physical products. If you''re in marketing, you really need to watch this - Seth Godin - Nearly Impossible 2013 : Seth Godin | Nearly Impossible 2013 from Nearly Impossible on Vimeo. We live in very different times.

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25 of the Best Facebook Page Apps to Give Your Business a Boost


Facebook offers live stream capability directly within the app, but if you’d like to broadcast to other channels, Vimeo’s Livestream is a good option. If your company deploys email newsletters, make sure there’s a sign-up tab on your Facebook page.

4 Video Contest Ideas to Boost Your Social Engagement

Convince & Convert

With Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo, YouTube, and more populating video content across every social media channel, innovative marketers and influencers know they need to do more than simply post a video to deliver results, particularly as feeds become more and more video-saturated.

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11 best social media listening tools


Unmetric is an AI-powered, brand-focused social media intelligence platform that helps companies gather reliable social media data to perform better on social. Why listening to brands helps you improve your social media strategy from Unmetric on Vimeo.

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Getting Started With Vlogging

Waxing UnLyrical

Tell a story about your company? Once you publish, review it and then head to your YouTube channel (or Vimeo…or both) to load that puppy. Guest post by Erica Allison. Video Blog Posts. Vlogs. Everyone seems to be doing them now. But are they doing them in the best way they could?

Instagram Video: The Ultimate Guide to Creating Engaging Content


But if your boss just declined your request for company-funded improv comedy classes again, our Instagram Live how-to guide is full of handy tips. Magisto is Vimeo’s editing app, and while it’s not the cheapest app out there, we’re including it because it’s ridiculously easy.

5 Trends Shaping the Future of Instagram Marketing


But as Instagram’s vision for the future of video pushes forward, vertical video is moving to other platforms too: you can even upload and embed vertical video on Youtube and Vimeo now too! Wondering what the future of Instagram marketing looks like?

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