Has Social Media Killed Off Privacy?

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Tagging occurs when a friend uploads a photograph of you to Facebook or Flickr or another photo sharing site. Online Communities social media social networks facial recognition online community privacy real world social network tom tom

Digg: Your Privacy is an Illusion

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Besides major usability issues , duplicate stories submissions , and ads that literally scream at you , Digg has yet another issue to deal with: privacy. Plus, the privacy is only one way (incoming only). I was responding to Kelly who says that the privacy is still one way.

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This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply.

Instagram Does the Two Step - And Steps In It

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But with yesterday's announcement of pending changes in its Privacy Policy and Terms of Service , Instagram is quickly falling from grace. It's not too long ago (okay, in social media terms, it was eons ago) that Flickr was one of the major social networks.

Keep Yourself Alive

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Who will protect your rights, your opportunities and your privacy online? Should Google and Facebook be securing your privacy online? This same person has been publishing pictures of their young family to Facebook and Flickr forever, for all to see. If you don't want your privacy exposed, be very leery of what you are posting. You must take responsibility for your own rights, opportunities and privacy online. flickr. online privacy. privacy.

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Talking The Social Media Walk

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Image: Lars Plougmann via Flickr, Creative Commons Really, if you just read through the comments, there’s your follow-up blog post… but since I promised you one, you’re getting one. To try to connect with those who might become part of a community?

Protecting Children from Social Media

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This graphic by Forrester Research, refers to the types of people that hang out in communities and what they do in those communities. Share images on Flickr. How can you protect your children from social media? One might say, “Do we really need to&# ?

The Career Path of the Corporate Social Strategist: An Introspection

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Click to see full-size image on Jeremiah's Flickr page. Rather, we purposely set out to ensure that we’ve brought the folks from our Privacy, IT, Legal, Training, and HR teams into the fold.

LinkedIn’s University Pages: Brilliant or Dumb?


Photo Credit: Flickr: smi23le. Along with privacy issues for the new young users, some now say the company’s creditability could be called into question. How do you feel about high school students joining your professional social media community? .

How Young is Too Young?

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Some even boast high rankings and good sized communities. It took me 6 months to acquire a good amount of traffic and cultivate a community on my blog and the same goes for any new blogger. Digg Diigo Disqus Dopplr Facebook Fetch Flickr FriendFeed gdgt Google Reader Identi.ca

Best Internet Marketing Posts of 2010

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As many of you know, I have an annual tradition of giving back to the community on my birthday, which is why this year is no different. Since I can’t read everything written by the Internet Marketing community, I ask my Twitter and Facebook followers for their own recommendations.

Smear Tactics: Great for BBQ, but PR? Not So Much

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According to the article, Mark Zuckerberg and his team hired Burson-Marsteller , a well-known public relations firm, to plant negative stories accusing Google of being careless with Gmail users privacy. Image: Jimee, Jackie, Tom & Asha via Flickr, CC 2.0.

Monday Roundup: Secrets

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Image: Steven Depolo via Flickr, CC 2.0. Why: Online privacy is a valid concern in today’s connected world (yes, even for me). area, she loves helping for- and non-profit clients, both small and large, turn corporate codswallop into community cool.

On IWD, Advice for Women in PR, From (Mostly) Women in PR

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So I asked my community: what advice they’d give to young(er) women entering/in the PR field? Image: Ted Eytan via Flickr , CC BY-SA 2.0.

Can Publicly-Traded Social Media Companies Survive?

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Facebook, on the other hand, has a customer community who is primarily focused on sharing personal updates with their friends and family. They want to do this in a somewhat secured environment where they can control the privacy of what they share.

Facebook Marketing: Now Available! | Justin Levy

Justin Levy

In Chapter 6, “Extending the Experience with Facebook Apps,&# I discus plug-ins such as flickr, Delicious, StumbleUpon, and several other applications that can help you to connect with your prospects, customers, and fans.

Like Stuff On Facebook? Say Cheese, You're An Ad!

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These “sponsored stories&# will only appear in the news feeds, and sidebar ads, of your Facebook friends, based on your privacy settings. Image: Asthma Helper via Flickr, CC 2.0 Doesn’t it call to mind the Flickr-Virgin Mobile brouhaha from a few years ago?

Facebook's Need for Better Communication

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With Mark Zuckerberg being named the Time Person of the Year for 2010, you would think that there would be a little more thought that goes into the company's approach to privacy, major UI changes, and how those are communicated to the very people those changes affect.

New Tool Makes My Email Work Harder and Smarter

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I don’t know these guys personally, so to say they aren’t spies would be pure conjecture, however, their privacy pledge states … Where does Rapportive get its data from?

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Can You Trust Your Blog to the Cloud – The Pros and Cons


We want to be great writers, be great artists, take amazing photographs and build an engaging community. Flickr. Privacy. But for years they were hated in equal measure as they were loved, or liked for the, arguably flagrant or dismissive attitude they took to our privacy.

Flying Viral: What Businesses Can Learn from the Flappy Bird Saga

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Image via Flickr. In addition, the same frustration factor further pushed the buttons of competitive players, boasting their scores on Twitter and Facebook, thus creating a community and conversation of competition. Related Stories Would You Sacrifice Your Privacy For A $5 Gift Card?

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This Week in Social Media – 5/8/2013

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Salesforce has unveiled a Communities solution for the enterprise , which leverages its Chatter platform and other products to create portals that will allow external conversations to be brought into the company more seamlessly. Image credit: Trev Grant (Flickr) --.

Etsy's PR Nightmare: Greeting Cards Making Light Of Rape

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Image: striatic via Flickr, CC 2.0 Join the Grymm & Epic community for creative entrepreneurs, or read her heavy metal blog on Steff Metal. I dont think Id even signed up for Flickr at the time and when that news hit, I really didnt want to use it at all. and now Flickr is.

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The Perfect Family Tree

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It should be 100% open (perhaps with privacy controls just for living individuals - still need to work that one out, but we already have many examples to learn from). I've talked before about how I think there needs to be more semantic standards adoption in Genealogy.

How Pink Panties Heralded India's Social Media Movement

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As privacy and choice gained momentum, permission-based Internet activity has led to what we now describe as the social web. Image: Dipanker Datta via Flickr, CC 2.0 “Liking&# a page translated from a click to a tangible emotion with human repercussions.

Ross Mayfield's Weblog: Elevating the Enterprise 2.0 Conversation

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community is uniquely prepared to solve. Flickr. Privacy Victory for Employee Email Monitoring. privacy. Ross Mayfields Weblog. Markets, Technology & Musings. « Techmeme Persistent Search Feeds | Main. Enterprise 2.008 » June 12, 2008.

Social Class Distinction Between MySpace and Facebook » Techipedia.

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

Professionalism and Privacy. Privacy is a huge concern for those individuals who want to keep their lives out of search engines and out of the reach of prospective employers who might find incriminating information. Tamar is also the author of The New Community Rules (July 2009).

Social Media Insecurity: What to do When Online Activity Affects.

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My uncle knows a young girl from his community, a recent college graduate, who is looking for a social media job. Online is a global enabler of friendships, communities and networks acros sthe globe between people that does not necessarily have to be in the same geographic location.

How Spying On Your Friends Causes Reevaluation of Endorsed Content

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Reply Our Monmouth May 1, 2008 at 8:49 am Internet privacy concerns always make me think twice before I click. As more and more social interaction gets pulled together on the Web, I think people will lose a little bit of freedom and privacy. In one case because of privacy issues.

An Open Letter to Facebook

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With the initiative for Facebook to be open and to empower businesses to host pages that celebrate their business, offering deals and giving the community the ability to converse directly with the business or entity these pages represent, you forgot about accountability.

36 (of the) Best Facebook Guides, Stats and Rants of 2010

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Richard MacManus explains how to create 10 common types of Facebook tabs, including Flickr, Slideshare, Questions and YouTube tabs. It’s hard to overstate the impact of Facebook.

Dear Facebook Friends, You're Doing it Wrong

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A regularly updated Fan Page brings greater awareness Community Page : What if you love something but you have no direct affiliation with the product/service, can’t find the official page, and worse, discover the page doesn’t even exist?

Want to Friend Me on Facebook? Please Use My Public Page or.

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Despite the fact that Facebook has the most customizable privacy settings of all social networks (though we could argue with their effectiveness in a whole other post), people don’t like maintaining a “business&# identity on the same profile as their “personal&# (fun?)

Preparing for the Next Disaster: The Future of #crisisdata


I’ve always evangelized the potential of tools like Facebook and Twitter to create meaningful communities and collaborations, but now realize the true opportunity for all of us who spend our days mixing up cocktails of mission and technology: social tools + people = lives saved. We have a robust social media presence on all the sites you’d expect: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, and our blog.

How to Use Facebook for Business and Marketing

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Don’t shy away from giving your community the information needed to find you elsewhere both online and offline. Let it be posted on every social platform of choice and then watch as it seeds through other communities (which is likely to happen and shows that your marketing is viral).

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Knowledge Worker 2.0 - Power to the people

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Community. Privacy Info New! We always know more than we can tell and we will always tell more than we can write down David Snowden Complex Acts of Knowing - Paradox and Descriptive Self Awareness [link] Slide 47: Case Study: US Intel Community Intellipedia [link] Slide 48: Whatâ??s Peter Senge The Fifth Discipline Slide 54: Case Study: IBM Innovative communities [link] Slide 55: Knowledge Management 2.0 Mostly from iStockphoto.com and Flickr.

Social Media U: Take a Class in Social Media - ReadWriteWeb

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And they mean it, too, saying "At TCBN we respect your privacy. Since then, the students have formed their own vibrant community on Twitter. privacy. flickr. ReadWriteWeb. RWW Network. ReadWriteWeb. ReadWriteTalk. Last100. AltSearchEngines. About. Subscribe. Contact.

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Analysis of Five Top Blogs and What You Can Learn from Them

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Patience is required in building a community, seeing real results with monetization and building traffic. Some people are able to build a community but fail at monetizing their blogs. Some also build traffic but fail to build a community.

YoMacha: India's Hot or Not ?

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While going through the initial research we bumped into few Indian rating sites, which did not take care of person’s privacy and safety. Home About In the Media OSSCamp Summer Edition themarketingblog@wordpress on Mobile June 23, 2008.2:25 25 am YoMacha: India’s Hot or Not ? Jump to Comments A few days back I had received a ‘profiling’ request from Vandana Makharia from YoMacha.

Gov 2.0: Taking a Look Back at 2009 | Social Media Strategery

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Community, have had an alternately successful and frustrating (but never boring) year. That sense of community, that sense of, “we’re all in this together,&# is one of the the five Gov 2.0 Home About Me Speaking Legal-ese My Team Gov 2.0

The Ultimate Social Media Etiquette Handbook

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In case it isn’t obvious, Facebook wall posts are completely public to all your friends (unless you tweak your privacy settings). It’s important to understand the communities you contribute to and to understand the rules of the sites that you target.

38+ Cool Social Media and Web Tools and Reviews

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Concerned about your web browsing security and privacy when you’re away from home and using public WiFi? Innovation is alive and well in the development of cool free and low-cost web-based tools and apps.

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SMX West '08 Recap: Takeaways, Shout Outs, and Pictures

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Check out my Flickr photostream. 12484 SUBSCRIBERS FOLLOWERS Lijit Search Read more about The New Community Rules Get Techipedia on your iPhone or iPod touch! Digg Diigo Disqus Dopplr Facebook Fetch Flickr FriendFeed gdgt Google Reader Identi.ca

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How I Network on Friendster, Facebook, MySpace, and LinkedIn Â?

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I needed to differentiate Digg from social media because they actually are part of a distinctive community (and as you know, I’m very passionate about Digg so it really did deserve its own category). Digg Diigo Disqus Dopplr Facebook Fetch Flickr FriendFeed gdgt Google Reader Identi.ca