TikTok Finally Bans Disinformation Campaigns in Updated Community Guidelines

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TikTok on Wednesday issued new community guidelines explicitly prohibiting “disinformation campaigns" in the wake of rising concern over how social media companies are handling misinformation

Another Word on Social Media Guidelines


or defamatory comments when discussing the Company or the employee’s superiors.”. Therefore the NLRB ruled that the “Blogging and Internet Posting Policy” contained unlawful provisions that “prohibited employees from making disparaging remarks when discussing the company.”

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U.S. Chamber of Commerce Launches Tool Comparing State-By-State Reopening Guidelines for Employers, Highlights Significant Differences Across States and Industries

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Chamber of Commerce Launches Tool Comparing State-By-State Reopening Guidelines for Employers, Highlights Significant Differences Across States and Industries. The Chamber will update the map as new guidelines become available.

How to Create Effective Social Media Guidelines for Your Business


Every business should have social media guidelines. That’s true even if your company is not on social media (psst: here’s how to get started ). Social media guidelines lay down some rules. The difference between a social media policy and social media guidelines.

IBM Social Computing Guidelines

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IBM Social Computing Guidelines. In the spring of 2005, IBMers used a wiki to create a set of guidelines for all IBMers who wanted to blog. These guidelines aimed to provide helpful, practical advice—and also to protect both IBM bloggers and IBM itself, as the company sought to embrace the blogosphere. So we turned to IBMers again to re-examine our guidelines and determine what needed to be modified. IBM Social Computing Guidelines: Executive Summary.

How To Translate Your Company Purpose Into Slick Visual Branding

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Look at other companies in your field that you aspire to rival, and think carefully about how they describe themselves, then relate that to the imagery they use. Ideally, your visual branding should be broadly familiar, but just different enough to give you an edge over those other companies.

Improve an Entire Community through Fundraising

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Community fundraising goes beyond raising funds for a specific cause. It provides an opportunity to improve an entire community through the efforts of the fundraiser. Here’s one example of an organization that’s clearly been successful through their community fundraising efforts.

Community Manager: To Be Or Not To Be!


Tweet Community Managers are the voice of the brand, but their role varies across companies. There are no set list of rules or guidelines which can a make a successful community, but all successful communities have a common ingredient – a good Community Manager.

How to Customize your Facebook Page


Almost every modern company in the world has made the big decision; should we be on Facebook or not? This blog post provides you with some quick guidelines on what to remember when having a Facebook page.

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How to Influence People in Online Communities


I would argue, and many others have too, that Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People is a great primer for social communities and, more importantly, for defining your Code of Conduct. Have you developed and adopted a code of conduct statement for your community?

13 YouTube Community Building Hacks You Never Knew About

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So, if you’re still saying your brand doesn’t need YouTube community building, you might need to rethink. So, with that in mind, I’m going to tell you 13 YouTube community building hacks you never knew about. This is key for YouTube community building.

Father’s Day Content Tips to Inspire Community Managers

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Father’s Day can be a tough one for community managers. Though they may not be successful at making you laugh, dad jokes seem to be a pretty effective form of marketing, as proved by appliance company HH Gregg’s Jokes From Dad campaign.

Meeting Google’s Quality Guidelines: Will Google EAT Your Content?


Google’s Updated Quality Guidelines . This past November, Google released their Quality Rater Guidelines so that businesses, marketers, content writers, and SEO experts could get an idea of exactly what the search engine giant was looking for when it came to quality content.

How to advertise and optimise posts on Facebook


Is your company considering content amplification on Facebook? Over the last years Facebook has been learning more and more about its users – something companies can benefit from. The platform’s special news feed algorithm enables companies to target a community based on the information people share on their profiles. ?The Instead focusing on creating an ongoing dialogue with the community has repeatedly proven more profitable. ?.

How to Manage Issues on Social Media


People are able to find likeminded people, build communities around specific interests, and find inspiration and support within those communities. What are your company’s or product’s weaknesses, who will speak up for it and why?

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#SproutChat Recap: Company Culture Content

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More and more brands are incorporating company culture into their social strategies. This week at #SproutChat , we discussed incorporating company culture in a business’ social content strategy. Your people shouldn't be isolated from your online community.

Facebook Removal of Fanpages. Community Pages.

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But they are bloody good for distribution… This is not to be confused with inappropriate deletions due to community behavioural guidelines e.g. slurs on minority groups – Gay author has Band Fags page removed. Fanpage vs community vs brand vs groups. Community Pages.

Twitter Rules vs. Community Values


I recently posted my Brief List of 53 Twitter Rules , guidelines for how I choose to use Twitter. Some of these are legislated, and some of them simply come from community values. My rules are based on a combination of factors, like why I am on Twitter, my personal standard of ethics, my perception of community values, and Twitter’s TOS. This is an example of a rule that was based on community values and became a legislated rule.

57 Social Media Policy Examples and Resources

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As it happens, lots of organizations publish their social media guidelines online, ready for you to review and use yourself. Social Media Policies and Guidelines. Online Communications Guidelines. Editorial Guidelines. Social Media Guidelines. Social Media Guidelines. Community Guidelines. Guidelines for Student Blogging. Corporate Blogging Policies and Guidelines. Social Computing Guidelines. Social Media Guidelines.

Importance of UGC and Creating Brand Advocacy

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Having this content will allow your most passionate customers become your brand advocates and this will help you ultimately build a community that loves your products and/or services.

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8 ways to deal with negative comments in online communities

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How do you respond to a negative comment in an online community, on Facebook? Well, every company does it differently, but let’s look at corporate vs personal voice when dealing with negative comments. Law as bullying tactic rarely works, it just incenses the community.

The Complete Guide to Facebook Groups: How to Create a Group, Build a Community and Increase Your Organic Reach

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Facebook has recently launched Groups for Pages, enabling the 70 million+ Pages on Facebook to create their own unique communities and feeds. And more importantly, how do you build an engaged community in your Facebook Group? How to build an engaged community in your Facebook group.

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Book Review Wednesday: Wikibrands: Reinventing your company in.

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Each element has its own chapter: F ocus, L anguage and Content, I ncentives & Motivations & Outreach, R ules Guidelines & Rituals, T ools.

How can using social media as an employee help my company?

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You’re happy in your company, so why build a personal brand through social media? Here are just a few reasons building your personal brand can support the goals of your company in any industry. What industry is your company in? Make your company look good.

Blogging for Business: 10 Proven Strategies that Work for Any Size Business

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” The days of hiring an SEO company to simply throw up some text on a virtual page, buy some junk links and watch the sales come in, are over and done. Social Profit Factor Training System + Member Community can help you ignite your online social brand, tribe and business results!

3 Ways Wahl Professional Grew Its Instagram Community by 56%

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But in order to be successful building a strong community is essential. A dedication to social media engagement , integrating existing communities and using analytics tools are three ways that brands can ensure their Instagram presence remains robust.

Dark Social – We Only See The Tip of The Social Media Iceberg


The challenge with this lack of tags is that most of the “direct” traffic a company or brand generates is not really direct – people do not type specific URLs to land on a subpage or a subsite. A recent report from Radium One shed some light on the concept of “Dark Social”.

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How to Handle Fans’ Feedback on Your Facebook Page


Tweet When running an online community on Facebook, you naturally give your fans a chance to speak and make themselves heard. This can ofcourse, foster both positive and negative feedback to your company in a sphere, where it is possible for everyone to see it.

Dark Social – We only See The Tip of the Social Media Iceberg


The challenge with this lack of tags is that most of the “direct” traffic a company or brand generates is not really direct – people do not type specific URLs to land on a subpage or sub site. A recent report from Radium One shed some light on the concept of “Dark Social”.

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Can We Talk? Why Your Company’s Social Media Needs to Sound Human


It won’t turn out so well if their conversational skills are being stifled by super-strict guidelines and intrusive micromanagement. When it comes to your social media strategy, don’t allow your company to behave like a little clique of close friends who go to a party together, only to stand and chat in an impenetrable circle. Next, this coffee company has a lot of Twitter followers, but they don’t seem to be interacting with any of them.

Clearstep Business Community : Clearspace: Clearstep

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Online Communities Build, manage and measure your community successfully. Clearstep is a gathering place for Online Community and Internal Collaboration practitioners to interact, share best practices, and gain access to a much wider range of perspectives on common community and collaboration issues. Take a moment to customize your profile so its easier for people to find out more about you, and then browse the online community or internal collaboration space.

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Social Media and The Cone of Silence – Victoria Department of Justice

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If the person I am employing (through taxes) to do work for my community is on my communication channel, I expect to be able to speak to them. Would you seriously tell people that they don’t represent the company in emails?

Improved Social PR via the Employee Advocacy Route

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Most companies are blind to the massive PR resource that is their workforce. If you are concerned about the risk of reputation management, you can create and enforce guidelines to control your employees’ activity. Community Strategy employee advocacy leveraging employees for PR

Key Points for Local Market Activation on Social Media for International Brands


Tweet The following post is part of the Mindjumpers Network series and written by our Community Manager, Sara Hansson. These local Facebook pages have grown at twice the rate of global communities and register 50% higher engagement. Local management by local community managers.

From Shared Databases to Communities of Practice: A Taxonomy of Collaboratories

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From shared databases to communities of practice: A taxonomy of collaboratories. From Shared Databases to Communities of Practice: A Taxonomy of Collaboratories. The types are: Distributed Research Centers, Shared Instruments, Community Data Systems, Open Community Contribution Systems, Virtual Communities of Practice, Virtual Learning Communities, and Community Infrastructure Projects. Community Data Systems. Virtual Community of Practice.

Top 5 Social Media Password Security Mistakes

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Below are five key guidelines to help ensure that your social media passwords are properly secured. Did anyone who worked on the account leave the company? For example, if an employee leaves the company who may have worked on the account, it’s a matter of “rather safe than sorry”.

Brands Tapping Into Election Season: The Big Debate

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So, we interviewed Ashlie Lanning, our Vice President of Community Management, to get the Dos and Don’ts on election content and conversation for brands targeting consumers in the US. Take our own company for example, Ignite Social Media.

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Why You Should Encourage Social Advocacy among B2B Employees


When we discuss brand advocates, it often refers to influential persons outside of the company – media and bloggers with a large following, for example. Firstly, your employees know more about your brand and company culture than anyone else. Featured Implementation Open Communit

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Negative reviews – Proof that responding works!

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Unless the review or post was libellous (in which case the legal requirement was to remove it), the best thing that company could do would be to respond publicly with a polite and reasoned answer for what may have caused the problem, and if possible, potential solutions.

5 Rules for Your Social Voice During A Crisis


If you are a nonprofit that uses automated tweets, be sure to set guidelines for when to put them on hold. Content Strategy Implementation Nimble Nonprofit Risk and Social Media communications community crisis communications social media policies social voice Twitter

3 Golden Business Rules for Social Media Engagement

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

Many companies partake in this “shiny toy syndrome&# and do it all without a plan or strategy in place. Just do it while giving back to the community as well. They don’t follow guidelines on contact form policies on what will be covered and what won’t be.

Online Voting: Advantages and Challenges for Associations


If either state law or internal guidelines prohibit electronic methods, your challenge will be to revise the applicable statute or policy to permit online voting. He can be reached via the company’s website: [link]. Industry Insider Open Community Potluck

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Facebook Is Global, But Social Is Local


For international brands and companies, it is a challenge to control and maintain product perception worldwide. To do this, we believe that only Community Managers who grew up and are still based in a certain country can create content with true authenticity and with the right context.