46 Travel Tools to Optimize Your Next Vacation

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As we bathe in the memory of friends, family and BBQ over this week’s Memorial Day holiday, our minds are now tuned up and ready to hit our favorite travel season – summer. Trippy – Like Pinterest, but dedicated exclusively to collecting and sharing travel ideas ( Web, iPhone).

5 Ways Hospitality Marketers Can Use Travel Influencers


Social-media savvy travelers are making an indelible mark on the travel and hospitality industries. Social media influencers' reach on different social media platforms can equal over 5 figures in new bookings for travel brands

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The New Business Traveler

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While it's nice to think that Skype , WebEx or Facetime removes the need for business travel, nothing could be further from the truth. The thing is, that technology can now enhance the business travel experience. As brutal as travel is (and, as a Super Elite member, I can tell you that the road is hard, cold and miserable), it has changed dramatically over the years. If I have to travel for more than five nights for business? Great travel apps. business book.

Top 10 Travel Marketing Conferences of 2017


We’ve put together our list of the 10 must-attend travel marketing conferences of 2017 for anyone looking to network with top travel professionals, learn about emerging trends, and build out an innovative tourism marketing strategy that speaks to today’s travelers. The NY Times Travel Show : New York City, NY (January 27 – 29 2017). Eye for Travel : San Francisco, CA (April 24-27 2017). Digital Travel Summit : Henderson, NV (May 8-10 2017).

10 Amazing Tricks To Get The Most Out Of Your Travel

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I love to travel! I’m going to share some of my favorite travel hacks with you. My current dream book: Top 10 Barcelona. Try this app for travel budgeting: Trail Wallet. Here’s a few I’ve used: #travel #wanderlust #bucketlist #dreamer.

The Best Piece Of Business Travel Advice

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I use one particular technique/tactic that makes business travel all that much more palpable. The most frequent question I get asked is how I cope with travelling so much. The truth is that I don't feel like I'm away from home or the Twist Image offices all that much because my frequency of travel is mostly due to my desire to race back home as quickly as possible. But, that's not the best piece of business travel advice I can offer you. air travel. travel.

5 Events for Busy Entrepreneurs Who Love Traveling


No matter where your travels take you, you’re in the vicinity of colleagues interested in exchanging ideas, conversation and insight; here are five events for busy entrepreneurs who love traveling : 1. Feel free to book an accomodation using HolidayApartments.net.

5 Events for Busy Entrepreneurs Who Love Traveling


No matter where your travels take you, you’re in the vicinity of colleagues interested in exchanging ideas, conversation and insight; here are five events for busy entrepreneurs who love traveling : 1. Feel free to book an accomodation using HolidayApartments.net.

12 Books to Read

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At least they are supposed to… Since spring break is here, and many of us have begun traveling for the annual conference season, here are some books I hope to read. I highly recommend this book if you need a something light. The first book, at least.

Can Travel Bloggers Live Well From Their Blogs?

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Can Travel Bloggers Live Well From Their Blogs? Travel blogs have become quite popular over the years, and it’s easy to see why the best of the bunch have come so far. However, creating a successful and profitable travel blog isn’t as easy as playing 7Sultans mobile games.

10 Book Recommendations From Team Sprout

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Good books teach us about our craft, inspire us to be better leaders and even allow us to fall into escapist fantasies during our cold winter commutes. If you’re looking for a good travel read this holiday season, these are all fantastic choices. “The C Programming Language” is one of the few programming books that not only offers valuable and practical information but is enjoyable to read. Guess you could say he wrote the book on C.

#SproutChat Recap: Creating Content for the Travel Industry

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This makes marketing for travel professionals easy, right? How do you get folks to your travel destination when cost and time often get in the way? Sprout All Star, Keri Jaehnig , has spent years working in the travel industry and has won several state tourism awards for her social media campaigns and marketing efforts. This week, she joined #SproutChat and shared her insights for making the content your travel brand produces stand out and getting visitors in the door.

Book Review: The Crowdfunding Revolution


In this series of posts about social media books, I invite the author to share something about themselves and why they wrote the book, and what in the book might be of particular interest to association or nonprofit audiences. . so I find this book incredibly interesting.

Everyone Has Written a Book!

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Go to enough social media conferences (like two maximum), and you will inevitably have a conversation about the cliche, “Everyone’s written a book.&# This meme references the seemingly endless proliferation of social media books published. Moving $15 Books.

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How To Get Started With Free Travel When Your Blog is Brand New


Many travel bloggers start blogging with dreams of getting free travel around the world. I would say for every 10 emails I sent, we end up getting some sort of free travel from at least one contact. At first we found success booking a hotel room and asking for an upgrade.

If I Wrote a Book

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Chapman, in the months before his Content Rules book was published, wrote the following on his blog: Before it was the “in thing” for everyone in social media to do, I’ve had the life long goal of writing a book. When I was a teenager, I had a fantasy to write a best-selling book. I, too, didn’t know if it would be fiction or a piece about travel or technology.

Want To Join Seth Godin And Me For A CTRL ALT Delete Book Launch At Google In NYC?

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It''s actually a private book launch party for CTRL ALT Delete. On June 17th, 2013, Google in New York City will be hosting the official book launch for my second business book, CTRL ALT Delete. This is a very private and intimate event for the industry and media (sponsored by Google and my publisher, Grand Central Publishing - Hachette Book Group ) and it is by invitation only. Winners must cover all travel, accommodations, etc. business book.

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Gatwick Airport To Publish New Children’s Stories Via SoundCloud

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Gatwick Airport recently became the first European airport to use the social network Soundcloud by releasing a series of audio books for kids and parents. ” This campaign is timed to focus around families traveling during this summer’s school holidays.

Four Seasons #IgniteTheSpark Campaign Brings Romance To Social Media

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Because it appeals to their guests: Four Seasons’ research showed that guests wanted the hotels to “create romantic experiences during their getaways” and that more than 50% of couples surveyed believed travel was “the best way to keep the spark alive in their relationship.”

How to Use Social Media to Plan Your Next Vacation

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Well since that isn’t possible yet the travel industry is trying it’s best to make it faster, easier and worry free to plan your next vacation. Plus, by creating a travel board for each destination, it helps you keep in mind all of the things you want to do, see and eat on your vacation.

Is Technology An Addiction, A Crutch Or Normal For Who We Are?

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I don't think I do it more/less than the average bear, but because so much more of my life is operated through the iPhone (note taking, banking, travel, reading books, magazine articles, shopping, etc.), Look no further than the groundbreaking work of Sherry Turkle (and her two incredible business books, Alone Together and Reclaiming Conversation ). This new book, Irresistible, must be read by you (and everyone that you know). Until then, pick up his book.

5 Tips To Book A Baller Vegas Trip Affordably That You Haven’t Heard

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Book Accommodations Through Independent Owners. But we went with option 2 which involved booking dinner at a restaurant attached to a club (in this case Hakkasan). Not all clubs have this, but the ones that do will usually let you skip the line if you book dinner there. Travel Okay, maybe not celebrity baller, but there are ways to experience an upgraded Vegas experience. I love Vegas. It’s not for everyone. But for me, 2 times a year is standard.

The Random on Social Media, Music, Sports, Books and Movies

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Kat French , who has one of the coolest names, is helping us put our 120 plus socialmedia tweetchats into a book-I know… Not another social media book, can you feel it? When travelling/flying, I’ve been reading 2 books simultaneously one is called Bounce by Matthew Syed which talks about how prodigies are not born, they are made, from hard work. random thoughts books brad pitt hp movies NFL social media

Facebook Updates: Dynamic Ads and Website Custom Audience Enhancements

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This change makes sense particularly due to the concurrent announcement of Dynamic Ads for Travel, which don’t focus on the sale of tangible goods. Dynamic Ads for Travel. A travel website can now dynamically show ads for a hotel or group of hotels based on travel intent.

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Kickstarter for The Next Book – Cuba: Seven in 10

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My next book will be a team photo effort focused on a trip that seven Washington, DC photographers are taking next week to Cuba. This should make for a great photo book. It’s going to be an incredible visual journey, and one that interests most Americans who enjoy travel.

CEO Today: Interview with the co-founder of Flip.to – Brian J. Kent

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As a Brooklyn-born, engineer by schooling, world traveler by preference, visionary by self-proclamation, Brian is a proponent of social media, travel and new technology bridging the two. After a guest books a room, Flip.to Brian is the co-founder and product lead of Flip.to.

Why I’m Not Writing a Book This Year

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I was all set to write another book this year. Solo this time, as my book spouse Amber Naslund has her hands full with her new social business consultancy Sidera Works. I loved writing half of The NOW Revolution , and loved even more traveling around North America giving presentations about social media and social business ( here are the slides ). And that’s where the book comes in. Once the book is published the real work begins, which is promoting it.

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How To Be Inspired At Work

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Spend more time travelling. In that tenure, I''ve had the pleasure of writing two business books ( Six Pixels of Separation and CTRL ALT Delete ). Writing a book can be an amazingly painful process (don''t believe me, check this out: 21 Harsh But Eye-Opening Writing Tips From Great Authors ). I have been reflecting a lot on both my twelve years at Twist Image and the process of birthing two books. business book. travel. It''s 7 am.

Building a New Kind of Cruise Community

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We just launched our travel tech start-up, Cruiseable , three weeks ago after a year of work. I love to cruise, but it’s frustrating that there’s no site or app to help me discover the wide assortment of cruises that are a good match for my travel style and budget – and to help me book the right voyage to the right destinations. I know that my peers in the digital generations don’t want to traipse down to a storefront to spend an hour with a travel agent.

Book Review: iPhone Millionaire


In this series of posts about social media books, I invite the author to share something about themselves and why they wrote the book, and what in the book might be of particular interest to association or nonprofit audiences. . So that is why I wrote the book.

Social Media in the Industry: Customization is the Key to Success

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

Tourism/Travel/Hospitality. Goals: Connect with new clients who enjoy traveling. Strategy: Set up a Linkedin profile and join groups where prospective travel customers may be connecting. The Travel and Hospitality Industry usually does pretty well with attracting Facebook fans.

10 Travel Influencers Your Brand Should Partner With


Social-media savvy travelers are making an indelible mark on the travel and hospitality industries. Leveraging partnerships with travel influencers can help hospitality and travel brands reach a wider audience and boost engagement and bookings all while showcasing the brand in an authentic and organic way. How do you find the right influencers to represent your travel brand? Here are 10 popular travel influencers to be aware of as you begin your search.

Mark Zuckerberg’s 2017 Personal Challenge: Visit and Meet With People in All 50 States

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Zuckerberg’s past personal challenges have included building an artificial intelligence-powered personal assistant for his home , running 365 miles , reading 25 books and learning Mandarin. Recently, I’ve traveled around the world and visited many cities, and now I’m excited to explore more of our country and meet more people here. Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg is hitting the road in 2017.

Business Resolutions for 2013

Geoff Livingston

In addition to discussing the environment more frequently , here are some of my goals: Less Travel. Last year was my worst travel year since 2009, doubling my normal road time. There is no new book to promote in 2013.

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5 Luxurious Technology Events for this Autumn


Where and When: This technology conference will be taking place at the Maison des Associations de Solidarite in Paris, France , on October 3 – 4, 2013, and for a perfectly luxurious week you book your stay in advance via Luxury-Hotels.com.

Living On Planes

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That being said, when I watch my peers (mostly online) talk about travel, it is rarely pleasant. There are so many uncontrollable factors that make air travel impossible, it's a miracle that anyone has anything nice to say about the experience. We have turned complaining about air travel into the new, "how's the weather?" " It's as easy to complain about air travel as it is to have a conversation about the weather. Travel time equals catch-up time.

12 Incredibly Useful Video Tips to Make Better Videos

Peg Fitzpatrick

When we travel, Shayla will shoot video all day on her phone and edit it into amazing little videos. You aren’t reading a book, you’re trying to engage someone in thirty seconds so they will stick around and watch your video. Being on camera can be a scary thing!

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2 Simple But Brilliant Content Marketing Examples from the Great White North

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I first found Taxi Mike and his content marketing prowess 3+ years ago, and he was the original inspiration for my best-selling book, Youtility. I was honored to shake Mike’s hand, give him a signed copy of the book and a special Youtility T-shirt.

My 3 Words For 2017

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I used to read 2-3 books a week. I'm not sure that I read ten books all year. I skimmed, bought and talked up books that I, candidly, did not read with the same intensity and scrutiny as I have in the past. I need to spend more time in the books and less time skimming the feeds. I need to take better physical care of what I eat, develop a proper exercise regiment that is adaptive to my family/travel schedule, and reclaim my meditation/mindfulness practice.

Do Brands Have Rights When Their Own Data Is Used Against Them?

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Was Zaman looking to bring the airlines and travel sites to their knees? Professional drivers can take on different types of customers when they''re not booked for airport runs ( Uber ). business travel. travel. travel industry. travel site. This is an interesting one, isn''t it? Here''s the deal: A direct flight from New York to San Francisco is $1000 (as an example).