Retailer L.L. Bean Won't Post On Social Media This Month

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The retailer announced on Monday that it would not be posting on any social media platforms for the coming weeks in recognition of Mental Health Awareness Month. Social Media /social-media Innovation /innovation Social Media /social-media innovation socialmedia

A Social Media Retail Case Study – Driving Direct Results from Social Media

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It’s natural for retail brands to want to learn how to drive direct results via social media, whether in sales or leads. In past years, this has been a challenge, but improvements in social platforms’ ad buying options are making it easier than ever. In one of our social media retail case studies, a mid-sized office supply retailer was able to see an overall $1.11


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Social Media Marketing for Retail Brands: 5 Essential Tips


Let’s talk about why it’s important to understand social media marketing for retail brands. Nearly three-quarters ( 74.8% ) of the world’s population over the age of 12 use social media. Those people are engaging with retail brands on social.

Fashion Retailer, Altar’d State, Named Finalist at Social Media Buzz Awards

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Finalist for Social Media Buzz Awards. The Social Media Buzz Awards celebrate the best individuals, agencies, companies, brands, and organizations across the social media spectrum. The Drum has put on the Social Buzz Awards for the past eight years. Receiving this honorable social media award is a great way to showcase a brand’s social campaign as the best in the industry. Best Retail & E-commerce Social Media Strategy.

Pinterest leads Facebook in retail customer aquisition

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In terms of online shopping audiences, Facebook is much larger than Pinterest by a ratio of almost four to one, however the study found that Pinterest provides a better experience for shopping discovery, purchase consideration, and deeper engagement with retailer content. It provides insight for retailers and marketers seeking to understand how online consumers are approaching Pinterest and other social media outlets. Related posts: Social media in call centres.

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The Twilight renaissance: Why retailers need social media for trend forecasting

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But thanks to the combined forces of Netflix and social media, teens are flocking to thrift stores to find everything you probably wore back in 2010. How social influences fashion trends. 3 social-first fashion trends that made waves in 2021. Use a social listening tool.

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How 5 retail brands are stealing the show online


Digital innovators are changing the face of marketing for fashion retail brands. Social media presents marketers with a unique opportunity to connect with their target audience , build a consistent brand image across channels, and generate more sales.

How to master social media for retail and win more customers

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In the world of retail, brands fall into one of two camps: those that embrace social media marketing as a critical component of their customer experience, and those that view it as a nice-to-have. Social media for retail: How to create a compelling customer journey.

Top five: holiday retail trends to the fore

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This week’s top five social media must-know news stories feature important retail trends for the run up to the holidays. Google My Business, Snapchat, blended retail, Facebook and Google Assistant all feature. Majority of holiday shoppers choose ‘blended retail’ A new NPD Group survey show that shoppers are looking for a blended retail experience this holiday season.

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Google Launches 'Accelerating Retail' Digital Marketing Training Program for Businesses in Europe

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Google's launched a new program to help European retailers boost their digital presence

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Retailers Turning To Social Media To Promote Black Friday And Small Business Saturday

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This year social media could be so crucial for finding the best prices. Social Media /social-media Innovation /innovation Social Media /social-media innovation socialmedia

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Meta Announces the Launch of its First Retail Store to Showcase its Hardware Products

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The nest stage in Meta's metaverse adoption strategy

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Black Friday: 3 Big Box Retailers Social Media Approach


Every year after Thanksgiving, millions of eager shoppers swarm retailers to take advantage of one of the biggest shopping days of the year: Black Friday.For retailers, the importance of Black Friday… Read More >>>.

Pinterest Adds New Presentation, Discovery and Ad Options to Assist Retailers with the End of Year Push

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Pinterest has added a range of new eCommerce tools to help retailers with their end of year push

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February Social Media Trends

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Let’s break down the February social media trends. Instead of fan growth, check out the social media metrics that are more closely tied to business results. Pinterest Launches Program to Verify Retailers.

Google Adds New Ad Tools for Retailers Ahead of the Holiday Push

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Google has added some new ad options to help retailers connect with shoppers in the coming holiday period

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Google Adds Rising Retail Trends Tool to Highlight Products Seeing Higher Demand During COVID-19

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Google has launched a new 'Rising Retail Trends' tool which highlights all the products and categories that are seeing increased attention during the COVID-19 lockdowns

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Is Your Brand Ready for Customer Service on Social Media?

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Social media is meant to be one thing and one thing only – and that’s social, right? This may not be surprising if you work in social media since this trend with needing customer service on social has been growing very quickly, especially over the past year.

More Than 1 In 3 Teens Say Snapchat Is Their Favorite Social Media App, Only 2% Cite Facebook, Survey Finds

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Teens say they spend more than four hours per day on social media. Business /business Business /business Retail /retail Media /media Innovation /innovation Consumer Tech /consumer-tech Social Media /social-media Breaking breaking-news business SportsMoney

Coty Partners With Beauty Retailer Douglas To Debut Kylie Skin In Europe

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Retail /retail Business /business Retail /retail Innovation /innovation Social Media /social-media

July Social Media Trends

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Social media marketing is one of the fastest changing forms of marketing online and this past month was no exception! There has been a whole host of new features and updates that have rolled out so without further ado let’s dive into some of this month’s social media trends. On a quest to become your go-to social network for shopping , Pinterest is adding a new button that says “More from [brand]” under Product Pins.

Meta is Reportedly Planning to Open Retail Stories to Sell VR, AR and Other Digital Connection Tools

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Direct-to-consumer connection could help Meta maximize its metaverse push, in various ways

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Riding The Wave Of Social Commerce, MeSpoke Makes Retail Truly Consumer-Centric

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Social commerce platform MeSpoke turns ordinary consumers into rewarded brand influencers. It puts the consumer in the center of social commerce, unlike the prevailing channel-centric definition centered on transactions conducted within social media platforms. Retail /retail Business /business Retail /retail Innovation /innovation Social Media /social-media Editors' Pick editors-pick business retail

Trending Social Media Content of 2020

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2020 has been quite the year for social media. From political and social movements to the Covid-19 pandemic , people have had more reason to get involved and voice their opinions on social media. Social Commerce will Rise. Subscribe to Social You Should Know.

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6 Tips to Measure the Effectiveness of Social Media

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Assess why is the brand on social media in the first place? So we need to understand what roles social plays depending on the brand or the industry. Then we can begin to assess if social media is working. . Common KPI’s for Retail Brands.

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Ignite Social Media Receives Audience Honors at Shorty Awards

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Ignite Social Media received the Audience Honor at the Shorty Awards for both of the categories we applied for: Retail & E-commerce and Large Media Buying Strategy. Shorty Award Audience Honor: Retail & E-commerce. Our Retail & E-commerce Audience Honor was for the work we did with Altar’d State. You can check out our full Altar’d State Retail Case Study here. Shorty Award Audience Honor: Large Media Buying Strategy.

Stock Market Selloff Resumes As Snap’s 40% Plunge Drags Tech Shares Lower

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Tech stocks were particularly hard-hit by Snap’s profit warning.

Social Media Marketing During COVID-19: March 23 Update

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One week ago today, we wrote a blog post on how to think about social media marketing during the COVID-19 outbreak around the globe. Social Media Use, Engagement and Paid Efficiency are Way Up. What is Working Well for Brands on Social Right Now.

How Social Media Changes Retail Storefronts

Ari Herzog

I was taught that the area closest to door handles was more valuable then retail space on 5th Avenue. I see merchants show off what social networks they are on and what mobile technologies you can use inside the store. Small businesses have increased their social media and digital presence online and are now taking it to the brick and motar level in some very traditional ways. Digital Media 4 – Tangible Products 1.

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How to Use Retail Bots for Sales and Customer Service


Retail bots are reshaping social commerce, helping brands make big dollars selling their products and services on social media. Consumer spending via retail bots is predicted to hit $142 billion USD by 2024… a massive 4,971% increase from 2019’s $2.8

A Redeeming Venture: Turning Gift Cards Into Donations

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Retail /retail Business /business Retail /retail Innovation /innovation Social Media /social-media business

How Social Media Marketing Will Emerge Post-COVID-19

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This could somewhat shift the dollars going to large brand retailers over to smaller retailers. A recent Media Post article showed that brands were less enamored with television advertising even before the pandemic.

4 Retailer Tips for Marketing to Consumers

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In an era where customer service is so important, retailers and business owners must always remember to keep this in mind. Yet, how can retailers make sure that their consumers are not only getting the message they want to send, but also getting a message the consumer actually wants to hear? As a retailer, you should communicate with your customers what you stand for; express why they should choose your brand over any other. Image via

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3 Ways Retailers Can Leverage Facebook Location Pages

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In an age when buying locally is highly valued, it’s more important than ever for national retailers to communicate with consumers on a local level. On Facebook, this can be easily done through location pages where retailers can create pages for specific storefronts. Here are some key ways retailers can get the most out of Facebook location pages.

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4 ways social media impacts consumer behavior

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Social media has become an everyday staple in consumers’ lives, with 71% using social more in 2021 than ever before. With social distancing and increasing remote work, consumers relied heavily on social channels to converse, engage and transact.

Energize Your Social Media Agency: Ideas for Experienced Social Media Managers

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You’ve had your social media marketing agency for a while. Check out our tips for experienced social media managers who want to energize their agencies. Recently I published a detailed guide on How to Start a Social Media Marketing Agency: Step by Step.

Stocks Rebound, Dow Jumps 600 Points As Strong Earnings Reports Boost Markets

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Markets attempted to come back from steep losses this week.

Ignite Social Media Selected as Shorty Awards Finalist in Two Categories

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We are excited to announce that we have been selected as Shorty Awards Finalist in two categories: Retail & E-Commerce and Large Media Buying Strategy. Shorty Awards Finalist for Retail & E-Commerce. We partnered with our client, Altar’d State, for the Retail & E-commerce category. To support this mission, we developed three social media objectives: 1) Build awareness among our target audience.

Social Media Marketing During COVID-19: March 30 Update

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Please see prior posts: Social Media Marketing in the Midst of COVID-19 (Mar 16); and Social Media Marketing During COVID-19: March 23 Update. Like most things in social media, the answer is, “It depends.” on Social Media Right?

Case Study and Lessons Learned: Increasing Foot Traffic for Retail Using Social Media and Event Marketing

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These influencers had their own set of chops as foodies and heavy social media users, but these influencers weren’t influencers to the target market either in terms of demographics, motivations or geography. We actually recommended that the shopping center reduce the number of social media profiles in order to focus on the platform that was most likely to reach their audience. Case Study #4: Neighborhood Shopping Center. Background: .