Facebook Outlines New Election Information Tools as it Seeks to Prompt More Users to Participate

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Facebook has announced a new range of election information tool in order to prompt more people to the November poll

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Facebook Launches Climate Science Information Center to Distribute Accurate Climate Data and Insights

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Facebook has launched a new initiative to help support to battle against climate change and connect Facebook users to accurate climate information

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Twitter Launches 2020 US Election Hub to Distribute Accurate, Timely Voter Information

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Twitter has launched a new 'Election Hub' which will provide accurate, timely information on how to participate in the upcoming US Presidential Election

Twitter Adds New Search Prompts to Guide Users to Official Voting Information

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Twitter has added a new informational prompt to searches related to voting in the US ahead of the 2020 election

Messenger Launches WHO 'Health Alert' Bot to Provide COVID-19 Information

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Facebook has partnered with the World Health Organization on a new chatbot to provide users with timely info about the COVID-19 pandemic

TikTok Launches New Information Center to Counter Inaccurate Rumors About the App

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TikTok has launched a new Information Center to counter what it claims to be inaccurate coverage of its app and its links to the Chinese Government


Facebook's Adding New Information Prompts to Dispel COVID-19 Myths

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Facebook's adding a new section to its COVID-19 Information Center which will dispel common myths about the virus

Community Insights Informing Product Decisions

Ignite Social Media

The post Community Insights Informing Product Decisions appeared first on Ignite Social Media Agency. Community Management monitoring customer feedback on social media Social Media Agencies Social media community insights social media informing products decisions Social Media Insights social media marketing agencies social media marketing companiesAs a social media manager, you likely have access to great community insights that other members of your organization do not.

3 of the Highest Paying Information Technology Jobs

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3 of the Highest Paying Information Technology Jobs. If you’re skilled at using the computer and can stay atop of a lot of information at once, you could have a very bright future ahead of you. Information Security Systems Manager. Is Information Technology for You?

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Introducing Social Media Informer

Almost Savvy

Toss in keeping abreast of constant changes and the latest tips and tricks, and it suddenly feels like a full-time job just hunting down the information you need from sources you can trust. Learning to maximize the benefits of using social media can easily seem an overwhelming task.

What Information Is Not

Waxing UnLyrical

It used to proclaim at program breaks: “WXXX, where information is power.&#. Information of itself (in hands other than Google’s, Facebook’s, or the FBI’s) is useless. “It’s too much information at once!&# There’s no real danger that my head will pop off unless I put it to work on that complicated alchemy equation, (Information + Application) × Time = Knowledge.

Public Relations: The Two Sides of Information Access

Waxing UnLyrical

Boston and the world recently got an unfortunate and disturbing lesson on and reminder of the power…and the perils…of information access. The power lay in the ability of friends, family, loved ones and casual acquaintances from every corner of the earth to connect, comfort, and console each other each time new information was communicated about the unfolding events. Public Relations: The Two Sides of Information Access is a post from: Waxing UnLyrical.

Facebook Adds New Informational Prompt When Users Share COVID-19 Related Content

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Facebook is adding a new pop-up prompt when people go to share posts about COVID-19 which provides links to authoritative information on the pandemic

TikTok Partners With World Health Organization on COVID-19 Information Program

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TikTok has announced a new partnership with the World Health Organization to share COVID-19 information with its users

Facebook Launches Voting Information Center as it Looks to Encourage 4 Million More Americans to Vote

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Facebook has officially launched its new Voting Information Center, which will appear in user News Feeds in the US and provide official updates on how people can participate in the upcoming poll

Back-up Your LinkedIn Information | Almost Savvy

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Are you comfortable with all of that information residing on a website over which you have no control? What if you need to access contact information for one of your connections and the LinkedIn site is down temporarily? Click here for more information about LinkedIn recommendations.)

YouTube Launches 'How YouTube Works' Explainer Platform to Share Information on Platform Policies

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YouTube has launched a new hub of information on its various platform policies, and how they're implemented

Facebook Launches Voting Information Center, and New Option to Opt-Out of Political Ads

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Facebook is rolling out a new Voting Information Center to promote political participation, while users will also have the option to switch off political ads

Facebook Outlines New Differential Privacy Framework to Protect User Information in Shared Datasets

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Facebook has provided an overview of its latest process designed to protect the personal information of users when sharing data with third-parties

Facebook Adds New Tools for Groups to Help Ensure Members Are Getting Accurate COVID-19 Information

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Facebook has added some new tools for group discussion around COVID-19 that will help to ensure accurate, up to date information is being shared

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Twitter Adds More Options to Report Tweets Sharing Personal Information

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Twitter is making it easier for users to report violations of their personal information with a new tweet reporting option

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My Obsession: The Consumption of Information

Justin Levy

Justin Levy Marketing and Social Media Home About Archives Contact Disclosures Newsletter Speaking My Obsession: The Consumption of Information Written on July 6, 2010 by Justin Levy in consumption , information 4 Comments - Leave a comment!

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Twitter Outlines Specific Detail of Recent Hack: 130 Accounts Impacted, Personal Information Compromised

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Twitter has provided a new update on the full extent of the recent hack which targeted the accounts of several high profile users

Instagram Bans Searches for COVID-19 AR Effects, Adds New Information Prompts in Home Feeds

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Instagram is adding some extra informational prompts related to COVID-19, while it's also banning coronavirus-related AR masks

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How Does Studying Information Technology Make You Stand Out From The Crowd?

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How Does Studying Information Technology Make You Stand Out From The Crowd? You have the option to pursue a degree in information technology. Information technology is diverse, giving you the freedom to choose your career. Every industry is moving towards automation by establishing a secure connection with information technology. It becomes possible when you are pursuing a degree in information technology.

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Many people work hard to study Information Technology and shed light on what this industry centers around and what it is. By and large, Information innovation (IT) is characterized as the utilization of computer systems and assortments of programming to oversee and sort out data. A few Companies like ADS Consulting also utilize an elective type of this term like Management Information Services (MIS) or Information Services (IS).

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The Evolving Relationship Between Marketing and Information Technology


The working relationship between marketing, sales and information technology is growing. Porter is not afraid to raise the challenges found in the often turbulent relationship between marketing, sales and information technology. Listen to the podcast: Watch the live broadcast: The relationship between information technology and marketing is rather new. As technology continued to change, so did the requirements for marketers and the relationship with information technology.

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Snapchat Outlines Its Efforts to Ensure Users Are Accurately Informed About COVID-19

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Snapchat has provided an overview of the steps its taking to ensure users are getting accurate information about the COVID-19 outbreak

How audience segmentation was key to creating a successful data-informed campaign [Case Study]


The case study we are sharing today served as the starting point in implementing a new methodology for a brand’s content creation: not driven by data, but informed by it. The case in question is an initiative led by global insurance company MAPFRE and Convosphere - a London-based business intelligence and insights agency - in which they used social listening and audience intelligence as the basis of their methodology. Audience Intelligence

The Ultimate Social Media Information Destination: Social Media Informer Launches

Webbiquity SMM

Now you can, at Social Media Informer , a social media content hub launched today. Tags: Social Media Marketing b2b marketing zone browse my stuff leading social media bloggers social media hub social media informer social media news

Sync Chrome Information Across Devices With Ease


Now, we will activate the Google Chrome Sync option so that we can access all our Chrome information on other devices as well. So, how would you be able to sync all this information on your Android or iOS device? The post Sync Chrome Information Across Devices With Ease appeared first on Tweak Library. Google Chrome Sync Overview. Google Chrome is without a doubt, one of the best browsers in the world.

Hackers are Looking to Sell Private Facebook Information, Another Facebook Data Issue

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A hacker group claims to have data from over 120 million Facebook accounts, including private messages and personal information

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Facebook Workplace Adds New Tools to Improve Information Flow and Employee Connection

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Facebook has added a range of new tools to its professional Workplace platform, catering to usage trends as people switch to working from home

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Twitter and Facebook Outline Efforts to Keep People Accurately Informed About Coronavirus

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Both Twitter and Facebook are proactively working to ensure that users are getting accurate information about the coronavirus outbreak

A Guide to Starting a Career in Information Technology 

The Realtime Report

A Guide to Starting a Career in Information Technology . Changing your career to information technology can present you with many challenges, such as how to keep up with the latest technological developments and how to increase your skill level around your current job position. However, with the increased reliance on technology to run day-to-day processes, information technology professionals are starting to become more prevalent and desired on the tech market.

Facebook Bans Misleading Information About How to Participate in the US Census

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Facebook has announced that it will enforce new bans on any content which shares misleading information about how to participate in the upcoming US census

Court Rules that LinkedIn Cannot Stop Third Party Data Scraping of Public Information

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LinkedIn has lost a court appeal in which it sought to stop a third party company from accessing publicly posted user information

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Facebook Adds New COVID-19 Information Panel to the Top of All User News Feeds

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Facebook is adding a new COVID-19 information panel to the top of all user News Feeds, while it's also making Facebook Workplace available for free to government agencies and emergency services

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Data-driven vs data-informed creativity: 6 experts share their visions


The debate around whether organizations should adopt a data-driven or a data-informed approach is not new. We wanted to gather the opinions of a few industry professionals on creativity, and the pros and cons of it being either driven or informed by data. However, the concept of technocreativity is now beginning to make good advertising sense.

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Social Media Informer Launches


On August 25, 2010, Social Media Informer launched. idaconcpts is one of the featured sites through Social Media Informer. If you want to learn more about how you can engage or involved, here’s more on how to Participate with Social Media Informer. Social Media Infomer is a new hub and aggregator for social media content makes it easier to cut through the noise and find a signal. You can use the site as a daily digest, or search articles based on topics or dates.

Facebook Announces New Measures to Crackdown on Stolen Content and False Information

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Facebook has announced two new measures to crack down on questionable content as it continues to skirt the lines of editorial censorship

Google Adds New Ways for Businesses to Provide Product Information Within Search

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Google has updated its Manufacturer Center options in order to provide brands with more ways to control the information that appears in search results for their products

Facebook Updates 'Download Your Data' Tool With More Insight Into How it Uses Your Information

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Facebook will provide more transparency over how it uses your on-platform data with new sections added to its 'Download Your Data' tool

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