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Facebook Removes Rooms from Groups

Jon Loomer

Facebook is removing Rooms from Groups. We received the following message when starting a Room in my private Facebook group: “Rooms in groups will be removed on November 16. Starting November 10, new group rooms can’t be created. Rooms is technically a Messenger product that’s been folded into Groups.

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The complete guide to using LinkedIn Groups

Sprout Social

LinkedIn Groups are about building community and fostering relationships. With over 900 million LinkedIn members out there, Groups are a great way to hone in on your area of interest or expertise. Imagine the boost these community-centric Groups give to your LinkedIn marketing. Table of contents: What are LinkedIn Groups?

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Meta Announces the Removal of Rooms in Facebook Groups

Social Media Today

Rooms were originally introduced in early 2020 to provide a meeting option amid COVID lockdowns.

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How to Unlock New Opportunities with Facebook Groups Using the Branded Content Tool

Ignite Social Media

Over 1 billion people use Facebook Groups, engaging in more personal or niche communities related to their interests. As Groups continue to grow, Facebook looks to identify ways in which brands can tap into these passionate communities to further drive advocacy and business goals. How It Works. Image Source: Social Media Today.

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A Business Guide to Conducting Effective Meetings

The Realtime Report

A Business Guide to Conducting Effective Meetings. Encouraging teamwork and sharing information are some of the top benefits of conducting business meetings. The key to get the most out of these events is focusing on conducting effective meetings. Here are the 5 things you should do to conduct successful meetings.

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Revolutionizing Online Conversation: Meet Hedgehog, the Platform Rewriting the Rules of Civil Discourse

Bill Hartzer

This select group plays a pivotal role in steering the direction of dialogue, ensuring it remains vibrant and diverse. Moving up the ladder, Hedgehog introduces the exclusive realm of “Members,” accessible only through invitation.

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Absurdist Facebook Groups Are Thriving In The Pandemic

Forbes Social Media

Facebook users are flocking to groups pretending to be anteaters, frogs and bees. Seeking community and play, these strange Facebook groups are more practical than meet the eye. Absurd, yes? But wholesome and healthy?

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