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Instagram's Testing New Ways to Navigate Through Your Stories Feed

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Instagram is working on new options to help people skim through their Instagram Stories feed faster, which could be a step towards the next evolution of the News Feed

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Take in the Good- #Mindfulsocial with @gbiegel

Janet Fouts

These days the more we can put our focus on the good in the world the better! Gina Biegel is the author of “ Take in the Good- Skills for Staying Positive and Living Your Best Life ”. The book has some of my favorite positive coping skills, to help us move away from destructive or harmful patterns and towards ones that can make us happier, healthier and a whole lot better human beings. Listen to the Mindful Social Podcast with Gina below. Then follow the links to her work!

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Tips For Growing Your Business

The Realtime Report

Tips For Growing Your Business. Are you looking to grow your business? It is important for business owners to always consider ways in which they can take their company forward in order to stay current, to compete at a higher level, and to appeal to their target customer. Growth is critical for continued success in a fast-changing environment, but it can also be difficult to make big changes to a company, and sometimes these actions do not pay off and can actually damage the company.

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4 perspectives on the role of social data in the new normal


Some experts are saying that the brands that invested most in their social relationships are the most prepared to face the current crisis. This “new normal” tests everyone: "Companies, organisations and Government need insights, they need to know what has changed, and what stays the same," said Ray Poynter in the article Organisations are flying blind – social listening can help , published on our blog a month ago. Audience Intelligence

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Social Media Automation 101

A beginner's guide to social media automation tools and getting automation right.

Facebook Provides Tips and a Template for an Effective Content Calendar

Social Media Today

Facebook has provided some new tips on how to create an effective content calendar, and a basic template to get you started

A Realistic Look at Digital Marketing ROI

Ignite Social Media

I’ve been working on nothing but social media marketing for brands since 2007 and one thing hasn’t changed. Brands are still typically in search of digital marketing ROI. Many brands want to know that if they invest, for example, $20,000 in a marketing program, they are going to drive more than $20,000 in sales. Key Takeaways: Digital marketing ROI is getting harder to achieve on social media in part because so many new brands have flooded social networks.

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Why You Should Put Internal Communications First During a Crisis

Meltwater - PR

As brands navigate their way through a crisis, communications teams take center stage. When organizations have to figure out what to say—and fast—they call upon their communicators to help them… Read More >>>. Executives PR & Comms Corporate Comms Crisis Management

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New Survey Looks at How Marketers and Consumers View Social Media Engagement

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The latest report from Sprout Social looks at the differences between how marketers and consumers view and utilize social platforms

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How to Get More Followers on TikTok


With the popularity of the viral video app skyrocketing, now’s the time to get more followers on TikTok! From leveling up your posting schedule to taking part in challenges, and optimizing your hashtags, the creative ways to gain followers and build a TikTok community are endless. We’re sharing 12 top strategies to get more followers on TikTok — without any shady tactics!

Tips To Free Up RAM on Your Windows 10 Computer


As it happens with most computers once they get a little old, system RAM runs out and eventually the system starts running low. It’s quite definite that almost every one of us had been through these situations. Eventually, the system slows down & the performance goes from bad to worse. Just clicking on “X” (top right corner) definitely frees up RAM memory on your Windows 10, however, there will be applications running on your computer.

The Content Marketing Survival Guide: How to Navigate the Wilds of Social Media

Use this guide to inspire your creativity and ignite more successful and sustainable social media conversations.

Why Transparency Matters in Social Media Management


Beginning as a way for people to stay connected, Social Media has become one of the most mighty vehicles to drive relationships with transparency fueling all aspects of B2B social media management. In our sixth episode of “ The Globalization of Social Media ,” Colin Day , Managing Director EMEA of Oktopost hosts Chris Redmond , Founder of Redholt , an executive search agency and self-proclaimed digital nomad.

Zoom Has Acquired Encrypted Messaging Service Keybase as it Continues to Up its Data Security Measures

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Multi-participant video streaming app Zoom has acquired secure messaging app Keybase as it continues to refine its data security measures

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The Ultimate Guide to TikTok Marketing


Wondering if TikTok marketing could work for your brand? With over 800 million monthly active users and an average daily view time of 52 minutes , TikTok is officially the hottest new platform on the social media scene. And if you’re thinking TikTok is just for teens — think again! Users of all ages are joining the TikTok phenomenon, with celebrities, influencers, publishers, and household brands now in the mix.

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Over 75% Of US Households Will Be at Risk to Get Hacked Via Voice Assistants By 2025

The Realtime Report

Over 75% Of US Households Will Be at Risk to Get Hacked Via Voice Assistants By 2025. Recent Atlas VPN findings show that voice assistants can get hacked by using ultrasonic waves to imitate voice commands. Ultrasonic waves do not make a sound, which means that the device can get hacked without alerting the owner. In addition, scientists can imitate voice commands using lasers. Lasers trigger movements in the microphone’s diaphragm, and smart speakers interpret such movements as voice commands.

Social Media Marketing GPS

SMGPS will tell you the why & how to use social media for marketing, 1 tweet at a time. You'll learn essentials in digestible little spoonfuls.

Best Android Keylogger Apps In 2020


If you are worried about secret activities of your kids online, then it is time to place superlative upgrades to protect your kids against online crimes & bullying. Even if you are an employer and want to keep tab on employees’ online activities to avoid unproductive time, you can make better use of technology. In all such situations where you want an advanced solution to monitor online activities through mobile phone, we recommend using keylogger apps.

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Facebook's Running a New Series of Education Sessions for Facebook Group Admins

Social Media Today

Facebook has announced a new series of education sessions for Facebook group admins to help them make the most of their groups

18 Creative Brands on TikTok to Take Inspiration From


Brands on TikTok are quickly finding their groove on the most talked about, most downloaded, and most addictive social media app. As one of the most downloaded apps in over 40 countries, TikTok’s popularity is growing by the second, with brands looking to tap into new audiences around the world. We’re going to showcase what some of the best brands on TikTok are up to and share some strategic takeaways that you can apply to your brand’s approach to the app. Why Your Brand Needs TikTok.

Social Media Stories: What Brands Need to Know About Ephemeral Content

Ignite Social Media

Ephemeral, or disappearing, content in the form of Stories is taking center stage in the digital world. Social media stories, originally popularized by Snapchat, have seen significant growth and adoption across nearly all major social networks. While the networks add Story capabilities to their channels, the data from users showing increased interest follows suit.

How to Be Social: A Social Media Manifesto

Learn the 10 worst social media marketing mistakes and how to avoid them.

What is Vlog? How to Start a Vlog? : Guide


A quick Google search says, Vlog is “a personal website or social media account where a person regularly posts short videos” Isn’t it amazing posting videos very often when people are consuming such content very often? Well, Vlogs have changed the way we used to consume online content lately. While YouTube, Facebook was not enough, apps like TikTok have changed the trends upside down. In the midst of all this, Vlog is the new phenomenon people are getting used to.

Why User-Generated Content Should Be at the Heart of Marketers' Post-COVID Playbooks

Social Media Today

Consumer approaches will be different post-COVID-19. Here are some tips on how to embrace these changes, and tap into existing resources to maximize success

Is IGTV Monetization Enough to Keep Creators on Instagram?


IGTV monetization seems to be right around the corner, but they aren’t the only platform hoping to lure content creators in. . While YouTube was earliest to monetize creators, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok are all testing their own ways for creators to earn money. In the following post, we look at how different social platforms are compensating creators and what this means for brands. . Let’s get started!

How to Schedule YouTube Videos to Save Time: A Step-by-Step Guide


If you’ve been creating video content for your business’s YouTube marketing strategy for a while now, you might be wondering how to schedule YouTube videos. Scheduling videos helps with the planning of a social media content calendar. It’s a good way to make sure you don’t forget to share the quality content you’ve created—on a regular basis. And scheduling ensures you’re publishing those videos at a time that is optimal for your audience.

8 Stupid Simple Social Media Tricks to Boost SEO

Discover just how easy it is to boost SEO with social media.

How to Cancel, Pause or Resume Google Play Subscription


How many subscription plans do we have… a lot right. Netflix subscription, prime subscription, Google Play subscription when we look to stream content online , save the files in the cloud, or protect our devices with antivirus software. Nowadays, the actual issue with too many subscription plans is that we actually forget how to cancel, pause, or resume Google Play subscriptions. Some of the companies allow cancel, pause, or resume options to avail the services of subscription plans.

Pinterest Publishes New Guide on Current and Future Marketing Considerations Around COVID-19

Social Media Today

Pinterest has published a new guide which provides an overview of the key stages that marketers need to be aware of around the COVID-19 pandemic

3 Ways B2B Brands Can Be More Human


The world is a very connected place and B2B brands have long been expected to intertwine more humanity into their marketing efforts. Today’s expectations of interactions require being natural, genuine and human. This in return creates more meaningful connections for all involved. After all, companies are marketing to people. But in today’s environment, how can B2B brands be more human when interactions have gone digital?

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I Tried Instagram Automation (So You Don’t Have To): An Experiment


How do you imagine your life with Instagram automation? Your phone’s blowing up with likes and follows, and you’re leaning back into your chaise longue, your hands behind your head, smiling the smug smile of the person whose social marketing efforts are scaling effortlessly. You sip your cucumber water. The infinity pool sparkles. Well, hello from a blizzard in rural Finland, where I have spent a week tied to my keyboard trying to achieve that dream.

What To Do When Your Smartphone Is Already Hacked


Smartphones have taken over the world in such a manner that people can’t live without it. We use smartphones not only as a mode of communication but also to capture beautiful memories, do online banking, online shopping on eCommerce sites, Emails and store useful information. Imagine if all of a sudden you realize that your smartphone is already hacked and you are going to compromise all your precious stuff including your finances.

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Instagram Will Now Show Stories and Posts from Health Bodies More Prominently in User Feeds

Social Media Today

Instagram will now show Stories from health authorities higher in user feeds as it seeks to facilitate the spread of accurate COVID-19 information to its users

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Stop Reading the News

Ari Herzog

This is what Thoreau wrote in 1854: I don’t learn anything in the news. It’s the same content regurgitated with changed names and places. That’s boring. That’s a waste of my productivity. Instead, I visit Twitter and Reddit and peruse the trending topics. If something interests me, I click to read more information. I observe if the people I’m following are sharing the same content. This is known as social proof.

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Important Forex News Every Trader Should Know 

The Realtime Report

Important Forex News Every Trader Should Know . News factors are the most powerful price driving element in the financial market. The price of currency pairs, stocks, commodities, etc. reacts to the news very violently. A volatile market is nothing but the result of such high impact news. Sadly, the rookies in the United Kingdom don’t want to keep themselves updated about the news data as they think it increases the complexities.

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How To Connect Spotify To Hulu and Get Spotify In $4.99


Students of college and university in the United States of America, then you can get Spotify Premium at $4.99 per month, which otherwise costs $9.99 per month. With the student offer you can also get Hulu and Showtime which cost $5.99 per month and $10.99 per month respectively. You just have to connect Spotify to Hulu if you want to use Hulu for free.

Facebook Announces its New Oversight Board to Guide Content Rules on the Platform

Social Media Today

Facebook has announced the first members of its new Oversight Board which will help it make decisions on what content should be allowed, and removed, from its platforms