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Social listening FAQ: 19 social media monitoring questions, answered


We wanted to gather the most frequently asked questions about social listening and answer them. What I ended up with is the list of questions varying from the most obvious to quite specific (but still popular

FAQ 97

How to Conduct a Social Media Audit (Includes a Free Template)


If you’re using social media to market your business, you need to understand how to perform a social media audit. Don’t be alarmed—a social media audit is nowhere near as scary as it sounds. But it is a critical part of developing or updating an effective social media marketing plan.

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How to Scale Your Social Media Presence

When it comes to social media, scaling up is critically important. Scaling your social media presence is defined as slowing ramping up your social media management efforts.

YouTube Explains Some Common Algorithm and Video Distribution Queries

Social Media Today

YouTube has posted a new video explaining some common questions about how its algorithm works and highlights user content

How to Create An Effective Social Media Policy (Before It’s Too Late)

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If your business or agency or doesn’t yet have a social media policy, it’s time to build one. Here are tips to make your policy ironclad. Creating an official social media policy is always a good idea.

How Can the Internet of Things Help Your Business?

The Realtime Report

How Can the Internet of Things Help Your Business? Nearly every aspect of our lives now produces data. Every move we make and every beat of our heart is detected by the devices. The gadgets in our pockets also learn where we are, when we go on vacation, and what we’re interested in.

How audience segmentation was key to creating a successful data-informed campaign [Case Study]


The case study we are sharing today served as the starting point in implementing a new methodology for a brand’s content creation: not driven by data, but informed by it.

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8 Popular Instagram Trends of 2020 (So Far!)


We’re halfway through the year, which means it’s a great time to look back and what’s worked, what hasn’t worked, and which Instagram trends are driving the best results!

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Navigating Worker’s Comp and Working-From-Home During COVID-19

The Realtime Report

Navigating Worker’s Comp and. Working-From-Home During COVID-19. Since the beginning of COVID-19, more and more workplaces have been switching over all or in part, having workers work from home. While convenient this new remote world is already raising questions over worker’s comp issues.

Find Your ‘Red Thread’ to Inspire Change, Tell Your Story, and Grow Your Business

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What’s the big idea weaving through your digital agency or career as a social media manager? Have you found “the red thread” that tells your story? Storyteller and message strategist Tamsen Webster can help with these tips from her guest visit to Social Pulse Weekly.

Energy 112

LinkedIn Adds New Analytics Tools for Company Pages, New Process to Limit Page Follow Invites

Social Media Today

LinkedIn has rolled out a range of new tweaks, including new Follower analytics for company pages, a new audio option for pronunciation on user profiles, and a new limit on company page invites

How Social Media Is Transforming the Customer Experience


When you are trying to reach a potential new customer, how do you do it? Phone call, email, LinkedIn? What you’re probably not doing is using social media data to find out and understand the person you are trying to engage with and their business situation at the time.

What happened on Social Media in June: monthly round-up


Twitter launched Voice Tweets out of nowhere, Instagram added new visual effects and Facebook got into political controversy once again. As always, we are here to guide you through all the most important social media news of the month

How to Use Social Media to Keep Students Engaged and Excited About College

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College life may look a little different this summer and fall due to the pandemic. But what won’t change is the desire for meaningful interactions between the university and its students. That’s where social comes in! Check out these tips about social media for universities.

Facebook Adds Custom Audience Creation Options Based on Shopping Activity

Social Media Today

In anticipation of its coming Shops option, Facebook has added some handy new custom audience creation options

Should Your Brand Participate in the Facebook Boycott?

Ignite Social Media

Over the last few days, some large, reputable brands have announced that they plan to withhold all social media advertising on Facebook and Instagram throughout the month of July (some as long as the remainder of 2020).

How to Run Your First Facebook Live


Facebook Live is an interactive and fun way to increase engagement while speaking directly to your community — it’s a win-win for brands and audiences alike. Plus, users are craving real-time content from influencers and businesses more than ever, so it the perfect time to go live!

5 Ways To Attract Customers’ Attention That Won’t Break The Bank

The Realtime Report

5 Ways To Attract Customers’ Attention. That Won’t Break The Bank. Mathew Jade. Gaining customer attention is one of the most challenging things to achieve in today’s era of cutthroat competition.

Facebook Announces News Feed Algorithm Update to Put More Emphasis on Original Quality News Content

Social Media Today

Facebook has announced a new News Feed algorithm update to help boost original news reporting, and improve the flow of quality information through its network

Feed 171

The Dap

Ari Herzog

Shortly after the coronavirus made itself known in the United States and there was ambiguity about its transmission, I read a Boston Herald article. The article profiled a 2014 report in the American Journal of Infection Control about an educational experiment with gloves and E. coli bacteria.

Best Methods To Schedule Shutdown On Windows 10


Yesterday, my sister and her friends were trying to do some casual activities on my laptop. Of course, I tried to make them understand not to do it but those dull-witted girly gangs were not at all ready for discernment.

HIPAA Privacy Rule: Is Texting a Violation?

The Realtime Report

HIPAA Privacy Rule: Is Texting a Violation? Are you a private practice physician concerned about maintaining HIPAA privacy? Have you been confused in the past about what deems a violation and what doesn’t?

LinkedIn Launches New 'Support' Reaction, New Tools to Provide Assistance for Job Seekers

Social Media Today

LinkedIn has added some new tools to help people provide support and assistance to others within their professional networks

The Significance of Six

Ari Herzog

How do I know thee? Let me count the ways. On the sixth day, God created Man, and not too long afterwards, the number 6 became known as the atomic number of carbon, based on some part I am sure by the numeral’s octahedral and hexagonal properties, not to mention its divisibility by 1, 2, and 3.

Amazon Prime Bangs With “Watch Party” Feature


Watching movies with friends has always been an interesting & exciting experience but with time, it faded away. Maybe the last experience would have been in a hostel & that too with so many limitations.

How to Use the Downtime to Your Advantage

The Realtime Report

How to Use the Downtime to Your Advantage. It’s no secret that businesses across the world are experiencing a downtime right now, and it can be hard to keep yourself and your workforce motivated during a time of relatively low activity.

Pinterest Reports Significant Increases in Christmas Searches as Users Seek Escape from COVID-19

Social Media Today

Pinterest is seeing a big surge in holiday-related searches, as users look forward to (hopefully) post COVID-19 celebration

Report 169


Ari Herzog

Nestled in the western wilderness of Berkshire County and several miles from the New York border, the town of Hancock, Massachusetts is a hamlet of serenity.

How to Convert A Pen Drive Into RAM


The Windows operating system has given us the flexibility of tweaking the system as needed. There are thousands of Windows troubleshooting settings that can lead to happy computing performance if it is diagnosed and fixed well in time.

Improving Communication Within Law Enforcement

The Realtime Report

Improving Communication Within Law Enforcement. The Federal Bureau of Investigation or FBI is one of the top organizations for law enforcement and intelligence. The FBI focuses on missions including stopping terrorism, corruption, organized crime, and investigating crimes like murders and thefts.

Facebook Publishes New Christmas Marketing Guide for 2020

Social Media Today

Facebook has published a new guide to help marketers map out their 2020 holiday marketing campaigns

Mask Wearing Timeline

Ari Herzog

In the fight against the coronavirus and COVID-19, it’s worthwhile to recap some key dates: March 28, 2020: I blogged about the importance of wearing a mask. April 3, 2020: The United States CDC recommended wearing a mask. April 8, 2020: The European CDC recommended wearing a mask.

A Quick Guide to Social Media Advertising


If you’re looking to reach new audiences, social media advertising can be the quickest and easiest way to achieve your goal! With the right social media ad strategy, you can build your following, get website clicks, and drive sales for your brand or business.

Best Bad Credit Loan Rates

The Realtime Report

Best Bad Credit Loan Rates. How often have you wondered if you’ll be able to get a loan with bad credit? People with a bad credit status are often more in need of financial support.

More Brands Join Facebook Ad Boycott, As #StopHateforProfit Campaign Looks to Expand Globally

Social Media Today

Brands continue to join the Facebook ad boycott in protest against the company's perceived inaction over hate speech on its platform

[PRODUCT UPDATE] Report previews and Targeting packs are here!


At Audiense, we are constantly working to improve your Audiense experience by listening to your feedback and implementing improvements and new features that are relevant to you.

Why Transparent Email Stopped Working For Us and What We Do Instead

Buffer Social

When I joined Buffer and opened my new Buffer email account for the first time, the email count read 200. I was momentarily stunned. That was way more emails than I'd ever had in one place before.

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