Tool Tuesday: PostRank Analytics

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But if you use blogging as a tool, whether for personal branding or corporate exposure, you’ll quickly see that these two tools don’t tell the whole story. Enter: PostRank. There are several tabs within PostRank, each designed to give you a unique view of the data.

Top 25 Blogging and Social Media Posts on Kikolani


This first list is a compilation of the top posts on Kikolani, as determined by PostRank ’s engagement analysis. What is PostRank? To find your blog on PostRank, use the search bar under Topics.

How does your brand look on social media?

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A potential employer can use a variety of tools to see how well you manage your personal brand online. After all, if you can’t make your own brand stand out how are you going to help them with theirs? Does it give you more info than Facebook’s insights reports?

Klout 178

Like Stuff On Facebook? Say Cheese, You're An Ad!

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Waxing UnLyrical personal, possibly poetic, musings on public relations, media, communication, and everything in between About Shonali Like Stuff On Facebook? Apparently there are four ways marketers and brands can turn your Facebook activity into ads, as Ad Age tells us: 1.

You Can’t Manage What You Can’t Measure! Social Media Analytics

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Businesses understand the importance of social media and the advantages of brand exposure without the media buy but they want accountability; understandably they want numbers that will help them calculate Return On their Investment. Facebook Page Fan Numbers. Facebook Wall Interaction.

How Bloggers Can Make Money from Brands


How to get you standing out in front of brands and agencies, and find new ways to make money from your blogging pedigree along the way. a bigger punch with an agency or brand. One of the questions that Sarah Pietrzak asked was, “What should brands expect of bloggers and where do you see this relationship going?”. When I work with a brand over an extended period of time, the first step is about establishing credibility, respecting the existing communities, engaging with them.

6 Critically Undervalued Social Media Success Metrics

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Instead of just counting the number of Facebook “likes” you accrue – which signifies nothing more than digital bumper stickering, instead track how often your fans click “like” and comment upon the status updates you post. PostRank. Are tweets more important than Facebook shares?

The Secret To Getting Attention

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Brands and individuals spend their time trying to figure out ways to get attention. from Facebook status updates and 140 character tweets on Twitter to Blogs and posting videos on YouTube , the landscape is far, wide and deep. PostRank is one of many online analytics tools that attempts to rate and score social statistics from reader's online to help people determine what is worthy of reading. brand. facebook. postrank.

The 4 Marketing Metrics Mandates

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Twitter followers and Facebook fans and the most egregious example. Sales from Facebook fans. Companies like PostRank (with its analytics product), and Klout (with its online influence measure) and leading this integrated metrics parade.

How to Audit Your Social Media Efforts: 20+ Questions to Ask Yourself

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

Branding Are my profiles complete? Fill out your bio by saying something about what people do with your brand. Do I have exclusive profiles for my brand? If you have your brand name as your Twitter handle and a portrait photo of you on your profile, you are getting it all wrong.

Fetching Friday – 22 Marketing Links


3 Marketing Tools I Miss (and Their Alternatives) – If you used PostRank, Formulists, or Google Reader, here are the best alternatives. Here are 10 Facebook ad tools and features used by successful marketers. Be sure to follow Kristi on Twitter and Facebook.

Weekly Roundup: Refreshingly Different

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The effect of brand building on search traffic , from PPC Blog. GupShup, however, is already giving Facebook a run for its money in one of the most populous (and talkative) countries in the world.

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Bringing Open Community To Public Relations

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Maddie : I think PR professionals are pretty savvy to the usefulness of tools like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to raise awareness when the conditions are right.

The MetricsMan Comes To #measurePR

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But that doesn’t mean the social business effort was not successful, or did not create significant value for the brand or organization. Traditional public relations, branding and reputation programs suffer from some of the same challenges.

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WOM: What's Really Behind The Buzz

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Me: “Yes.&# “Via the very act of making that statement, you have probably ignored at least five to 10 forms of promotional alcohol brand advertising, between the time you entered the pub and the time you got to the bar. How and where can your consumer touch your brand?

Four Free Digital Marketing Tools for Non-Profits

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Of these, Mobify is my favorite, and they offer a free basic branded service and great discounts for non-profits on premium services. (You With a pro account, you get unlimited full-length videos without Animoto branding that you can embed on your site, YouTube, or e-mail.

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Automation in Public Relations Measurement: Yea/Nay?

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Don’t collect the number of positive, negative, and neutral mentions of your brand in thousands of posts just because that’s what the monitoring tool was designed to do. Tracking sentiment around a brand and its competitors might be important for a product manager.

What Is Your Good Name?

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We want people to feel good about supporting an organization, or doing business with a brand, or sharing information that might not have any direct benefit to them.

Weekly Roundup: Across The Pond And More

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Why: Celebrities don’t always the perfect brand relationship make. Top German firms ban Facebook and Twitter , by Neville Hobson. Comment as pts moderator Wedge Getting info Pending approval share On Facebook On Twitter flag Delete Hide Unhide Ban user New!

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When #measurePR Became A Campfire

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Extra Boost of “V”: More Vloggers for your YouTube Cravings

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Comment as pts moderator Herwin Icasiano Getting info Pending approval share On Facebook On Twitter flag Delete Hide Unhide Ban user New! Great point about personal branding. I personally think vlogging is really great for personal branding.

Google Analytics Social Reports Provide Huge Metrics Edge

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Don’t get me wrong – I’ve been known to spend a few too many minutes trolling Twitter and Facebook on personal time. This will give insight into whether social is helping to start the conversation about your brand or whether it’s closing the deal.

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Is Pay-to-Post Blogging The New Advertorial?

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Comment as pts moderator Jackson Getting info Pending approval share On Facebook On Twitter flag Delete Hide Unhide Ban user New! Here are my thoughts: 1) Ideally, brands/agencies would never pay bloggers and never even give them product or pay for trips, lunches etc.

Etsy's PR Nightmare: Greeting Cards Making Light Of Rape

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Comment as pts moderator wtf Getting info Pending approval share On Facebook On Twitter flag Delete Hide Unhide Ban user New! The fact that this hasnt already happened, despite that it was a clear violation of their terms of service, is worrisome and will put a stain on the Etsy brand.

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The Value Of A Fire Drill

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The smart brands kept their chips in: they stayed in the game with different messages, new incentives and, ultimately made themselves part of the conversation. Comment as pts moderator Josh Getting info Pending approval share On Facebook On Twitter flag Delete Hide Unhide Ban user New!

Kpop Lessons: Handling Defamation Through Public Relations

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Comment as pts moderator Krista Getting info Pending approval share On Facebook On Twitter flag Delete Hide Unhide Ban user New!

Socialnomics Book Review |

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Most people with a pulse can tell you that Facebook and Twitter are all the rage, but Socialnomics drives it home with detailed examples from organizations that have embraced social media and found huge success (Obama’s campaign detailed in Chapter 4), to companies that have missed the boat (see Hasbro’s Scrabble incident in Chapter 7).

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Creating a Custom RSS Feed for Guest Posts


<item> <title>How to Get More Facebook Likes for Your Website and Fan Page</title> <link>[link]. <comments>[link]. CDATA[Facebook]]></category> <guid isPermaLink="false">[link]. <description>

RSS 149

Fetching Friday – Resources, SEO Blogging Contest & Sheep LED Art


Facebook. 10 ways to grow your Facebook page following – great tips to get more fans! See your Facebook invite history – a link on Facebook that I didn’t know about, but is kind of interesting when it comes to seeing who you’ve invited to the Facebook network. 10 Facebook pages that are exploding in popularity – great examples of successful pages. How not to win friends and influence people – a big no-no on Facebook.

How to Generate Blog Post Ideas

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Use Postrank to Find Engaging Posts When I wrote a post about the 28 items in my internet marketing toolbox, I covered a nifty little service called Postrank Analytics which lets you see your most shared blog posts on sites like Digg, Delicious and Twitter. Home What the F ?

Lessons to learn from Blekko and T-Shirt marketing

The Way of the Web

I’m not a heavyweight tech blogger, and tend to be somewhere above average on most of the ranking services I’m registered on – e.g. AdAge, Technorati, Wikio, PostRank etc, etc.

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28 Resources from My Internet Marketing Toolbox

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Postrank I have been using Postrank Analytics for about 3 weeks now and find it really impressive. In fact, I used a Sony Vaio laptop that had no hard drive (really), ran from a Xubuntu Live CD, and every time it booted up I would be presented with a brand new operating system.

How Do You Know if You’re Succeeding?


Followers—be they RSS subscribers, Twitter followers, Facebook friends, or something else—are not a great way to measure your influence, at least not at face value. PostRank is a great service to measure influence in an effective way. Josh Klein is a marketing consultant with experience working with major brands on Madison Avenue and small businesses around the country. This guest post is by Josh Klein of Digital Strategy with Josh Klein. You had an idea for a blog.

Convince and Convert Blog: Social Media Strategy and Social Media.

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Agencies should also be working with clients on using social media as a market research tool, by surveying fans or creating dedicated, invite-only brand communities that serve as a living focus group. Allowing clients to treat number of Facebook fans as the core success metric is a dereliction of duty. Don’t just let your clients post to their Facebook page willy nilly, or write random blog posts whenever they feel that WordPress urge.

Convince and Convert Blog: Social Media Strategy and Social Media.

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Turning your customers into advocates and marketers on behalf of your brand pays off a lot more when you’re selling $10,000 pieces of manufacturing equipment, than it does when you’re selling $3 cans of Pringles. Private brand communities vs. Facebook. The range of Facebook usage is just 37% – 51%. First, marketers of all stripes seem to have accepted (for now) that social media in large measure = Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube and blogs.